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Mpany afloat Before Penelope can dish up dessert she must find the killer or she’ll be the one served up on a silver platter Related subjects include women sleuths cozy mysteries amateur sleuth books murder mysteries whodunit mysteries whodunnit book club recommendatio The first book Red Carpet Catering and personal cook Penelope Sutherland for a movie starlet Arlena stumbles over a dead body near their home Events spiral out of control and accidents on the set continue to bother the movie set The dead girl resembles Arlena I found this book hard to put down The changes that occurred made figuring the answer difficult It surprised meDisclosure I received a free copy from HENERY PRESS through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for the opportunity to read and review the book The opinIons are my own

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Murder on a Silver Platter A Red Carpet Catering Mystery #1 Penelope Sutherland and her Red Carpet Catering company just got their big break as the on set caterer for an upcoming blockbuster But when she discovers a dead body outside her house Penelope finds herself in hot water Things start to boil over when serious accidents th What it's all aboutThis book is about Penelope and her movie catering companyRed Carpet Catering This is the first book in the seriesalthough I accidentally read the second book first Penelope has the ability to get enmeshed in the lives of the people and events around her In this one she is in New Jersey catering her first movie Her bestieArlenais the main actress on this movie While searching for their dog Zazoo in a sudden snowstormPenelope literally trips and falls onto the dead body of a young girl Who is she? Why is she near Arlena's house? And within days it seems as though someone is trying to get rid of Arlena Several attempts are made on her life Does this dead young girl have any relationship to Arlena? Arlena's movie star father has had uite a few relationships with uite a few women over the yearswith the result of those relationships being uite a few children Why I wanted to read itI just finished the other book this author wrote with the same charactersdifferent movieand I loved it This book has that same nice fast pace I also like this author's writing style I am also excited that she has a new bookin this same seriescoming out in June What made me truly enjoy this bookPenelope is a lively character She is a perfectionist and a list maker I loved the foodie parts and I loved her Nancy Drew like personality I loved her budding relationship with Joey The Detective The murder of the young girl as well as the attempts to get rid of Arlena are intriguing as well as believable I really did not want to stop reading this book Why you might want to read it tooReaders who love a great cozy mystery will really enjoy this book Foodies will love this book too I liked the relationships I liked the plot I liked the real ness of this book

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Murder on a Silver Platter Ebook à 276 pages é Penelope Sutherland and her Red Carpet Catering company just got their big break as the on set caterer for an upcoming blockbuster But when she discovers a dead body outside her house Penelope finds herself in hot water Things start to boil over when serious accidents threaten the livesReaten the lives of the cast and crew And when the film’s star who happens to be Penelope’s best friend is poisoned the entire production is nearly shut down Threats and accusations send Penelope out of the frying pan and into the fire as she struggles to keep her co I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThe catering business combined with the cozy mystery genre make me think this would be a fun read Too bad it fell a bit flat for me The catering business was something I did like it was interesting to get a view of how that worked and I liked that the main character was a chef and business owner I also thought the movie filming setting was interesting as I know very little of that it was interesting to get a glimpse of that work I also thought it was fun with how the main character actually was of a side character if that makes sense her best friend was the one who played in the movie and where the killer was after and she was on the sidelines which I liked and made for an interesting perspectiveSo someone get's killed close by where the main character and her best friend live The main character finds the body and wants to know who killed her Then her best friend seems to keep getting in accidents and they suspect it's not really an accident maybe There are a few clues the main character picks up and she helps solve the mystery a bit but I wasn't really a fan of how the mystery was handled It felt like it stayed a bit on the sidelines and the actual resolution to the mystery felt a bit lame The reasonings where a bit far fetched and it made me a bit sad a girl was killed because of that it just felt silly I had guessed correctly who the murderer was and thought it was kinda obvious with how that person actedI liked the characters well enough but didn't really care for them I did like how the main character was a chef and owned her catering business I didn't really care for her best friend There is a big cast of side characters but they all stayed a bit flat I never felt like I really could connect with them or cared about them So that made it hard to fully enjoy this bookThere is a bit of a romance but it doesn't really pick up until the end of the book and I think it will be important then There was a hint of a love triangle but it was obvious who the main character was interested in So I wasn't really sure why the other guy was necessary and I felt a bit sorry for him There are some actions of characters and scenes that felt just a bit off a bit unrealistic or weird same with the romance there's this scene she kisses someone and someone else notices it and then they never talk about it any Also something worth mentioning is that this book was pretty different from most cozy mysteries I read most of those have a small town setting This one didn't really focus on the setting but on the jobs of the characters and their relationships It was an interesting approach although I would've liked to get of a feel for the setting and it lacked that cozy and comfortable feel as it was set in a big city insteadTo summarize This book didn't fully work for me I liked the catering business and movie filming part of the story and learning about those two topics The mystery fel a bit flat to me there wasn't much focus on the mystery and I guessed early on who the murderer was I didn't really care or connect with the characters which made it a bit difficult to get into the story there's a hint of romance which probably will be developed in the next book I thought it would go into love triangle direction for a bit but by the end of the book I was pretty sure it wouldn't go there The setting isn't a small town like most cozy mysteries but a bigger city I would've liked to get a bit of a feel for the setting but it was interesting to have a mystery book set there It did lack the cozy and comfortable feel a bit It's a 25 stars but rounded it up as I didn't really dislike it but that I didn't really care or get into the story