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Devil Takes a BrideA dangerously handsome man whose wicked reputation hides a tortured soulDevlin Kimball Lord Strath has spent years adventuring on the high seas struggling to make his peace with the tragedy that claimed the lives of his family But now he has uncovered the dark truth behind the so called accident and swears retribution I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 23 Tropes Opposites Attract WallflowerSpinster Enemies to Lovers This is how my 22nd re read held up DNFWhoa I did not expect this to happen but I gave up on this book I reached a scene I just couldn’t move past and it soured a seemingly enjoyable book It’s too bad because I really love Gaelen Foley’s style of writing Downgraded to 15 starsEven Jackman is upset The goodThe writing – it was a pleasure to read descriptive scenes like this Candlelight danced over sparkling silver and fine china plates on a field of snowy white damask; it glittered in golden spangles over crystal wine goblets and was cast back by large gilt framed mirrors hung from plum colored walls The hearth fire crackled cozily beneath a white marble chimney piece and liveried footmen manned their posts by the wall ever ready to serve The table was richly laid the dining room a setting of luxurious elegance for the unspoken interplay between the two of themLady Strath sat at the head of the table unwittingly giving Devlin and Lizzie an unfettered view of each other through the intimate glow of the candelabra Though they had based their truce on an agreement that what mattered most was the viscountess Lizzie feared his aunt would soon notice they were entirely engrossed in each otherThe badThe plot it was a pain to read descriptive scenes and dialogues like this She tried to jerk away but he pressed gently on her belly and her thigh stilling her his hands resting with casual dominance atop the thin white muslin of her night rail “Shh There’s no use fighting me You know it’s meant to be” Her heart hammered with mingled fear and thrill her eyes adjusting gradually to the deeper darkness inside the coach The warmth of his breath tickled her earlobe “Yes that’s better You listen well my lady” he ordered in a whisper as his hand stroked her thigh up and down slowly “There’s not going to be any bookshop in Russell Suare You’re going to marry me and be a proper viscountess whether you like it or not and if your precious Knight brothers want my blood let them try me By then you’ll already be mine” His sly touch glided up between her legs He cupped his hand possessively over her mound “After all—” His hand traveled higher claiming every inch of her for his own until it came to rest firmly on her stomach “You won’t think of trying to back out of it when I’ve planted my babe in your belly” She shuddered with desire but shook her head stubbornly refusing him with all her strengthHe kidnaps her to get her to marry him and while she fights him in the carriage his seductive touch and kisses weakens her and she is overcome by desire?

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In the uiet English countryside far from the intrigues of London Lizzie Carlisle slowly mends her broken heart devoting herself to her new position as lady’s companion to the Dowager Viscountess Strath until her peaceful life is turned upside down by a visit from “Devil” Strath the old woman’s untamed nephew The story follows Lizzie and Devlin as they go through many ridiculous trials to finally be together They meet when Lizzie writes a letter to Devlin telling him hat his aunt's health is failing he shows up to find that she is lying to him They have a uick connection early in the story but he returns to London on his uest of revenge leaving Lizzie behind They meet again when his aunt dies but he expresses no desire to forge a relationship with her until circumstances force his hand When the story began I really enjoyed it and I really loved Lizzie but as the story progressed she became a vapid giggling girl Whenever there was a scene with Lizzie and her friend Jacinda the girl was a complete moron Jacinda barely suppressed a girlish sueal of excitement Do you love him?A little I think She giggled her eyes sparkling cheeks aglowOh Lizzie he really is perfect for you He's just dev ineLizzie elbowed her fighting laughter Dev astatingI'll bet you can hardly wait to dev our him pg 221 223Reading this scene was excruciatingI also felt that the two different story lines The love story and the