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Book  Mark of Four Æ 326 pages Download ↠ Naturaltreatment ´ Seventeen year old Alayne Worth is an Elemental Water Wielder All she wants is to master her talent and live a normal life but the sudden escape of a feared criminal leaves her family reeling and threatens to keep her from achieving her Rces covet Alayne's unusual gifts and each side is willing to do almost anything to obtain themAs Alayne confronts the battle for the power she possesses she must discover the truth of who she isAir Earth Water FireFour ElementsFour PowersFour PathsMARK OF FOUR Alayne Worth is a young lady preparing to leave her home and enter elemental training for water powers She is eager to escape her mother's frantic worries but nervous for the upcoming milestone Gifted elementals and normal humans alike fear the convicted and escaped murderer called Simeon Malachi Malachi and his band of shadow casters aim to capture the legendary vale stone that will grant them total mastery over the elements After Alayne is pursued by an avaricious shadow caster and saved by a childhood enemy her mind is bombarded with unanswered uestions She soon learns of her own extraordinary abilities but is unable to tell even her closest friendsMy favorite character is Daymon because of his intriguing personality and behavior towards Alayne Though he doesn't favor her like James or Kyle or befriend her as Marysa does Daymon's fate is intricately woven with Alayne's Upon knowing how Daymon responds to Alayne in a dire situation a reader can't help pondering Daymon's reasons of initiativeI was enthralled in this book because it portrayed the vivid differences of the characters' responses to placement of power Romance is mixed in with epic sci fi when Marysa assists Alayne in navigating through boy troubles Alayne must save her friends when her uadriweave identity is exposed endangering people around her Fans of Kindle the Flame Kindle the Flame Heart of a Dragon Book 1 will drink in the words on these pages Mark of Four Mark of Four Guardian of the Vale Volume 1 is a well written rich story Teen review

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Seventeen year old Alayne Worth is an Elemental Water Wielder All she wants is to master her talent and live a normal life but the sudden escape of a feared criminal leaves her family reeling and threatens to keep her from achieving her dreams especially when t Shoemaker has done it again Looking for a great fantasy read? Mark of Four gives us Alayne a young woman who can wield all four elements in a world where most can wield only one The why to that forms the crux of the book and provides a whole lot of action and plot to keep you turning the pagesShoemaker also gives us love interests gone awry female friendships the nemesis who may not be uite all he seems on top of extremely creative thinking with her depiction of the elements and how one might bend them I could totally see this book as a movie the special effects would be brilliantIf you are a fan of Harry Potter The Hunger Games Divergent The Last Airbender heck even Narnia any sort of young adult fantasy I think you'll love this bookPS Ms Shoemaker may I please learn the secret to wielding water now? It sounds like fun

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Mark of FourHe criminal's reach pushes too close to homeSecret pasts strange powers and tense relationships weave a tangled net around her As she leaves home to cultivate her skills at an Elemental training center she clashes with a disturbing reality both good and evil fo Mark of Four is an exciting story about a couple of teenage elementals Some people can wield one of the four elements; air water earth and fire If they can’t they are “naturals” The feel of Harry Potter is here in this aspect of naturals versus elementals as well as with the boarding school where the elementals attend Elementals all work together with their own elements to make the school function Alayne navigates school life with a fun talkative new friend Marysa and a few boyfriends that she has to choose between There is also the ever present mysterious Daymon who often shows up out of nowhere and seems to be protecting Alayne although their relationship isn’t great I find myself hoping that I’m going to read about this guarded guy in the futureI was not able to put this story down for long between readings The beginning moves uickly and before you know it everyone has started school The school life brings about plenty of drama all while everyone is learning to use their new elemental power All except for Alayne who has known how to wield her element well for a long time much to her parent’s dismay Then a battle breaks out and it’s clear that someone isn’t who they claim to be I liked the pace not too fast nor does it drag on leaving you wanting to just get to the point This story has a love triangle and a love interest that I’d like to see come together in future books a few mysteries and surprises and good friendships It’s also fun to read how the elementals wield their elements from just playing around to making all things function and finally to battling it out