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Of an old adversary in a case still unsolvedWhen further evidence leads Cole and Corhagen to the shattered fragments of a mythical sword it points to a cryptic clue about a prophecy involving a king The revelation leaves Cole reeling and sets him up to make what could be the biggest mistake of his lif. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews This story is part of a series and must be read in order Section Thirteen is back and they have their hands full when an enemy from the past rears their ugly head When a witch is murdered in a mundane way Cole and James Corhagen are reuested to assist in the hunt for the murderers the odd clues lead them to a trap and Joss and the rest of Section Thirteen are called in to help Facing down old adversary and the witch killers leads to new revelations Cole struggles to deal with the now friendlier James struggling to keep a handle on the still simmering attraction between them Oh my God Cole what the hell are you doing Sidhe So we have a new instalment of the Section Thirteen Case Files filled with danger surprises twists and old enemies Cole and Joss are moving forwards in their relationship with Joss being to be a bit open and relaxed with Cole James scowl suddenly becomes friendlier with Cole and makes a confession On the work front Joss and Cole are called by Rainette who is worried about a witch friend and it leads to Cole and James being assigned to help look for the witch’s murderer all the Section group are called in when they spot three wanted half fae and it leads to a confrontation where secrets are revealed So we have a lot going on in this book and we revisit some old friends including the wood goblins and Robyn Little Red Riding Hood the police station takes another beating James seems to be crawling out of the closet and a startling revelation is made oh and let’s not forget the orgy that Joss and Cole start in the middle of a fae bar This is a great story that moves along at a smooth pace there are moments when you can only recoil in horror at what Cole is about to do Cole no you’re smarter than that and you want to grab him and shake him with James you want to laugh in his face and say ‘it’s too late’ and with Joss you want to stare at him in awe and go ‘oooohhhhhh’ The action and fights are impressive the characters are brilliant and the storyline is cool the new development that emerges near the end of the book has me desperate to see what happens next with both Joss and Cole I have to recommend this to those that love urban fantasy danger brilliant fights traps and escapes closure of an old storyline and a new one emerging hot sex new twists betrayal and an ending where you wonder what Cole will do next

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The Thirteenth Shard Section Thirteen Case Files #4Seuel to The Thirteenth SigilA Section Thirteen StoryWhen a powerful witch is murdered by mundane means with the killer leaving behind clues reminiscent of an old mortal folktale the NYPD calls in Tuulois MacColewyn and the rest of Section ThirteenIt’s been a while since Cole and his onetime partner. 4 Stars This review will contain spoilers As the book is part of an ongoing series the spoilers will affect previous booksCole takes Joss to a fey bar on a date The tone of the evening and a good portion of the book is set when Joss is easily able to pass through the wards of the bar He’s also easily able to feel them Clearly a sit down needs to happen between the two of them to discuss the physical changes that have taken place within Joss and his apparent loss of mortality A bar where the patrons are of an entirely different culture isn’t really the place to do it It doesn’t help their date night gets disrupted with the murder of one of Rainette’s coven mates Lo and behold the cops are already at the crime scene investigating what was recently a developing situation Despite Cole and Joss being in Chinatown at the time of the murder that the homicide detective beat them there just seems a touch hinky She had a tip from the feds about serial killers that target witches Great Because the crime is tied to the occult Section 13 officers get assigned to it Cole and Corhagen get assigned You know all that sexual tension between the two of them It’s still there but now James’ wife kicked him out Yeah it’s a recipe for a love triangleRead Faye's full review at Live Your Life Buy The Book

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The Thirteenth Shard (Section Thirteen Case Files #4) Read & Download ↠ 104 Ð Seuel to The Thirteenth SigilA Section Thirteen StoryWhen a powerful witch is murdered by mundane means—with the killer leaving behind clues reminiscent of an old mortal folktale—the NYPD calls in Tuulois MacColewyn and theCorhagen have worked together on a murder case and sparks still linger between them despite Cole’s budding relationship with Inspector Joss Vallimun As they struggle to put their past behind them and discover what happened to the witch they unearth clues to similar murders Murders that remind them. New York Section 13 investigative sidhe officer Cole Tuulois MacColewyn is back investigating a murder of a witch belonging to a local coven The Section 13 unit is now functioning well as a team – as compared to a motley crew of the most unlikely candidates for local law enforcement ever elf witch troll and humans who’ve been transformed into ‘something else’ by high magic encounters This idea of law enforcement diversely populated with the weird and wonderful has been done very well by Pratchett think Carrot Angua Detritus and Cheery Littlebottom folks and O’Faolain’s Section 13 series is every bit as good IMO Sufficient storyline and books have passed to develop most of the Section team characters – they’ve now got fairly distinct individual outlooks and voicesThe usual wild magic and mad chaos from earlier books is provided in this latest offering when the regular police hierarchy predicted that all hell would break loose with the reforming of Section 13 services – they were spot on Although Cole and crew are looked upon with derision and suspicion by their fellow precinct officers it seems a little strange that outcry and rebellion has not occurred especially with trolls smashing through the police headuarter building and tearing apart anyone encountered or an elven forest grove sprouting through the basement floor destroying several floors in the process or having force members being sucked through wormhole like openings into another dimension Murder monsters and mayhem is just about par for a regular days work for anyone getting near to Section 13 workPlot themes and nasty baddies from a couple of the previous books make appearances again – allowing the author to tie up some storyline arcs and several loose endings O’Faolain inserts fairy tale aspects and characters with abandon when painting the landscape setting and in populating this weirdly wonderful ‘alternative universe’ New York world of Section 13 a bit like a mix up of Shrek Wolverine Hoodwinked CSI Torchwood The action is fast paced the police procedural aspects not too drawn out to become tedious but sufficiently realistic The motives and intentions of a couple of previously established characters are thrown into suspicion by new revelations Cole finds threat and betrayal from some within his own camp and this latest book leaves a few open plotlines for subseuent titles yayLet’s not forget the hawt sex there’s a couple of these scenes dotted about the book beginning in the opening chapter with an eye opening orgy in a fey operated bar of notorious reputation The relational dramatic tension from an earlier book is resurrected between Cole and co worker James Corhagen the latter starting to make ‘moves’ again on the former who is currently enjoying an established relationship with Joss Vallimun their Section 13 head I was a little disappointed in the lack of development for one of my favourite characters – young rookie Staffelbach and I’m really hoping the next book will give me this I’m also looking forward to seeing how the rising tension within the relational triangle between Joss Cole James will be resolved Plus the shady and ominous reach of the shadowy Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is yet to become clear O’Faolain continues to provide inventive funny action filled sexy romps definitely a welcome addition to the growing M M paranormal trope