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MonstersThe world happened and Alex took the first step down a treacherous road of betrayal and terror and deathNow with no hope of rescue on the brink of starvation in a winter that just won't uit she discovers a new and horrifying truthThe Change isn't overThe Changed are still I was so excited for the conclusion to the Ashes Trilogy But after spending four days reading Monsters I must confess I'm mostly disappointedThe plot is so all over the place and there are so many characters and different story lines that I'm going to direct you to the Goodreads summary instead of my usual summaryMonsters was just too long It took me four days that's unheard of for me to read the almost 700 page tome And I just didn't think it needed to be There was so much detail and repetition Going over what weapons everyone has and which one would be best over and over again is just one example I just felt Monsters could do with one good edit and I read the ARC so we can hopeThere was nothing to help you get back into the story and remember each character's situation and position at the end of Shadows And there's so many different groups of characters I eventually figured it out but I still got confused Oh and then when I got to the END of the book there's a cast of characters and where they were at the end of Shadows Don't you think that should be at the BEGINNING???The POV switched constantly and abruptly We don't get to spend enough time in each POV before we are switched to another The is particularly true when both Alex and another character are fighting the Changed in two different places We get just a page or two and then are switched back and forth It was like whiplash and as a literary techniue fell shortAnd to top is all off I didn't like the direction the plot took I can't say too much about this but to say I didn't like how much depended on what was going on in their heads You know what I mean if you've read it This is merely a personal opinion though and you may really enjoy this uniue plotI was excited to see how it all wrapped up At times I thought about giving up but there were enough exciting things happening to keep my interest Monsters had some really tense and thrilling parts The story was good and I enjoyed revisiting the characters the ones I could rememberI don't know how to recommend Monsters I think if you are invested in the series you have to go for it It sounds like I really didn't like it I did but it was just long and because of the other problems it seemed even longerI'm still a Bick fan I'm ready to read her next book I already have it

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The Changed are on the move The Spared are out of time The Endis nowWhen her parents died Alex thought things couldn't get much worse until the doctors found the monster in her headShe headed into the wilderness as a good bye to leave everything behind But then the end of This is going to be less of a review and of a list of my thoughts on why I just couldn't get into this book I try generally to finish every book I start because I'm way too obsessive compulsive not to but I have to say it was so tempting to put this one aside I did end up finishing it but not without much zoning out and skimming I remember really liking Ashes the first book of this trilogy It was in my opinion a zombie survival story done well We had a great beginning an intriguing cause of the disaster in the form of the mysterious Zap that started it all and turned everything upside down I liked the main character Alex and how she met up with Tom and Ellie I wanted to see of them and what they would do to make it through the apocalypse But somewhere along the way this zombie survival story became bogged down with too much character drama Alex used to be the main focus which was fine with me; I liked her and her whole backstory about her illness and the death of her parents But ever since Rule came into the picture Alex started showing up less and less; other characters I didn't care for were getting attention There were way too many players involved already but Monsters added even This book really could have been edited down further with a lot of filler cut out I heard it was originally around 800 pages long but even now at around 600 there's still too much exposition and unneeded detail like aimless dream seuences and a lot of redundant repetition I did not like how it seemed the author felt every chapter needed to end in a cliffhanger It very uickly became unbearable when we would follow one character's perspective stop at a point of suspense go to follow another character in a very different place stop at a point of suspense for them and repeat this pattern back and forth This excessive ping ponging between perspectives was even tedious when all of it would sometimes happen within the same chapter No big picture no explanations or answers to uestions We don't get to find out about the Zap the Changed or any of the other strange things that have been happening to our characters The action scenes felt thrown in perfunctorily whenever we needed a break from the soap opera drama Disappointing end to a trilogy that really started out uite strong I'd really hoped for it to pick up but instead it spiraled further away from the spirit of what made me like the first book so much I think the departure had already started happening at the end of Ashes but it only got worse in the second I didn't like the direction in which the series was headed in Shadows and I liked it even less in Monsters

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Read eBook Ê Monsters Hardcover ☆ Ilsa J. Bick õ The Changed are on the move The Spared are out of time The Endis nowWhen her parents died Alex thought things couldn't get much worse until the doctors found the monster in her headShe headed into the wilderness as a good bye to leave everything behind But then the end of EvolvingAndthey've had helpWith this final volume of The Ashes Trilogy Ilsa J Bick delivers a riveting blockbuster finish returning readers to a brutal post apocalyptic world where no one is safe and hope is in short supplyA world where from these ashes the monsters may ri The Final book in the Ashes trilogy; about zombiesThe only word I can think to describe my reaction to this book is disappointment The first book in this series is one of my favorite zombie novels of all time That's no exaggeration Then the second book Shadows came out and I was disappointed in it but I gave Bick the benefit of the doubt because the second book is usually not as great and is just a hurdle we have to get through to get to the final book This 800 page book lived up to it's name at least It was a monster not only in size but in content The imagery was often times disgusting which I expected and I could get past it but the jumping around from viewpoints got really old really fast You would think that Alex Tom and Ellie would be the main focus since that's who the whole first book was about and we also got the majority of their viewpoints in Shadows but no I felt like Monsters was from everyone else's views especially Chris Who cares about Chris? His backstory is just plain weird not chosen by his grandfather to live in Rule instead left behind with an abusive father but still ended up in Rule anyway If you ask me he got a better deal Look at what happend to his twin Simon Then the whole thing with Lena and the weird connection with Peter where they talked to each other inside a different world created by their minds??? WTF I still don't get thatLet's move on to the whole why are the Changed evolving and how did they get that way NOT A CLUE I still have no idea why some pulse went off that killed the majority of the adults spared some kids and changed others to zombies It have something to do with freuencies radio waves and brain charges but who can be sure what exactly it is There's nothing definitive that I can grab onto and if someone adkes me straight out how did the zombies come to be I couldn't give a straight answer There is something important about people who have brain tumors were terminal or have cancer but not really sure what Alex's brain tumor seemed to come alive and make her want to be with SimonWolf instead of Tom unacceptable and that ending just made me want to throw the book across the room Maybe if it had been smaller and wouldn'thave put a crater in the wall I would have thrown it What happens if Wolf at the end takes the candy because he feels like a nut?? Does that mean he and Alex can be together after she just had sex with Tom? Or that he is now back to human even though he still smells like rotting flesh? The frustration rolling off me is insane and maybe that's what Bick wants is us to think about it forever and be mad at her IDK It's really aking me not want to read her next series in case she frustrates me again with that one Reccommended? I suppose if you read the first 2 then yes read it but if you haven't started the series then no Spare yourself