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DOWNLOAD ✓ A Subtle Agency Omnibus » Three Thrilling Dark Fantasy Action Adventures A Subtle Agency A Traitor's War and The Dragon's Den in one volumeHunters and vampires are fighting a secret war for control of the fabric of reality Whoever acuires mastery of the reality shifting powers of the Metaframe will become the new gods of the univerWill everything he loves be swept aside as if it had never existed When mastery over your soul is at stake survival is the least of your problemsLike Underworld on speed it's got all the adrenaline and action packing shots of entertainment you could want wrapped up in a no nonsense narrative Adam Smith Cultured VulturesBe prepared to be blown away by a high octane dark fantasy action adventure thriller that would be at home in a summer movie blockbusterJoin the heroes of the Metaframe War buy A Subtle Agency Omnibus now. A Subtle Agency Omnibus is the collected first three books of Mr Rodaughan's series That series is ongoing and I understand it has five books presently and in the works That's good because it's really good stuff I'm just going to add this review onto the dogpile of awesomeness that other reviews have probably said very convincingly Part Vampire part Die hard part spy intrigue this hits almost all of the high points one could ask for If you've read even one prior review you know it has a lot of action It does It got to a point on a few occasions I was exhausted like I was the one clinging to the top of a trailer or fighting for my life with a sword First and foremost it's a good story It has some intrigue and mystery especially where you are trying to figure out who a spy is It has multiple factions and groups with their own values and agendas Even those within a group have sub agendas So lots there to make you think and that is never a bad thing It is imaginative and I really appreciate the world building woven in there The organizations have some depth and feel realistic such as in fighing to a point where I wondering if one of the organizations the one I think the reader is supposed to root for has so much politicking it is a miracle it gets anything done because they can't seem to get out of their own way But then the bullets start flying knives and swords clash and stuff's getting sorted out with fists and blood and anger The story is about primarily a young man who learns about these secret wars and the existence of vampires when his family is attacked He learns stuff that even he didn't even know about in his past He's reckless which creates great dramatic tension and some suspense There really wasn't anything I didn't like The chapters to me were a bit long and it could take a while to get through one The other thing I didn't personally always find useful is the specific identification of a type of machine gun or rocket launcher etc Me personally it didn't mean much to say Character A shot his type X submachine gun and Character B shot back with a type Y submachine gun But these are really just stylistic and by NO means detracted from anything


R of Thoth He soon discovers that vicious local gangsters determined Boston police detectives and relentless Shadowstone operatives pale into insignificance as he is drawn into the machinations of the enigmatic vampire general Chloe ArmitageThrust into a maelstrom of hidden conflicts the truth is hard to find and trust all but non existent Anton must master a legacy of extraordinary powers or be swept aside by those who seek to shape all of reality to their dark desires Will his new powers be enough to save the future Or. A Subtle Agency Omnibus by Graeme Rodaughan is a Goodreads pick for a buddy read It is certainly full of action I didn't know it was about vampires and powered up humans until I was trying to pick a book The cover made me think it was a political intrigue book It does have that too but with vampire politics It has three books so it's pretty long and I started to get bored in places so I had to take breaks For the most part it was interesting and enjoyable

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A Subtle Agency OmnibusThree Thrilling Dark Fantasy Action Adventures A Subtle Agency A Traitor's War and The Dragon's Den in one volumeHunters and vampires are fighting a secret war for control of the fabric of reality Whoever acuires mastery of the reality shifting powers of the Metaframe will become the new gods of the universe Imagine if you could change the rules of the game what rules would you chooseWitness to a brutal murder 18 year old Anton Slayne is inducted by the mysterious Mr Wu into the secret society of vampire hunters the Orde. A long time ago in Ancient Egypt they created a first vampire Practically at the same time a vampire hunting Order of Thoth was founded Making a big time jump and coming to our time the situation is complicated Actually scratch that it is well beyond simply complicated Vampires live their undead lives keeping the fact of their existence secret from ordinary people They have military organization called Shadowstone to take care of everything from public relations to military actions including wars Order of Thoth still exists but a group of former members in the Middle East split from them and created their own secret society called Red Empire They regarded the modern Order of Thoth to be only slightly above Vampire Dominion to be exterminated if an opportunity arises Coming back to Vampire Dominion they are under the absolute rule of their King Cornelius Crane The undead bloodsucker is old experienced and ruthless He rules over the world through his hand picked generals some of them very ambitious As we all know big ambitions lead to rebellionI just scratched the surface of bazillion intrigues behind the curtain machinations double crossings and good old backstabbings As I said it is complicated The main story starts when an unassuming 18 year old guy Anton Smith encountered the toughest general of Cornelius Crane and lived to tell the tale As a result of his survival he was thrown right in the middle of power struggle between everybody and everything Usually people in his position can expect zero chances of survival Action takes uite a big chunk of the book and when it takes place it makes any summer blockbuster movie look uiet and innocent like Teletubbies Expect big bangs produced by ultra modern military toys which would make any army general drop dead of envy Oh and vampires are fast enough to dodge bullets à la Neo from Matrix so swordplay came back in style And so did the legendary Japanese katanas Anton as character develops I wonder for how long he is going to stay alive He was also the character I felt closest to Some other characters develop too but to a lesser extent There were some characters I loved to hate and it looks like I was not the only one There were strong women that felt natural and not like Conan the Barbarian after a sex reassignment surgery I would ualify this story as urban fantasy This is the first time in the genre in my experience where the good guys were so badly outnumbered It felt like most of times they would end up among the living for two reasons only because the bad guys kept them for their own nefarious purposes and because the bad guys were too busy fighting each other to deal with such mundane threat If I understand correctly this is the first author's published work and as such it impressed me a lot It blows away ha ha bad pun totally intended the majority of debuts from modern authors and author wannabes This would be a good time to talk about bad parts after all my rating is only 4 stars not the perfect 5 Some of the wording felt a little clumsy not to the point of preventing me from enjoying the reading though Again considering this the first published work it is not a big deal Another one is purely subjective and is entirely my nitpick There was a spy in one of the organizations How do you completely obscure the person's identity including sex describing the actions He did or she did If you do this you will give away a lot as the pool of suspects was not big to begin with The book gets away by using they I know it is not politically correct and supposedly Old English used this word for a single person but it sounds extremely off in modern language all political correctness aside This old geezer me that is is used to say they referring to multiple people Also I found some places lack excitement I do not even know what it is exactly but something prevented me from sitting on the edge of my seat and biting my nails in some places when I was supposed to Nonetheless this is very solid 4 stars and as a first published work it gets A grade from me I will let the author decide what he is going to do with this grade Seriously if you want urban fantasy with lots of machinations and things blowing up you cannot go wrong with this