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Novamente Kenzie sente se obrigado a investigar Mais a mais porue também ele sabe o ue é ter uma filha e o ue um pai está disposto a fazer para a ver feliz A sua investigação será o começo de uma viagem ao coração de um mercado sombrio onde se traficam identidades e adoções Um mundo onde o bem pode assumir os contornos do mal e o mal camuflar se de bem Um precipício do ual é melhor não nos aproximarmos muit. Moonlight Mile was sort of a “filler” read for me I had picked it up at a library sale a while back and needed a book to zip through while I waited for my reserved e book to arrive from the public library Never mind that the only other story in Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie Gennaro series that I had read was the first one A Drink Before the War But never mind I could catch up What I found out was that everybody reading this book is catching up even if they’ve read the entire series because years have passed Angie and Patrick are now married with a four year old daughter Yup Life goes on In this one however it’s sort of like “deja vu all over again” Sort of In Gone Baby Gone PIs Kenzie and Gennaro track down a missing 4 year old girl and return her to her messed up mother Now than a dozen years later Amanda McCready is missing again Angie is a full time mom but when she talks Patrick into taking the case she puts on her PI hat one time Complicating things for K G is the fact that Angie is in school and Patrick is being put off in his attempts to find permanent employment Still he relents when Angie pushes him to search for AmandaIt was okay reading this novel out of seuence I easily caught on to the characters Through their banter and their thoughts their personalities came through fairly well Patrick still agonizes over his decision to return Amanda to her mother We learn that Amanda has than compensated for that by becoming a too perfect student a young woman whom many look up to but not someone that anyone feels a real connection to I had mixed feelings about this girl I found myself wanting her to succeed but I wondered if she was capable of any deep emotions With the search for Amanda Patrick encounters much much than he bargained for I had visions of someone winding up in a grave and it could very well wind up being our hero or someone near and dear to him These are some very bad dudesThe interactions between Patrick and Amanda are sometimes raw sometimes entertaining but they always felt genuine and real I liked little Gabby Bubba the strong man is a gentle giant around the child but he is like the Incredible Hulk when it comes to the bad guys The plot went places I had no idea it would go And then – surprise It twisted I think that gained another 12 star from me The dark place got a bit brighter Maybe it was all a bit too neat and tidy but in a book so grim and nasty I think it was an apt ending4 stars

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Moonlight Mile«Lembra se de mim» interroga do outro lado da linha a voz ue arranca Patrick Kenzie do sono profundo Uma voz feminina e uma frase em jeito de ameaça «Encontrou a uma vez Volte a encontrá la Deve me isso» No dia seguinte eis ue ela surge de novo no cimo das escadas do metro Um rosto marcado pelo tempo e pela mão severa do destino Um rosto ue Kenzie não esperava rever Há doze anos auela mulher pedira lhe ue encont. Dennis Lehane returns to the world of Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie and his partner now wife Angie Gennaro He returns also to themes of parents and children that informed the five book series Lehane produced in the 1990s In Moonlight Mile Patrick and Angie are themselves parents Patrick is still working as a PI struggling with some moral conflicts in his assignments from a prestigious law firm while Angie is trying to find some sanity in non life threatening work But when the aunt of a child he had recovered in the book Gone Baby Gone turns up and asks Patrick to find her missing niece now 16 one time we are back in familiar territory It may be 11 years since the last Kenzie Gennaro outing but it feels like it was only last year The dialogue still races along offering the occasional laugh out loud moment A few characters from the earlier novels assume their usual positions but instead of corrupt cops this time we have Mordavian gangsters There is enough substance abuse here to light up the western world And although most of the children here are not overtly abused how children are treated by systems legal and not comes in for yet another Lehane drive by Those on high are offered comparable treatment His low view of humanity overall is clear as one does not need to have a badge or tote automatic weapons to be a really really awful human being in this snark noir Boston Fast paced engaging with a hero who tries to do the right thing and importantly thinks about what the right thing is payload in the form of a look at some of the dark side high and low this is commercial Lehane on cruise control No one will mistake Moonlight Mile for Mystic River Lehane’s masterpiece or The Given Day his most ambitious work but it will entertain occasionally make you laugh and shed some light into a dark corner or two EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesOther books by Lehane I have readreviewedThe Coughlin Series The Given Day Live by Night World Gone ByKenzie and Gennaro A Drink Before War Darkness Take My Hand Sacred Gone Baby Gone Prayers for RainRead but not Reviewed Mystic River a masterpiece Shutter Island

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FREE READ Ü Moonlight Mile è «Lembra se de mim» interroga do outro lado da linha a voz ue arranca Patrick Kenzie do sono profundo Uma voz feminina e uma frase em jeito de ameaça «Encontrou a uma vez Volte a encontrá la Deve me isso» No dia seguinte eis ue ela surge de novo no cimo das escadas do metro Um rosto marcado pelo tempo e pela mão severa Rasse a sobrinha Amanda de uatro anos ue desaparecera Os detetives privados Kenzie e Angie Gennaro tiveram sucesso mas o caso deixou lhes um amargo de boca a menina foi devolvida aos cuidados de uma mãe negligente e alcoólica; e os raptores ue afinal não ueriam mais do ue entregá la a uma família ue cuidasse bem dela foram sentenciados a duras penas de prisão Por isso agora ue Amanda com dezasseis anos desapareceu. This is the end beautiful friend This is the end my only friend the end – The DoorsSo here we are the last Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro book published And by the tone of this book I would say that Lehane has written the last book about the couple Yes I know Patrick shows up in FaceOff but that story takes place before this story and is a short story I found it uite suitable that the last book is a kind of continuation for Gone Baby Gone with Patrick and Angie once again trying to find Amanda McCready who once again is missing It’s been twelve years since they found her and brought her back home a right thing to do according to the law But was it the right thing to do for Amanda Hardly But she is doing ok; she has great grades despite that her mother is still a worthless drunk So where is she Once again is it Amanda’s aunt that reaches out to Patrick and Angie to find her This is a good ending to the series You can feel it reading in the book that both Patrick and Angie are sick and tired of the life they have lived Patrick is the only one still working as a detective Angie is studying and they are now married with a daughter This is really the last case they work together The case in the book was a bit weak I think I like it when Lehane turns everything upside down sure surprising things happens but not the shocking kind of surprises More the kind that makes you go “Oh that makes sense” not the “wtf what just happened” I prefer Lehane when he just pulls the rug from under one's feet several times during a bookBut it was still a good book And even though I will miss them I think that Lehane has written a good ending to Patrick and Angie I hope they will have a great fictional life together