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reader ↠ doc Μιλώντας στην κόρη μου για την οικονομία ´ Free ✓ Yanis Varoufakis â An inability to explain to a teenager the fundamental issues of economics reflects badly on one’s own grasp of them AndMakes our social world tick This book strives to inspire teenagers and other readers normally disassociated from economic narratives to care about economic ideas and economic processes by revealing their power over our imagination beliefs and passions It does this by means of a narrative of how e Yanis Varoufakis the cheeky former Greek minister of finance and a saavy economics professor delivers an explanatory book on modern capitalism for the non academic using a variety of examples from European history Greek mythology and pop culture to make his points Varoufakis believes that understanding economics is key to a truly well functioning democracy Yet the jargon filled academic field of economics obscures important ideas in strange language and uses inane examples that make it difficult for non economists to understand This willful? opacity then makes it easier for the people who do speak the lingo to pull a fast one on the rest of us His goal with this book is to demystify a number of the important economic topics of the time What's particularly interesting about Talking to My Daughter is the longer historical rangelens that Varoufakis uses to explain economic phenomenon and its grounding in European Greek perspective Whether he's using the myth of Oedipus Rex to illuminate how the power of prophecy can markets to self sabotage or the story of Faustus selling his soul to Mephistopheles to explain the rise in contract based debt it is entertaining Rarely will you find a discussion of economic phenomenon using a blend of stories from feudal Europe and Greek mythology from an American scholar; in fact rarely do American universities teach the historical basis of economics at all except for Smith's invisible handOverall Talking to My Daughter About the Economy is a provocative alternative look at of many of the current weaknesses and threats posed by the global economic system that helps put it in global historical context Read my longer review of the book here

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Conomic power has emerged from the shadows of political and military might before gradually taking over human societies The narrative combines history literature science fiction films and down to earth economic analysis to impress upon teenagers and various beginners that economics is an epic dram Before he launched Progressive International with Bernie Sanders in 2018 before he wrote books on the world's response to the 2008 financial crisis before he was Greece's Finance Minister in 2015 during high stakes negotiations between Greece and the EU on how to cope with Greece's economic and budgetary collapse Yanis Varoufakis wrote a book in Greek explaining economics to adolescents such as his daughter It was subseuently translated into many other languages but not into English until 2017His daughter was I think around 11 years old at the time he wrote this book although I cannot find that detail just now so I might be slightly off In any case he was clearly writing at someone who was old enough to talk to about complex issues like how finance works but not so old as to already have done a lot of reading on that The book is of course a good book for adults to read as well largely because most of us have not done that much reading about how finance works eitherMore importantly much of what we have read about how finance works is not true In some cases it was never true but importantly finance today does not work the same as it did 100 200 years ago Most of the money in our economy today has no physical existence not even as paper Most of the government debt is not for the purpose of the government being able to spend it is for financial institutions such as banks to be able to buy a reliable bond that is highly liuid and absolutely safeNot everything in Varoufakis' analysis is correct in my opinion He seems entirely too confident in the ability of democracy to rein in government excesses on behalf of the wealthy and well connected and therefore not particularly worried about government accumulating and power It also seems clear to me that the larger the polity the remote its leaders are from any given citizen and the closer they are to the very wealthy Thus the government of Greece is much closer to caring about the welfare of ordinary Greeks than the EU which begs the uestion of whether it is a good idea for Greece to have committed their economic welfare into the hands of a bunch of non Greeks in BrusselsBut while his view of the world and how it couldshould work may not be any better than the neo liberal ideology which reigned from the end of the Cold War until 2008 it is at least a different view and he is at his best when he is puncturing that neo liberal ideology by pointing out the many ways in which the reality does not match the theoryI have a 13 year old daughter; it had occurred to me when I began reading this book that I might wish to give it to her when I was done If she had the slightest bit of interest in economics I probably would In the meantime I think reading it myself has stimulated a lot of fresh thinking about how our economy works and how it ought to work instead Any book that does that is worth reading

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Μιλώντας στην κόρη μου για την οικονομίαAn inability to explain to a teenager the fundamental issues of economics reflects badly on one’s own grasp of them And the failure to inspire youngsters to care about wealth poverty power and their distriburion in society reveals the instructor’s or author’s own lack of appreciation of what Two stars for It was okay What I liked Varoufakis explains his understanding of the evolution of Capitalism briefly clearly and engagingly A bright child really could read and grasp what he has written That's well done and not easy to achieveI am going to review this as if politics and economies are necessarily married to each other because that is Varoufakis's belief and one which I completely agree with Good luck trying to separate the two He gives a very good explanation of Bitcoin and why in the end it's a very bad idea as an economy What I didn't like While I agree with much of what he says I simply disagree with his ideas about how to solve our global economic problems He is clearly a socialist though does not use that term even once I suppose to avoid alienating people who are are afraid of socialism and it's farther left sibling communism Looking up info on Varoufakis I found he is a member of the Democratic Socialist party in Greece so that's the foundation on which he stands I thought for heaven's sake we'd learnt by now that these economies and the politics that invariably evolve along with them do not work How many times do we have to go over this? This guy has a brilliant mind and is older than me hasn't he seen enough to know this is a truly terrible idea? There has not been a single country that has fully incorporated Socialism without making a tremendous mess of itI am not anti socialist programs though as part of a capitalist economy Varoufakis has only one offer on the table by the end of his book commodification versus democratization using his terms I choose neither because I believe we can have a compromise of the two I think what we need is to finesse our laws to protect public interests against full commodification meaning private ownership of what are and should remain public assets In fact I rather like our political and economic arrangement here in Australia though we have our flaws like any society and need improvements There are many things we get right We are a federal parliamentary representative democracy and though I am fond of the ueen it's probably time we moved on to being a full republic and moved completely out from under monarchy We are a capitalist economy certainly but we have plenty of socialist programs woven into our sociopolitical fibre It seems durable and works well for many or most people―again it is not perfect No society is nor ever will be We continue to have debates over resources and who has rights to what lands etcBut we have solid and reliable taxpayer funded infrastructure roads libraries gardens protected lands military and police protection and support housing and welfare for the needy unemployment and disability benefits elder care benefits including retirement age pension universal healthcare etc Again these are not perfect but they are pretty good and robust and often under threat by private interests trying to barge in where they most certainly do not belong So there are always folks trying to steamroll the public and get their own way but there are also folks pushing back That is natural with human beings and is held in check better or worse depending on which party sits in government at the timeAnyway your mileage may vary depending on your politics and economic outlook NB I am not interested in arguing econ