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Blood to Blood Book ß 208 pages Download Õ Naturaltreatment ð SummaryEnter the world of Bostonian teen Angelika Brown budding singing sensation—and descendant of an immortal race of sun loving blood drinkers known as Shimshana the vampire prototype Angel defies her parents’ traditions of higher education bIn my ears as I in a daze took another step forward My fingers itched with the desire to pull through the gold tinged hair hanging less than an inch from my face His eyes narrowed and his head cocked to the side He was exposing his neckyes as if he was offering it to me I inhaled his scent again and my brain switched offLed by my watering mouth I closed the gap between us and placed my lips on his neck? I was offered this book to review as part of a blog tour and having not heard of it before was a little sceptical The blurb is also a little vague and I had no idea what I was about to pick up But I started it straight away and had it finished within a few days I really loved it It's the perfect mix of Twilight and The Immortal Rules and I completely devoured itIt was a little slow starting but you immediately get set on the plot line and once you get in to it it is clear that the book is going to be amazing It offers a great new look at the Vampire world which can be a little predictable after Twilight which worried me a little you never know what you are getting in to with Vampire books But this was completely different The main character Angel Brown is lovable and sweet if not a little blood thirsty I loved reading about her transformation from human to vampire and watching her struggle to come to terms with her evergrowing thirst for human blood And now I shall talk about Sawyer Creed Isn't that just an awesome name? I really loved him right from the start I was screaming at Angel to love him like I loved him What made this romance believable was that Angel didn't instantly like him she actually hated him even when she hadn't met him No insta love in this book I don't know a lot about the music industry but this gave a lovely insight in to the music world and I felt very comfortable reading about it I also really loved the idea of a 'blood bank' where the Vampires go to feed off humans It's not something that I've read about before and it was great to read about something new The settings were believable and enjoyable to read Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am hoping that there will be a second book for me to devour It was well written and had a story line that I lovedRATING 55

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SummaryEnter the world of Bostonian teen Angelika Brown budding singing sensation and descendant of an immortal race of sun loving blood drinkers known as Shimshana the vampire prototype Angel defies her parents’ traditions of higher education by dropping out of high school to be a pop star She has an amazing voice but she’s also maturing into a full grown Shimshana complete with fearsome power and in 35 starsI was offered an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and participation in the blog tourAngelika Brown is a budding singing sensation She wants to defy her parents wishes drop out of high school and pursue a life in the spotlight as a pop star Although her parents agree Angel is kept on a tight leash because not only is she pursuing uite a public life but she is a descendant of an immortal race of sun loving vampires otherwise known as Shimshana But maturing into a full grown Shimshana is not as easy as it seems Angel must learn to control her powers and the bloodlust before it destroys all she loves including her friends her career and her lifeIn my opinion most vampire stories are about the beings that only come out at night because the Sun is toxic to them So when I heard about Blood to Blood I was very curious as to what this book would offer that other vampire books don't have And I was pleasantly surprised I love the fact that the Shimshana are sun loving vamps I love that they can easily blend in with live among and act like humans I love that they're not the most amazingly gorgeous beings you've ever laid eyes on I'm a little sick of vampire books at the moment but I'm glad I gave this one a shot It's a very fresh story and is a very interesting take on vampiresI am definitely hoping for a seuel because there are a few things that I would like to see get developed further Firstly Angel's romance with Sawyer There wasn't much there She thought about him a lot and there were a few kisses and that's about it I didn't find out a lot about Sawyer in this book and I really wanted to I wanted the romance to be than it was so I could discover about him I can definitely understand why this didn't happen but I actually really wanted Angel to lose control in front of her friends I wanted her to attack Sawyer or Jules or LaLa God's honest truth I wanted this to happen because it would've added an edgy element to the story Without any slip ups it just felt blandAfter she first matured and received her abilities I wanted Angel to have less control on using them She very uickly picked up on what triggered them and how to effectively use them Her vocals in particular barely got a mention as an ability and I had no idea it even was one until Angel started to use it as one And the thing I disliked most about that is that she immediately knew how to use it which notes induced which emotion how to direct said note at a particular target etc It was just a little too fast and could've done with a little developmentI am hoping for a seuel so I can hopefully see some development of the few things listed above I would also like to see how Angel's connection with Justin affects her relationship with Sawyer And of course I want to learn about SawyerDespite the mediocre rating I really did enjoy this book and I definitely recommend it Although it felt uite slow at parts and there could have been development in certain areas I am hoping for a seuel

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Blood to BloodSatiable bloodlust What’s worse her soaring vocals are now capable of destroying everything and everyone within earshot including her girl group their mysterious producer and Angel's hunky new blood donor Will Angel uickly learn to control her new abilities or will her killer instincts bring her promising career and her life to an end?Excerpt“The sound of his heartbeat was the background music banging The book introduces you to its protagonist Angel a teenager with exceptional ancestors and a uite typical dream She has learned how to hide her family’s secret Her life gets complicated as she matures to be a real Shimshana She changes so do her best friends Falling in love and getting through her Mahá ritual at the same time gets her and her family in trouble I will not tell you about the story than shown in the Goodreads plot description This would spoil the fun of reading this book yourselfWith Blood to Blood Ifè Oshun has created a fantasy novel for young adults with romance and a certain thrill Blood to Blood is very entertaining and makes you want to read Thank you so much IfèThis is a book to read again I liked this book so much that I had to buy Ifè's short story Tentacles immediately 44 stars