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Pregnesia doc ã Paperback read Ë carla cassidy Ì Pregnant Alone And running for her lifeFormer navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions But when a striking and very pregnant woman turned up in a car he was repossessing suddenly he was in over his head Shaken and bruised she couldn't remembAs in over his head Shaken and bruised she couldn't remember what had happened to her or why she was terrified of going to the police Lucas made it clear he could be trusted and vowed to protect her until she was sa I don't even know how to rate this book because it was so bananas crazy The title is the best thing ever but Lucas was so punchable with his daddy drama and pity party If a man came to me while I was literally in the middle of birthing a child and started talking about his emotional baggage I would have punched him into the sun

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Fe Hours turned to days as they searched for clues to her hidden past Then a family came to claim her and a happy ending seemed imminent But had he just delivered his Jane Doe to safetyor into the hands of a killer? I first heard about this book from this review at Smart Bitches Trashy Books fabulous site It's not the sort of book I would have chosen on my own but the review was hilarious the book was on sale for 99 cents and I wanted a uick mindless readAnd wow This reminded me of the reasons that I tend not to read contemporary romances and also prefer something longer than the monthly series romances That's not to say it was all bad it was certainly as amusing in places as the review promised but even the parts that were decent smacked heavily of not for me At least Lucas wasn't annoyingly alpha male but I didn't really feel the chemistry I always have these problems with books where there's a short acuaintance involvedSo meh but I passed a couple of entertaining hours with it

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PregnesiaPregnant Alone And running for her lifeFormer navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions But when a striking and very pregnant woman turned up in a car he was repossessing suddenly he w Like a number of other reviewers I arrived at ‘Pregnesia’ after reading a really fantastic review and a whole heap of comments on SBTB’s site and I wanted to experience the book for myself However I’m also here because I am trying to teach myself a better tolerance of some fictional tropes and amnesia is a really good example of something I came to hate and now I must challenge that hatred and emerge a better reader or somethingOnce upon a time I thought fictional amnesia was one of the best things out there I loved all the emotional drama around whether the hero or heroine was now a better person after being so horrible in the past or whether the love between two characters would be lost forever along with the loss of memory I loved the danger around whatever secret was locked away in memory I even loved when I was really young the crazy kid’s stuff where the character’s memory would return after a second blow to the head But then for some reason I actually read something about how amnesia doesn’t work the way it does in fiction and it was as big a betrayal as some other fictional betrayals which I won’t state here but I’m sure would resonate with the majority of people who were told something when they were about eight that they would have preferred not to know I adopted a sweepingly dismissive attitude toward amnesia stories Such clichés I thought that amnesia should always be realistic otherwise it would be impossible for me to suspend my disbelief I thought if I couldn’t suspend my disbelief about amnesia I’d be incapable of enjoying an amnesia story I’ve now revised that opinion I now believe that fictional amnesia is still around not because authors are ignorant of what it really is or authors are in a conspiracy to make readers believe amnesia lies I now think it’s around because it’s super fun and the only thing that makes it not super fun is when it is either not consistent with the logic of the author’s fictional setting or when the reader just finds it tiresome either because the author hasn’t engaged or the reader hasn’t ‘Jane Doe’ in ‘Pregnesia’ has incurred amnesia from emotional trauma plus a blow to the head She’s run away from something and ended up in the back seat of the car Lucas is repossessing Jane is eight months pregnant and very pretty so Lucas takes her home and gets his nurse sister to look her over and look after her The next day he takes her clothes shopping and saves her from a kidnapping attempt by some guys in a white van Jane is clearly in danger and Lucas will stop at nothing to protect herLocked away in ‘Jane’s’ head is her true identity the mystery of whether her pregnancy represents an existing relationship that will prevent her from forming one with Lucas and the mystery of who is menacing her and why Such classics They made me happyWhile I’ll suspend disbelief for amnesia the pregnancy aspect is difficult Fundamentally I’m expecting romance characters to have this big build up to doing sex and then doing sex and then being emotionally devastated in the aftermath of the sex done I can