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Diana: Portrait of a Princess Read & Download Ð 104 Õ Diana From her first exposure to the world as the fiancee of the future King of England to her death as perhaps the most revered figure of the century she captured the imagination and the love of literally hundreds of millions of people And from her first portrait of Lady DianAnthropist as ambassador as fashion muse But than a simple collection of images Diana Portrait of a Princess is a personal and deeply felt memoir with behind the scenes insight into the moods and complex personality of Diana This narrative a collaborative effort with royal writer Judy Wade incorporates detailed impressions and experiences gathered in photographing the Princess Featuring than 500 pictures three uarters of them never before seen and including dozens of revealing anecdotes Diana Portrait of a Princess is all exuisite tribute to a woman who carried the hearts of the world in the palm of her ha. This book gives a concise history of Diana from the time she started dating Prince Charles to her funeral as seen through the eyes of one of the photographers who followed herEspecially interesting to look back and compare her public persona to that of her daughter in law Kate Lots of nice pictures

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Incher amassed an enormous archive of than 30000 striking images of DianaShe captured on film Diana's transformation from a shy awkward teenager to an elegant and sophisticated woman Diana Portrait of a Princess collects in one spectacular volume for the first time ever the best of these extraordinary photographs Here are some of the most famous images of Diana ever publishedand here also are hundreds of never before seen candids outtakes and portraits the definitive photographic document of Diana's life as fiance wife and then ex wife of the Prince of Wales; as mother to princes William and Harry; as phil. It was interesting to hear from the only female photographer for the royal family and the trips they went on I thought it was interesting that Diana went to visit the harem at the Shehu’s palace and only women could go in so all the male photographers were irritated that they couldn’t get any pictures And it was cool that Diana and her were allowed to go to events that normal women couldn’t like the camel races in Riyadh And they got to go to King Fahd’s palace and attend the pre dinner reception but they couldn’t eat dinner with the men I did think the beginning was a little too much about her because most of the pictures in the preface were her and not Diana and the title of the book is about Diana but I understand it was her story and it was an introduction to who she was The pictures were really tiny though and hard to make out It was sad that there was such a demand for the intrusive and candid shots taken by the paparazzi and their pursuit of Diana was so bad in the last year that Jayne wanted to uit It was sweet that Diana used to gossip and giggle with her about the guys they worked with and that men were mesmerized and Jayne’s male colleagues called her Blue Eyes A reason that I don’t like the press is because of how they view things like they have a right to know everything The first time she saw Diana she was waiting to take pictures at a hotel as the royal family arrived and someone told her that was Prince Charles’s new girlfriend and she couldn’t believe Diana could be a candidate for the prince She said she had boyish hair a plump face almost bare of makeup and her clothes were “far from stylish” She wore a dark green coat over a “fussy” pink dress and ballet flats “Charlie’s Darlings” were all worldly blondes and Diana seemed too demure and dowdy to catch his eye It was nice to hear that Prince Charles liked her in the beginning when at their first official outing he proudly told the press “You won’t believe what’s coming next” and Diana stepped out of the car in a low cut dress I was surprised when she said many people connected to the royal family doubted they’d work out because of the 12 year age difference and because Diana was a young 19 yo and he was a mature 32 yo She said she was keen on “shopping and bopping to pop music” and “nothing weighty than a charge account at Harrods ever seemed to have crossed her mind” How judgmental and so wrong Leave it to the press to misconstrue someone’s entire being because they think they know everything based off what they capture in their stupid pictures The world apparently only wanted to see what they had in common that her family had served Charles’s for centuries and she lived next door to one of the ueen’s homes People thought her bad home life made her resilient enough to handle being a “naïve nobody”—don’t hold back there Finch—to a gorgeous royal bride I hadn’t heard before that people told her she’d be lonely no privacy and have other problems with life at court but she insisted it’s what she wantedAnd on the day of the wedding Charles woke up early to the sounds of people singing outside Buckingham Palace He was uoted saying “It really was remarkable” and “I found myself standing in the window