revenge story were not melded together well The book would focus on one aspect for so long that I would forget about the other part Also when referring to Lizzie Devlin would sometimes say Clever girl I read it than once and It is impossible to read that line and not think of Jurassic Park After the characters finally decide to get togetherI am not calling that a spoiler because honestly if you didn't know that was going to happen You fail there is the constant I love yous it is incessant and annoying It's like being in high school and having to sit behind the couple who have been together for two weeks and constantly hold each others hand and giggle I counted 5 times within the span of three pages pg294 297 I suppose that doesn't sound like a lot but it felt like too much to me view spoiler I think that the largest problem for me was the over usage of plot devices and common romance tropes One or two of these is acceptable but the amount that I found in this story borders on ridiculous Hero's family murdered Hero refuses to love Total manwhore pairing of the rake and innocent pairing of the noble and middle class HeroHeroine have to marry to claim inheritance but later comes love Orphaned Heroine Sister comes back from the dead Figuratively Definitely not a pararomance Revenge Ruses 3 Kidnappings Not even a joke Lizzie gets kidnapped twice once by Devlin and once by the Horse and Chariot club and the club also kidnaps a little girl from a village 2 brawls in 2 different inns secrets and lies murder child molestation Heroine has 2 men fighting for her attention Constant miscommunications Runaway coaches Coach chase And of course none of these tropes would be complete without the token black best friendfreed slave yep It has everything These plot devices are used constantly in romances and stories But the amount of stuff that goes on in this story is just ridiculous hide spoiler

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Devil Takes a Bride Book ¿ 469 pages î Naturaltreatment ½ In the uiet English countryside far from the intrigues of London Lizzie Carlisle slowly mends her broken heart devoting herself to her new position as lady’s companion to the Dowager Viscountess Strath— until her peaceful life is turned upside down by aHe has no intention of taking a bride until his eccentric aunt’s will forces he and Lizzie together and Devlin finds his path to vengeance blocked by the stubborn but oh so tempting Miss Carlisle Her passionate nature rivals his own But disillusioned once by love Lizzie will accept nothing less than his true devoti 4 ALMOST 5 STARSEDIT 9 22 18 UGH I LOVE THIS BOOKLMAO SOOO I STARTED THIS LAST NIGHT AND THEN I STAYED UP TILL 2 AM FINISHING IT AND DIDN'T BOTHER TO MAKE UPDATES SINCE I WAS SO IMMERSED IN ITFirst in my opinion the plot and romance in this were not as nuanced as it was in the first book which is the only other one in the series I have read so far It was however very sweet and a good exciting book that I couldn't put down albeit flawed Here's a lil plot recapSo Elizabeth is the governess of an 80 year old dragon lady She is super sweet and adorably with big grey eyes and brown hair and I imagined her as a young Felicity Jones from Northanger Abbey Elizabeth Carlisle had the flawless complexion of a woman whose daily habits were beyond reproach Only plenty of sleep wholesome food fresh country air and a stainless conscience could have produced such creamy perfection naught but a tinge of roses in her cheeks She had a high forehead a prominent nose that thrust forth at a decisive angle straight and true and finely shaped eyebrows of walnut brown The left curved slightly higher than the right giving her a uizzical expression as though she were perpetually mulling over some intriguing notion But her mouth was soft and sensitive her lips plump silky pink and Dev had to jerk himself roughly out of her spellsWOOoonnN THE WAY HE DESCRIBES HER YOU JUST KNOW HE IS SMITTENAnd Devlin aka Devil because he's a moral less scoundrel or so he makes himself out to be obviously he's got depth and is secretly a brooding sad little broken boy in need of fixing That's not a spoiler lol it's obvious So Devlin is the dragon lady's only living relation he is her nephew and they have a connection made from being each others' only family after Dev's was tragically killed in a fire After being a virtual pirate oversees for 10 years he comes back hell bent on avenging his family Now ima GO FOR A TANGENT for a few seconds k?Devlin to me was Bucky Barnes