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PDF Ú BOOK Midnight Son FREE ´ MICHELLE PACE ✓ Screams Flames Shivering alone in the bitter Alaskan night – That’s all I can remember from beforeI don’t know where I came from or who I am and I’m fairly certain I don’t want to I am absolutely certain about Andi Campbell though; she’s my light at the end of At Hennessy Cove the secluded inn the bride and groom booked for their intimate ceremony From the moment we touch down something about the place fills me with dread And every time I cross paths with the smiling innkeeper I break out in a cold sweatKnowing Andi’s sleeping in the room next door just makes that fever wors When I read True Gold the first book in the True Alaskans series I was intrigued by Boone and his story but I had no idea the dynamics of it and the power it had to grip my mind and hold on to it I was fully invested in this story and could not put this book down I will try not to give you many details because seeing them unfold as you read this amazing book is part of the joy of devouring the storyWhen Boone comes to the Campbell family as a child Andi declares him “My Boone” Here we are years later and so many things that have passed between them but he is still hers Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship Life has been difficult for both Boone and Andi but they always had each other until the complexities of living in small town Alaska got in the wayCircumstances bring them to a place that stirs deep memories in Boone and have him confused and seeking the truth Of course Andi is by his side despite her self imposed distancing from him She cannot dispute the pull of Boone to her life to her heartWhen the situation becomes deadly and events lead to the truth Andi and Boone let their true feelings for each be known It is a satisfying component to this story to see their love come full circleMichelle Pace is a brilliant writer with exceptional talented story telling skills Her characters are completely genuine with flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths I became captivated by Midnight Son's story and characters and was on the edge of my seat reading itThis book will be highly recommended by me as one of my top reads of the year 5 Stars #2OCCMS

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Alaska still shuns me because I won’t speak but not The Campbells – and that would change if they ever found out what Andi and I did when her mother was missing last summer Andi seems to agree and we steer clear of each other nowBut Andi’s sister Delilah is getting married and it’s impossible to avoid one another This book is a standalone in a series I have not read book one and did just fine with the dynamics Would it have been better to read book one first maybe it might give you a little bit back story by it is surrounding another coupleBoone found himself alone and scrounging for food in True Alaska Very little memory from his past But when Mrs Campbell takes him home and tries to find him some answers he connects with her daughter Andi right away Before he knows it he is part of the family Sure the town doesn't know what to think of his mutism and treats him like an outcast but never the Campbell's As they age his feeling for Andi become than he is able to admit based on their circumstancesAndi decided from the very beginning that Boone was hers She even begged for him to stay when they threatened to take him somewhere else They have shared a closeness always being there for each other when needed That closeness has grown to a love that she cannot share They were raised as brother and sister after all As much as she tries to distance herself from him there is always a constant pullAs they find themselves spending time together to help with the wedding they are both a part of the ability to keep some distance becomes harder and harder She is there for Boone trying to help him as he begins to have flashbacks of his past With each flashback and each partial memory seems to come a hidden danger they aren't completely aware of Boone gut is not telling him nice things about Hennessy Cove Will they get their chance at the love they deserve or will they be forced to accept what they have?Ms Pace does a fabulous job at keeping you on the edge of your seat What will happen next will they make it out in time will Boone's past be a good thing or a bad thing The many twists and turns of the story will have you flipping pages and looking for answers This was my first Michelle Pace book and I guarantee it will not be my last I will head back to read book one and then check out her other stuff I loved the suspense she mixed in with this slow burn romance Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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Midnight Son True Alaskans #2 Screams Flames Shivering alone in the bitter Alaskan night – That’s all I can remember from beforeI don’t know where I came from or who I am and I’m fairly certain I don’t want to I am absolutely certain about Andi Campbell though; she’s my light at the end of the tunnel but I can’t tell her thatMost of True Well dang it all I had a review drafted and then it disappeared I do not know what happened and I'm not a happy camper So I'm going to pout and feel sorry for myself Anyhoo below are just a few of the best parts for me while reading the second installment of True AlaskansBut I did enjoy Boone and Andi's book very much My favorite part was learning about a little lost boy digging through a garbage bin found by a woman wanting to help Seeing that little boy who said very few words and fell in love with a family who save him especially the younger sister Learning of Boone's history in this book and watching how Boone escapes his past with the help of so many wonderful people made this book extra specialThe only complaint I really had was that there were some editing problems that weren't found in the first book Didn't throw me out of the story but did gain my attentionThis one has an amazing story of a love that blossomed from childhood a suspense filled storyline and all around great group of entertaining characters