with tears pouring down my face” Jayne said they appeared head over heels in love even tho critics said he never loved her At the altar Charles told her she looked wonderful and she replied “Wonderful for you” which I hadn’t heard before And I didn’t know that they both made mistakes during the ceremony Diana messed up his name Andrew laughed and said “She’s married my father” And Jayne said Charles sounded stingy when he said he would share all of her worldly goods instead of his own He flew the ueen’s plane to the yacht on their honeymoon It was so sweet that all of the 50 cameramen pitched in to buy her a bouuet of flowers It was so cool that there was a gun salute at Hyde Park for the birth of William the new heir And it was nice to hear that at least in the beginning the ueen sympathized a little with Diana telling her family that she wasn’t like the rest of them and wasn’t born into their way of life She asked Fleet Street editors to give Diana some privacy and got her help with psychiatrists Their trip to New Zealand had a couple cool pictures Jayne said they rubbed noses in the traditional Maori greeting and traveled in a war canoe So many warriors got into the canoe that it almost sank And when a Maori chief charged at them with a spear in a traditional challenge to strangers Diana backed away at first and said “Goodness I thought he was going to stab me” and then started laughing I thought it was heartless that she said Harry’s birth secured the line of succession to the throne because “Diana had presented her husband with both an heir and a spare” I know that’s how they do it up there but she didn’t have to use that terminology And it was sad that William got a gold framed announcement on a stand befitting the arrival of a future king and Harry only got a wood framed announcement posted on the gate I felt bad for Diana who was insecure and depressed who wanted a serious image for herself She regretted the bitter self deprecating comments she made She’d told one 16 yo boy who was worried about passing his exams that she’d never earned a single pass and “Brain the size of a pea I’ve got” It was something she said to make him feel better and I’m the same way so I felt bad for her You put yourself down to make others feel better and then people take you at your word and treat you badly because of it The public thought she was dim witted and only cared about fashion The media wondered how she was going to be taken as anything other than an airhead and it made Diana have no self worth It was cute that Italian photographers called her “Bella Diana” It was interesting that it was a royal custom to leave kids barefoot until they learned to walk I liked the pictures of Diana and the German military men She went on a solo trip to Berlin at the Royal Hampshire Regiment’s base of which she’s the colonel in chief and there were pictures of a solider helping her into a tank and in one it looks like she’s making a face like she’s nervous and laughing or something Jayne said she had fun pretending to run down the photographers in her path Apparently she had her regiment and was upset when it disbanded later I’d already heard that Diana had danced with John Travolta in Washington but I didn’t know that Clint Eastwood was the next to cut in I was surprised that people in Japan watched their wedding than in Britain They gave her a 40000 silk kimono and it was too big so she could barely walk and made them laugh trying not to tripIn Saudi Arabia she was given freedoms denied to other women and allowed to go to King Fahd’s palace The Sultan of Oman gave her a ueen’s ransom in jewels and gave Charles an Aston Martin sports car It was a shame that they outraged locals when they kissed each other after a polo match And it was banned from TV so it wouldn’t upset Arabs I hate their trip ended in that mistakeIn April 1987 she wore a uniform outfit to meet the soldiers and she disliked that what she wore got attention than what she didIt was really neat that Charles and Diana were surprised at the relaxed mood of the Spanish king and ueen who let them ride in his minivan rather than royal limousines and the students at a university threw down their cloaks for her to walk onAnd Jayne said for a few years in the 80s Charles took every opportunity to show the world that he loved her He’d kiss her when she presented him with his polo trophy and when they’d be parted for a short while It’s sad that when Jayne asked her what she’d like to do if she wasn’t the Princess of Wales she said she’d like to be a marriage counselor because she’s a good listener and thought she could help people with their problemsI thought the picture of Diana sitting on the ground in the Salisbury Plains in 88 wearing an army green outfit and holding headphones was a good picture She looked pretty and it was cool because she visited the practice maneuvers of the Royal Hampshire RegimentIt’s cute that for the photo shoot for Charles’s 40th birthday Jayne brought a bag of tricks one of which was an arrow that looked like it went through the head of the wearer and Charles put it on and pranced around behind her to make the boys laugh while