aka the winter soldier aka sebastian stan aka beautiful broken white boy in need of fixing because he's so sad and regrets so much in his life and blames himself over everything I LOVE BUCKY I ACTUALLY NEED TO MARRY HIM I LOVE BROKEN MEN WHO ARE JUST IN NEED OF LOVE AND THAT WAS DEVLINAlas Devlin LOOK AT THIS HULKING BEAUTIFUL SPECIMEN HE IS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL I ACTUALLY CRY EVERY TIMEOK BACK TO MY REVIEWSo Devlin comes to his aunt's house in the midst of his undercover mission to get closer to his enemy so he can find out who killed his family because our Lizzie sends him a misleading letter I loved that Lizzie was so ballsy She was such a sweet girl but had ovaries of steel The first time they meet each other they hate one another because she thinks he is just a rake bent on continuously piling gambling debts that his aunt's money will pay off And he is upset that she a governess felt the need to insert herself in his business But they uickly get over their dislike and that's because they are so attracted to each other When they start having conversations I just was rooting so hard for them because their personalities complimented each other so well They are both with mild temperaments calm and beneath their facades just nice people and I just shipped them so hard Devlin's layers were slowly peeled back as were hers and they just brought out the best in each other I was so excited every time they were together because while he was a nice guy he was still a scoundrel And I fucking love scoundrels Lizzie was just so so sweet and patient and understanding I feel like she opened her heart even when no man deserved the chances she gave But they were just beautiful So their romance slowly grows and I won't say any to spoil it but I will say it was a very beautiful satisfying romanceHOWEVER THERE WAS ONE PROBLEMATIC PROBLEM AND THAT PROBLEM WAS CALLEDLOVE TRIANGLEEWWWW I AM ACTUALLY ALLERGIC TO LOVE TRIANGLES NO JOKE I HATE THEM SO MUCH USUALLY I PUT BOOKS DOWN RIGHT AWAY WHEN I REALIZE THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE IN IT HOWEVER THIS WAS THE TYPE WERE THE HEROINE WAS REALLY SMART AND NO ONE DID ANYTHING STUPID SO IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND HATE LOVE TRIANGLES NEVER FEAR IT WASN'T INTOLERABLELizzie has been burnt badly a few months before this book because she has always been infatuated with Alec Knight whom we have met in previous novels Alex was a grade A piece of shit who i actually wanted to feed to the dogsBehold AlecSo basically Alec comes in right? And he has the FUCKING AUDACITY TO SAY HE LOVES LIZZIE?? wtf????I WAS LIKEHE JUST COMES IN AND ACTS LIKE HE'S GOD'S GIFT TO EARTH I SWEAR THERE WAS A POINT WHERE HE ACTUALLY WAS ARROGANT ENOUGH TO BE LIKE SHE LOVES ME BECAUSE IM AMAZING IM SUCH A GREAT CATCH OR SOME SHIT I ACTUALLY WANTED TO KILL HIM SEVERAL TIMES IN THE BOOKSO HE COMES IN AND ACTUALLY THINKS HE STANDS A CHANCE AFTER HURTING HER SO BAD WTF???? PIECE OF SHIT GO BACK TO THE TRASH WHERE YOU BELONG AND THEN HE TRIED TO MANIPULATE HER RELATIONSHIP WITH DEVLIN BY MAKING DEVLIN LOOK LIKE A PEDOPHILE AND HE DIDN'T EVEN FEEL BAD FUCKING FUCKERDefinitely won't be reading his selfish asshole's bookBut I loved that Lizzie was not indecisive at all She knew she wanted and was in true love with Devlin Alec was a thorn in the side of this book but Lizzie was very sweet tempered and didn't give him to tongue lashing he deserved instead she let him down gently when she honestly should have cut his balls out Now I will say some words about the subplot It was very good and complex I liked all the characters because it's really hard to tie so much together without getting messy and I thought Foley did a pretty good job I don't want to spoil much about it cause y'all should read the book without knowing too muchok now lastly I will say that the reason I'm not giving this book 5 stars is because the ending was so dragged out I ended up skimming because it kept going and going but it was unnecessary It didn't however take much away from the book except for being a little annoying and that is honestly the main reasonI was on the edge of my seat with this book for most of it I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I didOnce again I will do what I do with my favorite book couples and compare them with my favorite BBC serial of all time THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SCENE IN TV HISTORY I CRII LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS