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Maus A Survivor's Tale My Father Bleeds HistorySon père sa terrifiante histoire et l'Histoire Des portes d'Auschwitz aux trottoirs de New York se déroule en deux temps les années 30 et les années 70 le. This is one of those graphic novels that everyone is telling the world to read Acclaimed as one of the best graphic novels out there My take on it is that it was really enjoyable and informative but not the best While it was very enjoyable I still had a few problems with it Overhyped in my opinion but still highly recommended for me I honestly have no problem with the plot Straightforward and informative I'm a huge history fan and the topic of Nazis in general was nothing new for me It's been a while since my last read of this certain part of history This graphic novel was a good way to refresh my memory It's still very unsettling that the Nazis were this abusive back then The way they tortured the Jews and such was very inhumane I know that somewhere in the world today people are still being abused like this if not worse Such a shame and uite unthinkable how some people could be this cruelThe characters were not as amazing as I wanted them to be Some weren't developed enough I seem to have this problem with most of the graphic novels that I read I'm not sure if it's the graphic novels itself or the way the author describes them The whole character thing is a huge problem for me to be honest because i'm a reader who heavily depends on the characters for enjoyment I like a well written set of characters The plot thankfully made up for the not so great characters Artie and Anja were really enjoyable but the other ones felt a bit dullOne problem that I encountered would be the artwork I'm very choosy when it comes to the artwork I know this aimed to provide a historical feeling but it didn't work that much for me I didn't like the rough drawing and the way it was presented It could've been done better Not a huge problem but still something that bugged me from time to time45 stars It's a solid 4 for me Hopefully the next volume would continue to be this good or be even better I'm going to rate the compilation of the two volumes separately after reviewing the second one Great way to introduce history to aficionados and also beginners Highly recommended

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Maus A Survivor's Tale My Father Bleeds History Read Ó E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Maus raconte la vie de Vladek Spiegelman rescapé juif des camps nazis et de son fils auteur de bandes dessinées ui cherche un terrain de réconciliation avec son père sa terrifiante histoire et l'Histoire Des portes d'Récit d'une double survie celle du père mais aussi celle du fils ui se débat pour survivre au survivant Ici les Nazis sont des chats et les Juifs des souri. It just didn't do what I wantedI had high expectations my friends I had high expectations That might not be fair but there you goMy biggest problem was the misused animals The book is called Maus The characters are mice and cats and pigs BUT NONE OF THEM ACT LIKE MICE OR CATS OR PIGS WHATS THE POINT In conversation with my friend Barry it came up that It's just cats chasing mice That's the extent of the metaphor He disagrees on the whole he actually uite enjoyed this we're budding reading again I never want to stop buddy reading with this boy but regardless he saw my point of view I feel that there was great potential to use the animal characteristics to do interesting and inventive things but basically they're just humans that look like animalsI have a few other issues I don't like the way the son treats the father that won't make sense unless you've read this sorry and I haven't really been able to feel emotionally attached to anything apart of course from the normal sense of sadness that comes from thinking of the holocaust It's not terrible by any means The illustrations are interesting the story is interesting and I flew through it I very much look forward to reading Volume II but this just wasn't good enough Barry

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Maus raconte la vie de Vladek Spiegelman rescapé juif des camps nazis et de son fils auteur de bandes dessinées ui cherche un terrain de réconciliation avec. I am extremely moved by this book it is as relevant and important today as it was when it was first published over 30 years ago possibly even so Maus tells the story of Vladek Spielgeman a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust His son Art Spiegelman is an illustrator and wants to write the story of his father's experiences during World War II The story is also of Art himself the interviews and relationship with his father The story alternates between the present day interviews and shifts into the past through Vladek's recollections The illustrations are straightforward and in a black and white style I highly recommend this book it is a powerful and emotional story I am starting the second volume right away FINAL NOTE below is what I found to be one of the most powerful scenes in the book