she took pictures of them and Diana It’s sad that Diana asked her if she’d like to stay for lunch with the family and she politely declined saying Diana got so little time to be with them and she didn’t want to intrude She said little did she know Diana was desperate for company her own ageIt was cute the picture of William and Harry going down the line shaking people’s hands and Harry’s eyes were down like he was shy It was cute that Jayne said he shyly met well wishers and that after she heard Charles whisper “That was very well done Harry”It’s so cool that on their Eastern tour their Chinese hosts allowed Diana to paint in the eye of a dragon for good luck The daughters of Gurkha tribesmen put colorful garlands around her neck The normally reserved Chinese people were clapping and cheering for her Their name for her meant Diana royal concubine which was pretty crazy Jayne shared much insight into the lives of the royal couple and the schedules they have to keep They visited Nigeria for 5 days and realized why it was called White Man’s Grave because they stood in 110 degree heat and had to get anti typhoid and yellow fever shots and watch a 2000 horse parade A cloud of dust was stirred up and they were thirsty and tiredDiana asked Jayne to get a portrait of them so they could give the pictures as gifts to foreign dignitaries It’s so nice that “in a manner unprecedented in the royal family” Diana liked to touch people Unlike the ueen her sister and daughter Diana hardly ever wore gloves and preferred to shake people’s hands touching both children and old peopleIt’s so cool that Diana’s great grandma was American and that’s maybe why Diana liked the US Her dad was so patriotic that he forbade his children to marry Europeans although his daughter went to Britain and married an aristocrat Their marriage ended and she went back to the US and her dad forgave her It’s cool that Diana had family ties in America It’s crazy that in Japan Charles and Diana were downgraded to second rank royals and kings ueens and other heads of state got the front row seats Diana had 71st place among the 2500 guests but the way they all tried to get a glimpse of her showed that she was their fav Diana had previously been stopped by British police for speeding and a Japanese worker at the Honda factory made a joke about the Grand Prix racer to her “They’d never catch you on the motorway in that ma’am” which was funny She smiled and said “I’ll tell the jokes thank you” And I wish she would’ve joked back to him because that was a good one A few days later though she saw him again and he was wearing a tweed cap She joked and asked him if it was for a bet and he said “I’ll tell the jokes thank you ma’am” which I guess got her back Andrew Morton’s book was published in June 1992 and it revealed the truth of their marriage Their separation was announced in Dec 92 but it wasn’t until almost 4 years that they divorced It’s sad that the high price of finally getting the freedom she wanted from her unhappy marriage made her regret ending the marriage It’s sad that she would have wanted to remain married to him but because of the book it ended And in Nov 1995 she did an interview hinting that Charles shouldn’t be king and made the famous comment that there were 3 of them in the marriage Critics claimed that she had damaged her children by attacking the Prince and Diana said the interview was a mistake which was also sad After escaping the House of Windsor life was even restricting She didn’t have the title of Her Royal Highness and what went along with it and she couldn’t leave the country without royal permission Charles didn’t pay the bills and I didn’t care for the way Jayne said “her husband no longer paid the bills for her high maintenance lifestyle” She talked of the relationship with Hasnat Khan in 95 “Her devotion to him taught her at least to understand Prince Charles’s passion for Camilla Parker Bowles From then on she was or less reconciled with her ex husband The lingering affection they had always shared despite their battles returned to bring peace at least after the stormy years” I wish we could have heard it in Diana’s own words that she understood the affair Charles had with Camilla because I don’t want to take someone else’s word for it At least she was uoted in saying her life with her new love and landmine charity work was “pure bliss” The back and forth and skipping around in time was hard to keep up with It would have been nice if the author had gone in the order that the pictures were taken One page she’s mentioning Diana’s life cruelly ending then said it was pure bliss and then the next she’s going back to 1991 It doesn’t even make sense I flipped the page expecting pictures from the funeral The book was in no order bouncing around all over the place so it was impossible to compile a profile of her life and figure out when the events happened in relation to each otherIt was sweet that in March 1991 Charles had canceled a skiing trip because he thought it would be inappropriate during the Gulf War and he asked what his wife was doing instead They told him she was taking William on his first trip to Wales and