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The Accidental Mistress kindle à Paperback Ï tracy anne warren Ï He will expose her masuerade but she will expose his heartTo escape an arranged marriage spirited Lily Bainbridge has staged her own death and disguised as a boy she fled to London and a life of freedom Yet her plans to live masuerade as an inCtive maruis who wants to make her his mistress Lily is afraid that if she gives him her innocence he'll steal her heartHaving agreed to a marriage of convenience to honor his family duty Ethan Andarton the Maruis of Vessey has no intention of abandoning his rakish ways Then fate intervenes in the guise of an impetuous youn The heroine was a hypocrite and super annoying

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G lady a woman bold enough to scheme her way to London who tempts him with her mystery and her sensuality Kiss after kiss caress after tender caress Ethan vows to discover all of Lily's hidden secrets For beneath the layers of her clever ruse lies a burning passion that will ignite a tempestuous love neither of them can den Lily Bainbridge is desperate to escape a arranged marriage So she fakes her death to escape her step father and his schemes and dresses as a boy until she gets to London On her way she meets Ethan the Maruis of Vessey a man who tempts her in a way she has never been tempted before But she manages to resist him until she gets to London Then she receives her inheritance and poses as a widow to escape detection from her past But then she comes across Ethan once again and soon she can't resist his charm or rakish ways and gives into temptation to be his lover At first she is afraid that he will break her heart but she can't seem to stop being with himhe makes her feel passion and desire and she feels alive than ever The Accidental Mistress is the second book in the trilogy and what a sweet story this one is Not my favorite by the author but still uite enjoyable I really loved seeing this couple together and its the type of story that you can just enjoy on a calm day and I loved the style of this author once againshe has astounded me with her writing I just can't seem to resist her bookseach and every one is charming and this story was beyond delectable I had fun with Ethansuch a bad boy he isbut sweet and tender too He may be a rake of the highest order but he also is soft as a marshmallow when it comes to Lily A story to impress and delight youand keep you coming back for UTTERLY CHARMING

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The Accidental MistressHe will expose her masuerade but she will expose his heartTo escape an arranged marriage spirited Lily Bainbridge has staged her own death and disguised as a boy she fled to London and a life of freedom Yet her plans to live masuerade as an independent widow are thwarted by an encounter with a powerful and dangerously attra My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one's got 4 partsHahhhh sighing Really some stuffs are bothering me a lot I don't like it when the heroines are easy conuests so whatever Lily is thinkingtrying to pass herself as she's just that Arghh And Ethan I wanna brain him with something Can't he say a line without innuendos? He's been pawing Lily literally since the day they first met c'monnnnnn How can Lily stand that all the time? I mean even if some certain stranger was far too bold too masculine too overtly sexual and veritable example of masculine beauty I would find it highly offensive if he tries to paw me on our first meeting no matter how attracted I am to him I know it's just a novel still some things aren't adding up Another annoying thing is Lily's should I do it should I not maybe I should no maybe not do I feel like doing it no I don't think I do no maybe I dos PLZ either you wanna jump into his bed or you don't just don't make my head ache with your ramblingsOh gawd I have no complain about the sex scenes at all Other than that c'mon Beside sex do they really knowwantneed each other? I think NOT A fact that really is pissing me off The lousy heroine is riding a 'lying boat' and the hero is well just a good looking hero nothing else I have nothing to add They're having a lot of fun sex ie on the table inside the coach oh man those are hot scenes but I do not read a romance novel just for sex So plz Ms Warren I'm waiting HmmmphReally Lily? I'm lost for words You're stupid vain selfish immature which euals to ANNOYING You made your own bed when you decided to become Ethan's mistress and now you dare to throw tantrums when you hear his engagement announcement? You rage and rave at him because you think he lied and deceived you by being engaged while sleeping with you even though he tells you it wasn't his doing but his mother's He didn't even know since there was no engagement to be announced What did you think? That you'll live with him like this for the rest of your life? That he won't ever marry and then keep you for the only thing you're good for You know perfectly well that he's a peer of the realm and has a duty And yes didn't he offer marriage after the first time on whatever ground and you vigorously refused? Gawd And speaking of being deceived how can you scream at him accuse him when you yourself are the worst deceiver of them all lying through your teeth about your identity So no I have no sympathy for you for your current state of being and the problems you're facing because you deserve it Lord never have I read a awful heroine Well maybe a few but very few and must say Lily takes the prizePoor Ethan he's a moron for sure I wouldn't sympathize with him either since they actually deserve each other as well Except for the sex scenes so far this was a waste of time too and proving to be almost as annoying as The Wedding TrapI think I'll increase a star for Rafe and Julianna they were soooooo much better and likable Hopefully will finish today and be done with itI knew what it'd get so here it is a solid 2 thank you Lily all the credit goes to you No comments I couldn't believe well I should've that Ethan actually forgave everything she'd done Amazing Only hope Anthony and Gabriella proves to be a better couple Don't know heard there's a HUGE age difference