characters Midsummer Moon 107

characters Midsummer Moon

characters Midsummer Moon 107 ☆ Although she is an heiress Miss Jane Reynolds's uiet life with a widowed aunt has left her on the shelf at 26 Now she is spending the summer with her irrepressible cousin Cynthia in the country when two very eligible gentlemen arrive Naturally Jane assumes they will be courting her cousin Yet Sir George Overton one of the most fIrrepressible cousin Cynthia in the country when two very eligible gentlemen arrive Naturally Jane assumes they will be courting her cousin Yet Sir. This is a lovely sweet story The characters and plot are largely original which is very refreshing Sir George is neither a rake nor a Corinthian He's not even an Alpha hero He's known as a Dandy and rattle but his sense of humor shows him to be well read and intelligent traits that will endear him to any romantic reader Jane is an original heroine is well She can be shy and tongue tied at time something I can relate to very well The relationship between the heroine and hero develops really nicely They get to know each other and really connect There's no major chemistry or fireworks but there is a lovely friendship based on mutual interests that develops into which I absolutely loved There are lots of chuckle out loud moments especially during a dinner party The detailed descriptions the Priory and gardens are amazing I felt like I was walking along with the characters My only complaint is that the story goes on too long The big misunderstanding happens late in the story and feels out of place at that point It's obvious what happened and Jane's reaction was so out of character that that part of the novel felt forced Newcomers to the genre who love the fashions of the period will find this novel a good place to start Long time fans of the genre will love this well written intelligent sweet story It's not uite one for the keeper shelf but definitely one of the better Zebra Regencies

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George Overton one of the most fashionable Pinks of the ton is uite taken with her and well on his way to losing his heart A Regency romance original. While I found it readable and entertaining this may be the most low conflict romance I have ever read I like the fact that most couples in Grace Livingston Hill's books have a low key conflict free romance however GLH generally livens up the plot with conflicts outside that relationship While there are very minor conflicts flitting through here and there the only serious threat to our heroine's happiness in this book is a Big Misunderstanding toward the end which seems ridiculously out of place book would have gotten four stars without it That aspect of the plot fits our heroine actually She's a small shy and uiet woman with some self esteem issues who could have been overwhelmed in the sort of high energy plots I usually read Barring the Big Misunderstanding bit I liked both heroine and story I have no idea if this is a typical Zebra romance or not; not sure I've ever read any others If it is typical maybe I should set up a backlog of them for the next time I've got the flu; great comfort read when you don't want to deal with a hero who really needs to give good grovel to be tolerable

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Midsummer MoonAlthough she is an heiress Miss Jane Reynolds's uiet life with a widowed aunt has left her on the shelf at 26 Now she is spending the summer with her. I enjoyed The Duke And Miss Dennyvery much and was curious to see if I would like her other books too So I bought Midsummer moon and set to reading Jane Reynoldsour heroine is spending the summer with her aunt and cousin in the country while her other aunt who she lives with is touring Europe to look at old battlefieldsShe is grateful for that as the aunt is somewhat of a domineering womanHer aunt and cousin are discussing the arrival of the new heir to an estate nearbythat is really something out of the ordinaryTurns out the excentric old lady who owned it was mad about building fanciful structures in her gardensHer cousin convinces her to sneak out and have a look at the gardensbefore the new owner arrives and they become off limitsThey are exploring and playing around when they are interrupted by a very fashionable manthat turns out to be the new heir George OvertonJane becomes a bit fretful of them appearing as intrudersbut he soon sets them at ease by teasing them and being all around friendlyLydia the cousin even invites him to come home with them to have dinnerSoon its not long before the two of them finds themselves together on other ocassionsand becoming uite the good friends and maybe There was so much to like in this bookthe chemistry of the hero and heroinethe country setting and the uirky supporting charactersIt was nice having a heroine that wasnt feisty and headstrongThe heroine was no pushover but she didnt start an argument at the drop of a hat or bonnet She is the kind of heroine I really like and can sympatize with Maybe you are a little bit too uietbut I talk enough for the both of usWhen you want me to be silent you only have to do one thing What is that Jane asked Thishe said and kissed herparaphraseddont have the book with me atmThe hero was also a delight since he has a somewhat teasing manner and likes to dress well It was refreshing from the usual dark and brooding heroes that usually occupy historical romances im not saying I dont like them but every now and then you get tired of thatAnother thing that I liked was that the cousin and aunt isnt the villainsnor is the heroine poor and therefore reliant on their goodwillAlso since this takes place in the country there is no Almacks and The romance is slow but its enjoyable to read along while the couple get to know each otherIn short a very sweet read with shades of Austen A real gem