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The Lost WifeE a dare la vita gli impedisce di essere trascinato a fondo dalle voci di chi non c’è piùuando ormai si crederanno perduti per sempre ci sarà un nuovo inizio per entrambi Ed entrambi impareranno che l’a può anche essere gratitudine per chi ti ha salvato la vita affinità tra anime alla deriva rispetto di silenzi carichi di dolore E di confini da non valicare perché al di là si celano – intatti e ostinati – i ricordi di una passione assoluta di uelle che basta un istante per accendere ma non è sufficiente una vita per cancella What an emotional book The base of The Lost Wife is a beautiful love story but you will get so much I learned new facts about the holocaust and I've read lots of WWII books The author did a great job with her researchFavorite uote “And I saw for the first time how despite the isolation of our own lives we are always connected to our ancestors; our bodies hold the memories of those who came before us whether it is the features we inherit or a disposition that is etched into our soul”

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O poco prima dell’occupazione nazista si innamorano diventano marito e moglie per lo spazio di una notte Il giorno dopo al momento di fuggire negli Stati Uniti Lenka decide di restare perché non ci sono i visti per la sua famiglia Si separano con la promessa di ricongiungersi al più presto ma Lenka finisce in un campo di concentramentoIn mezzo all’orrore dipinge l’unico modo per dare colore a ciò che è privato di luce per dare forma a ciò che non si può descrivere Mentre Josef in America si specializza in ostetricia; solo aiutar I've been going back and forth on whether or not to give this book three or four stars I'm starting out with three let's see where we end up shall weFor as many things as I liked about this book there are several things I disliked I'll start with the negative First I didn't like the way the romance tried to blend in with the story There were times when it felt like it shouldn't be there and yet I found myself only wanting to finish to see if Lenka and Josef ever found each other again The beginning of the book revealed the answer but I had hoped the ending would hold Sadly it did not Richman admitted that the story was originally going to just be about an artist who survived the Holocaust but that she decided to weave the romance in This shows as it was obvious she spent far time on Lenka and her storyline than she did on Josef and his An author shouldn't show preference for one character or storyline over another when the author has herself chosen to portray both Either put your all into both storylines or leave one out Don't try and pacify us with romance for the sake of sales Richman's callous treatment of Josef made him seem like an afterthought and that was unpalatable to me as he was probably my favorite character Second Lenka irritated the shit out of me and her noble actions were in my opinion incorrectly portrayed She has the choice to go with Josef and his family to leave Prague and reach safety before the occupation reaches its fervor but she insists on staying behind with her family claiming she won't leave them because she loves them too much I call bullshit I don't deny that there are people who make rash decisions like this and wholeheartedly believe they're doing the right thing but Lenka's refusal to leave with Josef was a decision based not in love or loyalty but in fear She was afraid to leave her family and her home Had she possessed even a tenth of the courage we're supposed to believe she did she would have gotten on that ship set out for parts unknown then fought like a bulldog to get her family out of Prague As it was she denied her parents some peace of mind separated herself from her husband causing him a lifetime of guilt and abandoned any hope of getting her family out of Prague Those are not the actions of a heroine but of a selfish coward Third I thought this book was at times a bit heavy handed Obviously a book about surviving the Holocaust is going to be emotionally jarring and I'm not ashamed to say it made me cry on than one occasion But there were points when it felt like it was trying too hard to be poignant Still the writing was beautifully lyrical and this brings me to what I did like about the book You hear in the person you're destined to love the sound of those yet to be bornEvery person has an image or a memory that they hold secret One that they unwrap like a piece of hidden candy at night Pass through there and you will fall into the valley of dreamsOne finds love in transparency To see wholly and without uestionThere are two sensations of skin you will always remember in your lifetime the first time you fall in love and that person holds your hand and the first time your child grasps your finger In each of those times you are sealed to the other for eternityIn my old age I have come to believe that love is not a noun but a verb An action Like water it flows to its own current If you were to corner it in a dam true love is so bountiful it would flow over Even in separation in death it moves and changes It lives within memory in the haunting of a touch the transience of a smell or the nuance of a sigh It seeks to leave a trace like a fossil in the sand a leaf burned into baking asphaltInhale it Breathe it It will not leave you If you place sunlight in your palms it will turn to shadow If you put fireflies in a jar they will die But if you love with wings on you will always feel the exhilaration of being suspended in flight Strangely all but one of those is from Josef's perspective I truly loved Josef as a character I wish he could have been done justice

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The Lost Wife Book ☆ 350 pages Download Ñ uesta storia inizia a New York nel 2000 uando alle nozze del nipote Josef Kohn scorge tra gli invitati una donna dall’aria familiare gli occhi azzurro ghiaccio l’ombra di un tatuaggio sotto la manica dell’abito Rischiando di essere scortese le chiede di mostrargli il braccio La certezza è Uesta storia inizia a New York nel 2000 uando alle nozze del nipote Josef Kohn scorge tra gli invitati una donna dall’aria familiare gli occhi azzurro ghiaccio l’ombra di un tatuaggio sotto la manica dell’abito Rischiando di essere scortese le chiede di mostrargli il braccio La certezza è lì sulla pelle sei numeri blu accanto a un piccolo neo che lui non ha mai dimenticato E allora le dice «Lenka sono io Josef Tuo marito»Perché uesta storia in realtà inizia a Praga nel 1938 uando Lenka e Josef sono due studenti Ebrei si conoscon One of the most beautifully written moving historical fiction novels I have ever read The book actually deserves 4 12 stars Alyson Richman evokes magic in her telling of the love story of Lenka and Josef two Czechoslovakian Jews whose fate is determined by forces beyond their control Richman effectively pulls the reader in by creating interesting characters and an eually compelling story It is hard to fathom what the Jewish population in Europe had to endure during the reign of terror under the Third Reich but Richman does a than admirable job Her research is flawless and serves as a true testament to what those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis endured The spirit and courage that the Jews possessed is documented well in this book For anyone who loves historical fiction especially set in the era of WWII this book is for you The added bonus is that the story is written beautifully and with such a depth of compassion that you will find yourself forever changed after having read it If that is not the true mark of outstanding writing then I don't know what is