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Jughead Vol 3 mobi ´ 142 pages à naturaltreatment é Amazing Kindle, Jughead Vol 3 by Ryan North This is the best favorite book format Paperback and others 142 pages and has a text language like English isbn 9781682559567 And has a text language like English isbn 9781682559567 I was worried that this would end up being a 'Ryan North' book than a 'Jughead' book I love Ryan North but he has his sensibilities and they don't always align with the characters he's writing But I needn't have worried yes the book has the footnotes that North always includes but his story about Jughead perfectly captures the Archie vibe The crew go from video games to slave labor to a viral laughingstock and it's all Jughead's fault North nails all of the characters although Betty comes off a bit too Lisa Simpson and the situation is perfectly absurd in multiple ways Veronica's hunk budget is a running gag that pays off multiple times The only real fault I found was with the art it's a bit too anime for my tastes the characters are all recognizable but their faces are very simply renderedThe second half features a Mark Waid story which is silly as well Jughead Sabrina Josie and the Pussycats Magical Musical Mayhem but veers off into some weird places including an Undead with Archie homage for a couple pages that didn't uite work while telling a pretty cliched story The art for this story worked better for me thoughThere's also an issue of the Josie and the Pussycats which was better than I expected even with a number of Frozen and Golden Compass jokesAll told it's an enjoyable collection with a lot of laughs in it

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Est favorite book format Paperback and others 142 pages After this volume I can see why Jughead is currently on hiatus; it's become directionless which is a shame I get that the point of the classic Archie comics is to be timeless and never changing but the New Riverdale stuff doesn't have to fall into that trap which is what I feel this volume doesThe first three issues are by Ryan North and have Jughead causing problems after losing a bet to Reggie and inadvertently posting a video online while the second two issues by Ian Flynn and Mark Waid have Sabrina cast a spell on the women of Riverdale so that they all love Jughead who wants nothing to do with them They're silly little stories with the Ryan North one having an underlying moral to it but it doesn't feel anything but safe Compare this to the main Archie series and you can see that Jughead's solo series isn't filling a void; it's just stories for the sake of stories which I don't think is a good reason to publish a bookThe artwork's awesome though; Derek Charm's art is the perfect blend of classic and modern Archie and I hope to see him pop up on another Archie book at some point soonFor now though I'm happy to see Jughead shelved for a while until Archie Comics and work out something relevant to do with him

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Jughead Vol 3Amazing Kindle Jughead Vol 3 by Ryan North This is the b Jughead Volume 3 collects Jughead #12 16Jughead Jones is by far my favorite character and I fell victim to a sale at the Archie website yet again so I snagged this oneThere are two stories spread across five issues in this one The first one written by Ryan North is a hilarious tale of Reggie beating Jughead at something resembling Mario Kart and being king for a month The second by Mark Waid something something Sabrina the Teenage Witch something something Josie and the Pussycats Can you tell I was underwhelmed by the second taleAnyway Derek Charm draws the shit out of this I love his depiction of the Archie characters even though it's a departure from the classic Archie style I'd like to see him get his hands on Plastic Man or the Marvel Family His style is cartoony and expressiveAs I said before Ryan North's Jughead tale is hilarious complete with the funniest footnotes this side of Terry Pratchett I'm not going to get into the Mark Waid story than I already did I didn't find it particularly funny and the whole thing felt forced which is a shame because I love both Sabrina and Josie and the PussycatsBased on the Derek Charm art throughout and the Ryan North story I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 cheeseburgers