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Alternate cover edition of ASIN B07NDJF69WHY BE YOURSELF WHEN YOU CAN BE PERFECT'Perceptive Hilarious Reassuring Brilliant' Laura Jane WilliamsThe highly anticipated new novel from Holly Bourne bestselling author of HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOWHe said he was looking for a 'partner in crime' which everyone knows is shorthand for 'a woman who isn' Okay I’m confused I’m going back and forth between two opinions Yes I liked what I read I enjoyed this book’s feminism message the approach to the sensitive issues including sexual assault feeling inferior not deserved to be loved or cared being stranger in your own body And let’s not forget I truly loved the heroine and i ached for her and the things she’s been getting through But why is this book so similar with our works of the author As soon as I started this one I thought this is republished with a new name yes I exactly thought at some parts I was rereading “ the places I’ve cried in public” So my reading experience turned into something confusing with tons of deja vu moments I couldn’t differentiate the characters or storylines with the other book she’s written Don’t get me wrong I’m great fan of her works and I honestly enjoy her broken but strong women characters’ self discovery stories But I wished to see something original uniue Let’s go back to talk about the story line to draw a clearer picture April is tired of men actually she hates men and after what she’s been through her traumatic experience and still dealing with her invisible mental scars it’s normal to feel like that Her ex boyfriend assaulted her sexually and now she hardly forms longtime relationship with a man not even passing date five So she gets hopeless to find a man she can trust Instead of looking for the guy she starts working on different solution She thinks if she creates a brand new persona; nobody could hurt her She is gonna be cool pixy girl next door Gretel Pretending is harmless fun She feels like she’s wearing bulletproof steel vest Nobody can break her heart again And her plan works she starts dating Joshua Her five date curse is already broken But what if she doesn’t need to pretend from the beginning and Joshua is the one she can honestly trust and fall for Well as I mentioned before I resonated wholeheartedly with April and her back story hurt my heart but pretending idea to find her true love seemed like wrong move for me from the beginning but I understand the character’s insecurities inner fight with her heart wrenching extremely traumatic experience and fears to trust someone I didn’t approve her choice to act like somebody else but I understand her choice Overall even there are so many similarities with the author’s previous works I loved the thought provoking emotional meaningful approach of the author And I truly connected with her heroine So I’m cutting some points and I’m still rounding up 35 stars to 4 poignant promising stars because I still liked what I read and it touched my heart and soul at the same time Special thanks to NetGalley and HARLEUIN Mira for sharing this digital copy of incredible book with me in exchange my honest opinions

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PretendingProblemsThe problem is Gretel isn't real And April is now claiming to be herAs soon as April starts 'being' Gretel dating becomes much fun especially once she reels in the unsuspecting JoshuaFinally April is the one in control but can she control her own feelings And as she and Joshua grow closer how long will she be able to keep pretendi Trigger Warnings for Rape and Sexual Assault4 StarsBefore I even start this review I just want to say that if you are considering reading this book I strongly strongly suggest you are in the right frame of mind When I say that it's simply because this book is a tough read it deals with very emotional and heavy topics and it's referred to throughout the book Holly Bourne is an author who writes about trauma and Assault in her books and as I have never ever experienced anything like this I feel like it is done with care and also hope This is just my opinion but it doesn't shy away from things and makes you feel every single emotion that the characters mainly April goes through So that is my warning before reading thisPretending is not going to be for everyone lets start with that and at times I felt very very frustrated by April as a character HOWEVER as much as she annoyed me I completely understand why she does the things she did The basis of the book is that April doesn't doesn't trust men and they all treat her the same pretty badly She is sick and tired of having to go through all of these emotions and decides she wants to become someone else who isn't at all like April and in comes Gretel From there she then goes on a few dates with someone called Joshua and the story progresses I personally find some of what April went through super relatable You think you find that one person who the sun just shines out of I hope this makes sense where your whole world revolves around them when in reality you might not be that serious for them or they're not at the same level or having to have the discussion of Sooooo what are we then and in this well for me anyway it leaves you feeling super vulnerable like you're offering your heart on a plate to this person and they have the power to just crush it It would appear that April went through this many many times and sometimes when she opened up about her past trauma they would be so un supportive and just wouldn't understand itWhat I found super hard was how hard April was on herself it was as though her own thoughts were poisoning her and her self worth was so so low but when she talked to her friend she'd be offering so much love and support and I think people tend to do this so often So hard on yourself but then so kind to others who may go through something similar Now what I want to point out is in my opinion anyway there was uite a lot of all men are trash but please please PLEASE take this with a pinch of salt because these are Aprils thoughts and feelings and you have to really really understand her character to see why she feels like this She is a victim of sexual assault and with that comes a LOT of different emotions from her Something that I found to be absolutely wonderfully told was the boxing sessions and the support system In particular there's one chapter where there is so much love and so much support it had me weeping and I had actual goosebumps at the thought of people having to go through these things it was so hard to read but it was a beautiful moment with the final resultOnto a lighter and happier note I really really like Joshua I just found him to be so sweet and genuine you could see how excited he was to try and do things and taking the relationship to different steps I found him to be super mature and sometimes in books we can see some forms of toxic masculinity but Joshua was always open and honest with AprilGretel and told her if things bothered him he could easily apologise and wasn't selfishWhy isn't this a 5 star read then you may ask Honestly this is a very high 4 stars but there are two things that I just felt to be a bit off firstly there was a comment about Asexuals and I don't know if it's me who has miss read this but I wasn't sure if it really sit well with me The other part is how it ended It seemed to end off of the paper and I was just like wait what I think if we'd of had the chance to see how the conversation went Like this isn't a small book a few extra pages would of helped me place the situation I can't really explain without saying how the book actually ended so I'll just leave it at thatOverall a very solid book I think I'm pretty much just going to continue to buy anything Holly Bourne releases all of her books are always impactful and really really put you through all of the emotions A very thought provoking book with some truly powerful moments —A mini reviewI genuinely want to write a full and thorough review for this because it took me in such a whirlwind of emotions Holly Bourne just knows how to write these types of books Very very hard hitting and so emotional Very very good

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Download Ebook ☆ Pretending è Ó Alternate cover edition of ASIN B07NDJF69WHY BE YOURSELF WHEN YOU CAN BE PERFECT'Perceptive Hilarious Reassuring Brilliant' Laura Jane WilliamsThe highly anticipated new novel from Holly Bourne bestselling author of HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOWHe said he was looking for a 'partner in crime' which everyone knows T real'April is kind pretty and relatively normal yet she can't seem to get past date five Every time she thinks she's found someone to trust they reveal themselves to be awful leaving her heartbroken And angryIf only April could be like GretelGretel is exactly what men want she's a Regular Everyday Manic Pixie Dream Girl Next Door With No Granted this book undeniably has very strong similarities to another book by the author The Places I've Cried in Public which I also wholeheartedly adored but the way Holly Bourne writes women that have been through a lot yet are extremely resilient gets me every time