he went with them Jayne said Diana was whispering instructions to William urging him to shake hands with as many people as possible And he blushed when young girls screamed his name He was 8 She said Diana was constantly explaining that William was camera shy and doesn’t like his picture taken She asked Diana how she got him to behave so well in public and Diana said she gives him special coaching before each event and she promises him a treat if he’s a good boy It’s a shame that her trip to Pakistan caused such a bad reaction because she offended her hosts when she wore a knee length skirt It goes to show the problems they encountered traveling to different countries It was nice though that they hailed her as a great role model because she only had 2 kids and the population of Pakistan was rising so much and the minister of Population and Welfare told her he believed mothers would follow her example and she blushed It was nice to see Diana’s favorite picture It was one Jayne had taken of her opening her arms wide to hug the boys on the yacht Britannia She asked Jayne for a copy to hang in her dressing room at Kensington Palace Diana went to Mother Teresa’s Hospice for the Sick and Dying in India and went around to all 50 patients who were close to death the ones called the Untouchables and shook their hands and let them touch her The nuns sang songs that were hauntingly beautiful and Diana had tears in her eyes along with all the press And the hardened people from Fleet Street gave the sisters all their money so they could do their work In Nov 92 everyone was wondering if Diana had directly helped or done an interview for Andrew Morton’s book Only a few people knew and Jayne was one of them Diana had asked her to take pictures for a book she agreed to pose for but she didn’t know what would be in the book The pictures weren’t used though and she thought Diana must have thought twice about using them because it would show her involvement Jayne never told anyone about the photo session because she didn’t think it was her place and that was nice of her It’s so sad that in August 1997 William called Diana to talk about his fear of a photo session with 50 photographers that his dad had called for at Balmoral Castle and it was one of their last conversations It gave me chills the black page that said August 31 1997 and the picture of the flag flying at half mast in September There was one page with a bunch of tiny pictures like a roll of film taken so close together that the poses were hardly different of the funeral procession and they were so small I couldn’t really appreciate them It was so cute the little picture of some men giving Diana flowers She was standing higher up at some building and a guy boosting him up on his shoulders so another could guy could stand on him and present Diana with a bouuet It’s cool that it was a British custom to present royal ladies with flowers when they arrive at an official function Diana would receive so many that she would usually send them to hospitals so patients could enjoy them and also gave her staff some She would regularly tell her chauffeur that she’s kept him out late so take them home to his wife with her apologies which was sweet

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Diana Portrait of a PrincessDiana From her first exposure to the world as the fiancee of the future King of England to her death as perhaps the most revered figure of the century she captured the imagination and the love of literally hundreds of millions of people And from her first portrait of Lady Diana Spencer in 1980 to her last shoot months before Diana's tragic death and finally to Diana's funeral Jayne Fincher the only female royal photographer working with the explicit approval and full cooperation of Buckingham Palace was there Granted unprecedented access to the Princess of Wales and the extended royal family for 18 years F. This is an exuisite book about Lady Diana Spencer who was oft called the most photographed woman in the worldJayne Fincher actually seems to care about Diana and knew her something I think that is lacking in most books that were written hastily in the wake of Diana's untimely death She even dedicates the book to the memory of Diana something I think is important most of the so called tribute books were written by either publications that used to benefit from the paparazzi's stalking of the princess or by people who didn't know her personally at all I was 14 when Diana died and was devastated by it she was a personal hero and I grew up fascinated by her life her emotions that always seemed so close to the surface and her troubled relationships be it with her family or her ex husband I adored how much she adored her children how she protected them and raised them to be the men they now are I often think how proud she would be of William and HarryFincher's book is than just a collection of gorgeous photographs and they are gorgeous Diana certainly was it's also a loving remembrance of a woman a mother and a philanthropist I think it's a tribute Diana would have appreciated given it was written with grace gentleness and above all compassion