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Free Jane Austen and Food kindle Ù eBook 9781852851248 ↠ Maggie Lane ´ What was the significance of the pyramid of fruit which confronted Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley? Or of the cold beef eaten by Willoughby on his journey of repentance to see Marianne? Why is it so appropriate that the scene of EmR for the interdependence of a communityIn this original lively and well researched book Maggie Lane not only offers a fresh perspective on the novels but illuminates a fascinating period of food history as England stood on the brink of urbanisation middle class luxury and change in the role of women Ranging over topics from greed and gender to mealtimes and manners and drawing on the novels letters and Austen family papers she also discusses Jane Austen's own ambivalent attitude to the provision and enjoyment of foo In Jane Austen’s time jolly ole England was the time of changeprogress The characters in her sentimental novels Sense and Sensibility 1811; Pride and Prejudice 1813; Mansfield Park 1814; Emma 1815; Persuasion 1818 reflect the family domestic side which included cooking sharing of at least 3 meals breakfast; lunch; dinner 4 6 or later if you worked It was of utmost importance for survival or just being hospitable Jane’s reference to specific foodstuffs in her books symbolize certain ualities in the settings or of intense momentsMale servants or family members huntedfished for the wild game Most cowspigs were butchered by family members or others Female servants tended to the gardening or bought produce or other goods from a vendor general store or other farmers Of course cookingcleanup for the most part was done by the female servants They or their family members were not normally allowed to eat with their household owners Of course the poorer people didn’t have the same luxuries but for the most part meals were still uality time spent together socializing 2020 Have times changed of course they have a lot depending on urban vs rural where you live Even when the kids have a million other things to do my son daughter grocery shop son online cook eat spend uality time with their children for the most part the adults do the clean up They’re both excellent cooks I do not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing free books from publishers authors Therefore I am under no obligation to write a positive review only an honest one An awesome book cover great font writing style A very professionally written Regency era family cooking book It was extremely easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were no grammartypo errors nor any repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a huge description list of uniue characters settings facts etc to keep track of This could also make another great Regency era family cooking movie or better yet a mini TV series It was just OK for me so I will only rate it at 45 stars Thank you for the free author; Lume Books; BookZio; Digital Services LLC; book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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What was the significance of the pyramid of fruit which confronted Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberley? Or of the cold beef eaten by Willoughby on his journey of repentance to see Marianne? Why is it so appropriate that the scene of Emma's disgrace should be a picnic and how do the different styles of housekeeping in Mansfield Park engage with the social issues of the day?While Jane Austen does not luxuriate in cataloguing meals in the way of Victorian novelists food in fact plays a vital part in her novels Her plots being Exactly what it sounds like a lively exploration of food in Jane Austen's life and fiction Except there really is a lot to it than that It's true Maggie Lane explains things I always wondered about like why General Tilney was upset about the butter being oiled whatever that meant or how Miss Bates baked her apples twice wouldn't you just bake them until they were done?Lane also gives detailed information about things I didn't know enough to wonder about The meaning of the word morning in Austen's time for instance Silly flippin' me I figured it meant then what it means now the span of time from waking until noon Nope Morning didn't begin until after breakfast was eaten and it extended until dinner It was basically another word for day as Austen makes clear in a letter to her sister We breakfasted before 9 do not dine till ½ past 6 on the occasion so I hope we three shall have a long Morning enoughSo women didn't pay their morning visits until what we would call early afternoon because ladies often wouldn't breakfast until nine or ten o'clock and would spend the next hour or two sewing reading horrid novels or engaging in light household chores such as consulting with the housekeeper And if morning extended until dinner afternoon was the few hours between dinner and tea An afternoon walk such as the significant one in Emma actually took place in the early evening; and tea was not an afternoon snack but an evening ritualLane explains all of this deftly and engagingly She also gives ample details as to what sort of food one might be offered at any given time of the day in a genteel household and what those offerings symbolize Mrs Bennet's invitations to supper speak of her lower class origins; the French bread and morning chocolate at Northanger Abbey's breakfast table scream of General Tilney's selfish snobberyJust don't expect recipes Lane writes about Regency food; if you want to learn how to actually prepare such food you'll need a copy of Hannah Glasse's 1747 The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy or Mrs Rundell's A New System of Domestic Cookery I got a copy of Persephone Book's 1816 edition of this latter book It's gorgeous but I did have to order it from England Glasse's book is available from and will tell you everything you need to know about how to make a vegetarian Hedgehog for dessert But I digress Jane Austen and Food is essential reading for anyone researching the Regency It's also a lot of fun

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Jane Austen and FoodDomestic are deeply imbued with the rituals of giving and sharing meals The attitudes of her characters to eating to housekeeping and to hospitality are important indicators of their moral worth In a practice both economical and poetic Jane Austen sometimes uses specific foodstuffs to symbolise certain ualities at heightened moments in the text This culminates in the artistic triumph of Emma in which repeated references to food not only contribute to the solidity of her imagined world but provide an extended metapho A fascinating book that describes the important role of food in the life and novels of Jane Austen Lots of interesting information such as the great change that occurred in Jane Austen’s life when she went from living at Stevenson where the Austen’s were virtually self sufficient producing almost all their own food to Bath where everything was bought There are chapters on the various ways food is used in the novels and how the characters view it This is a great book for anyone interested in Jane Austen or food in the Regency era or both