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Summary Youre More Powerful than You Think ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ó Is this the America you want If not here's how to claim the power to change your country We are in an age of epic political turbulence in America Old hierarchies and institutions are collapsing From the election of Donald Trump to the upenK Using examples from the left and the right past and present he reveals the core laws of power He shows that all of us can generate power and then step by step he shows us how The strategies of reform and revolution he lays out will help every reader make sense of our world today If you want to be than a spectator in this new era you need to read this book. Whether you live in a democracy that's become sclerotic and corrupt like ours or an authoritarian society that wants to control what you do and learn it is important to remember that others don't take our power so much as we give it away We give it away by not organizing or participating out of a fatalistic sense that it doesn't matter that 'my vote won't count anyway' But mark well there is no such thing as not voting Not voting IS ital voting to hand power to others whose interests may be inimical to your own And not organizing IS ital organizing for the people who mean to dominate you 20People on the right and the left today agree that in practice the circuit breakers are not working We agree that our political and economic systems the markets of ideas and of goods that are supposed to give us meaningful empowering choices have become corrupt at the core Unfortunately each idealogical group has a big blind spot when it comes to detecting concentrated power Liberals do not see government overreach; conservatives do not see corporate overreachWhat if right and left could merge their half blind perceptions and create a truly binocular sense of the political system What if people euipped with an understanding of how all the elements of power in civic life come together used that binocular vision to challenge monopoly and the hoarding of power in all its forms 61The phrase 'Black Lives Matter' has become controversial for reasons that reveal the power illiteracy and selective deafness of its critics That becomes clear if we imagine the pregnant silences around and between those three words Listen for them Black lives matter FINALLY ital Black lives ALSO ital matter Black lives SHOULDN'T ital matter LESS ital The activists are inplying those unspoken words even if their opponents do not hear themThis is the central imaginative and strategic move of Black Lives Matter To say the phrase is to ask in effect WHAT IF black lives mattered WHAT IF they mattered as much to our society government and institutions as white lives always have Which forces us all to face the history legacy and persistence of white supremacy in law and culture Choose your metric life expectancy uality of schooling housing discrimination job discrimination health outcomes wealth income criminalization execution On every measure America truly values black life less highly than white indeed non black life 121 2On how power can be organized by story Andrew Slack and the Harry Potter Alliance 136Society becomes how you behave This is a statement of network science your behaviors and attitudes are contagious rapidly and often imperceptibly It is also a statement of ethics your behaviors and attitudes are contagious rapidly and often imperceptibly The takeaway either way is that small actions and omissions compound When you choose compassion or contempt courtesy or discourtesy civility or incivility you begin a cascade of mimicry 155Power remember is like fire It is inherently neither good not evil It can be put to all kinds of uses What determines how power is deployed is you your character your ethics your motives This indeed is yet another way that you're powerful than you think You at every turn are the one in charge determining why you want power and why you give it or use it the way you doBut in this era of concentrated wealth severe ineuality and rigged rules we have a master narrative that power IS itals inherently evil That's why the civic myths of this age are dark political melodramas like 'House of Cards' and grim fantasies like 'Game of Thrones' in which nice guys finish headless and the only winners are those who lie cheat and kill We're not in 'The West Wing' any folks Mr Smith died in WashingtonThese times can make it seem like childish thinking to believe you can make a difference or move the system They make it seem savvy to believe in conspiracy and futility to adopt the cynic's worldview And this is deadly For all the anger in our political culture today it is not rage that most threatens the legitimacy of our democracy Rage is healthy even when it is ugly It forces reckoning You can respond to rage whether it comes from the left or the right or the disenfranchised unaligned with a call to action DON'T GET MAD; GET POWER itals 188

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Is this the America you want If not here's how to claim the power to change your country We are in an age of epic political turbulence in America Old hierarchies and institutions are collapsing From the election of Donald Trump to the upending of the major political parties to the spread of grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter and 15 Now people acro. This is the book I've been looking for since the November 2016 election Liu starts with some inspirational stories about activists who successfully organized for a specific cause then presents some principles about how you can take action too Some of the language early on in the book feels unpleasantly New Age y to me especially the parts about creating power but the explanations themselves are clear and all of it is grounded in useful examplesLiu concludes that cynicism and disengagement are the greatest threats to our democracy and asks the reader Will you convince yourself that even though you care you don't have enough power to do anything about the issue anyway Or will you instead decide to make yourself useful Will you choose to learn do engage I recommend this book as an introduction to organizing and activism Even if you don't intend on leading any groups this book will help you understand why people march in streets and stage events for the media

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Youre More Powerful than You ThinkSs the country and across the political spectrum are reclaiming power Are you ready for this age of bottom up citizen power Do you understand what power truly is how it flows who has it and how you can claim and exercise it Eric Liu who has spent a career practicing and teaching civic power lays out the answers in this incisive inspiring and provocative boo. Not bad in terms of describing how power justifies itself and how one should be skeptical of the powerful It gives a few types but it was still kind of abstract I wish it was a longer book it needed a fleshed out treatment It was a little too bare bones