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kindle ✓ The Glittering Plain Þ William Morris Ed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo A Wonderful Preraphaelite Medieval Romance similar to other William Morris worse

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doc É The Glittering Plain Paperback read Ý Best Ebook, The Glittering Plain by William Morris This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book. Best Ebook The Glittering Plain by William Morris This is v Remembered from 40 odd years backUnlike the previous House of the Wolfings and The Roots of the Mountains which based their fantasy on historically plausible settings and characters this novel actually described a totally imagined world that of the title or The Acre of the Undying or The Land of the Living Men The hero Hallblithe of the House of the Raven must go there to rescue his fiance the Hostage who has been kidnapped by pirates Not at all remembered and due for rereadingCurrent analysisUpon rereading I was impressed with how worthy an effort Morris exerted to provide a totally new world but at the same time cast it within the elegant language and mannerisms of his beloved courtly medieval romances and sagas At the same time I felt that he somewhat slipped in presenting a coherent story involved as it was with deceptions dreams and factors largely unexplainable In other words he merely ran into the predictable pitfalls of all writers of pure fantasyThe language is truly beautiful While consciously archaic it is never unintelligible 'Gone up onto the Horse of the Brine' means to board a ship 'sundered their fellowship' means separated 'strong thieves of the sea' means pirates and 'troth plight maiden' means one's betrothed In one sentence he uses the terms forsooth liefer meseemeth and strifeful Also his sentences are often overly long seemingly run on constructions with multiple uses of 'and' Yet this somehow adds to rather than subtracts from the flow of the story and the richness of its description of character event and feelingThe characters are as two dimensional as one would expect in a heroic romance Hallblithe is 'fair strong not untried in battle'; his love the Hostage is 'bright haired and ruddy cheeked and white skinned kind of hand and soft of voice' Despite all their frustrations at her kidnapping and his inability to rescue her their love for one another is never is uestioned despite many offers of other comely maids and menThe deception of the Puny Fox from the Ravagers of the Isle of Ransom the uest of the three old carles for the Glittering Plain the encounters of Hallblithe with the King of the Undying Land and then with the Erne King of the Ravagers work to fill out the narrative but in a somewhat confusing manner as Hallblithe's sensitivities are so simple as to allow him no means by which to realize what is truly going on At the same time this very simplicity allows him to resist the temptation of the fountain of youth the Plain represents as he steadfastly remains true to his uest for his troth maidenIt is in his description of the world of the Glittering Plain that Morris could have done better The travails of Odysseus and his crew among the lotus eaters the people in the bubbles in Zardoz and the Eloi of the future world in Wells' The Time Machine all came to mind in his description of the eternally young healthful but somewhat motive less inhabitants of this seeming elysiumOne senses that the earnest socialist in Morris resented their dismissal of all labor but all of the three other works referred to certainly carried of a thematic edge of resentment than Morris allowed to interrupt his idyllic prose poemStill pretty good if not great

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The Glittering PlainEry good and a main topic to read the readers are very amaz This is one of the very early fantasy novels This one is from 1913 I think It takes place near the real world with vaguely magical things happening and strange coincidences To a modern reader it may seem a bit contrived But if you can suspend your disbelief it's engaging It has a naivety that's really refreshing I picked it up from Project Gutenberg but you may also find it at your local library