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Dores Ahora El Poderoso Thor sigue el rastro de sangre ue amenaza con consumir su pasado presente y futuro ¡La única esperanza ue le ueda es desvelar el misterio alrededor del Carnicero de DiosesJason Aron el aclamado guionista de. Three Thors Triple your pleasure triple your fun This is my first comic book foray into the world of Thor so I have no allegiances to previous incarnations or storylines Despite my love of mythology I have actively avoided Thor because a he can look seriously ridiculous in that winged helmet I'm thinking of the 60's and 70's incarnations here and b I'm not a fan of Thor on Earth or Midgard stories For these reasons Thor God of Thunder is a good fit for me The artwork by Esad Ribic is beautifully detailed and realistic avoiding a contemporary look and opting for muted colors and shadows that give it a weighty epic feel Jason Aaron avoids too many Thor on Earth storylines and with the exception of a very brief present day encounter with Ironman Thor's visits to Midgard consist of 800's AD visits to Viking villages for some Asgardian R R battles booze and babes Despite liking the character it's always been difficult for me to suspend disbelief long enough to accept a Norse god in present day times apparently I have no trouble with men in high powered iron suits green giants who are less than jolly a super serum making a super soldier hell slap a cape on anything else and I'm buying but the gods in the present day has always been a nugget I've had trouble swallowing this is also part of my aversion to DC's Wonder Woman Because Thor's interactions with Earth are almost exclusively limited to the place and time period of the people who worshiped him this never bothered me one whit Not one whit I saySo on to the story Yes as promised there are three Thors the young arrogant Thor who has not proven worthy of Mjolnir; the present day Avenger Thor who has begun to doubt the worth of the gods to mortals; and the future King Thor who has succeeded Odin as the All Father but is a broken crippled god waging war by himself In all three stories the enemy is Gorr the Godbutcher a being who for reasons known only to him has made it his mission to destroy the pantheons of every culture and every religion throughout space and time Possessing a curious weapon Gorr butchers the gods good and evil alike to free mortals from their whims As the three Thors desperately try to stop Gorr in three different timelines there will be aliens time travel gods never before seen eternal cities thunder and lightning weapons with unpronounceable Norse names and by Odin's beard there will be ale It's a fun narrative although the one bit that doesn't uite work for me is Gorr I like his style sure but he looks like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter His motives are never uite clear and when they are seem pretty cliche In addition Gorr's weapon doesn't seem like something that would possess the power necessary to uickly dispatch hundreds of gods with some pretty awesome powers of their own The idea of a slayer of gods is an intriguing one and I just wish there had been a original concept behind the why and how of Gorr's death dealing agendaOverall I'm going with 3 12 stars Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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Thor God of Thunder Volume 1Lobezno y la Patrulla X y Esad Ribic impresionante ilustrador de Loki se ponen al frente del destino de Thor en la etapa nacida del contexto de Marvel Now Una deslumbrante visión del Dios del Trueno ue aúna tradición y modernida. This is the best thing that I've read out of Marvel Now yet Aaron's take on Thor has the character as an actual god full stop The kind that answers prayers in person And despite the lack of his regular Asgardian cast he's still surrounded by gods and the trappings of godhood The story takes place across three periods of Thor's life as a young brash god not yet worthy of Mjolnir as the heroic god who's also an Avenger and as an older wiser sadder god And he's a fascinating character in all ages thankfully Why the three stages in his life Well I wouldn't doubt that the rule of three has something to do with it but it's also so we can see the course of the title threat across Thor's lifeI have mixed feelings about this villain On one hand I absolutely believe that he's a credible threat I buy him as being a threat to existence of all gods across the universe and wow there are a lot of gods scattered around the Marvel universe He makes my skin crawl when he's on the panel in a good way That said he's entirely lacking in motivation I believe that he could destroy all gods but I don't see any reason why he would want to The few things he does say on the subject are generic and don't illuminate the subject And he looks exactly like Voldemort which docks a few originality points His story isn't close to done by the end of this book and maybe he'll get development later on I don't know But right now creepy as he is he's a villain because Reasons and I don't like thatBut the villain isn't on the page much Thor is very much the star of this book and he's handled so well here that I ended up really liking this book despite a somewhat lacking villain

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Thor: God of Thunder, Volume 1 review å eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã Contiene Thor God Of Thunder #1 12 USATres Thors de tres eras diferentes Un carnicero ue puede acabar con todos ellosA lo largo de los siglos los dioses del Universo Marvel han estado desapareciendo lo ue condena al caos a sus adoradores Ahora El Poderoso ThoContiene Thor God Of Thunder #1 12 USATres Thors de tres eras diferentes Un carnicero ue puede acabar con todos ellosA lo largo de los siglos los dioses del Universo Marvel han estado desapareciendo lo ue condena al caos a sus adora. The Ultimate Thor StoryThor is a superhero of course a member of the Avengers He is also than a superhero though He is a god For starters he has lived much longer than any other superhero “There are thousands of years worth of memories rattling around inside my head” As a result his priorities and values and attitudes and language differ from those of say your friendly neighborhood Spider Man Thor has a completely different perspective on life “For a god the lives of mortals seem to pass by in the blink of an eye” He thinks in cosmic terms and a good Thor story must be large enough in scope to allow him to do thatThankfully The God Butcher provides all the scope and grandeur Thor could possibly hope for and then some It spans millennia features Thor at three different stages of his long life and pits all three incarnations against a villain who is almost as old as Thor himself and has brutally tortured and butchered all the gods of the universe until only Thor is left alive The God Butcher perceives himself as the “good guy” though as a proponent of the Enlightenment destined “to liberate humanity from the yoke of divine servitude”In this context the inevitable spectacularly realized showdown between the God Butcher and Thor becomes a larger than life battle between a seemingly unstoppable Enlightenment movement and the last god standing a meditation on the gradual decline of religion in the western world This decline of religion manifests itself in the three incarnations of Thor a youthful cocky overconfident brash boastful vain and slightly dim witted Thor who takes worship for granted during the Middle Ages at a time when religion ruled supreme; a enlightened moderate even doubtful Thor in the present; and a lonely weary disillusioned paranoid desperate Thor in the future And it makes perfect sense because any benevolent god would have to be devastated by human beings who come to view the divine sphere as an instrument of oppression that needs to be abolishedIn summary Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic may have created nothing less than the ultimate Thor story I have never read Walt Simonson's highly regarded run from the 1980s and hope to get around to it one of these days but at this point I find it hard to imagine a story that suits the character better than this one