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reader ☆ The Undertaker ↠ ebook read ó naturaltreatment Ç Curiosity can kill than cats but when Pete Talbott found himself at the wrong end of Gino Parini's45 reading his own obituary it was a mystery he couldn't leave alone From the cornfields of Ohio to the gritty slums of Chicago a bloody kitchen Onage His novel never stands still for a second An espionage thriller about a Cairo missile crisis you'll want to read right through in one sitting Brown ought to start writing the film script now The Virginia Gazette It's the stuff of a real good readMcNaughton Book Service Tightly plotted suspense in a fast paced terrorist thrillerSouth Bend Tribune An exceptional book of adventure intrigue and history strong figures a well constructed powerful story that predicts certain Armageddon Richmond Times Dispatch Author hits the mark with his first novel This story was delicious Snarky and wired cynical and funny it was everything a good mob thriller should be and For me as a reader a thriller needs to be able to make me forget that the violence is actually violence and that crappy people are just that and make me want to see how all the elements come together; The Undertaker certainly delivered on that promisePete Talbott has the unfortunate problem of people never seeming to grasp that he's not dead He was falsely reported as dead in a car crash in Mexico and just when that was sorted out he was reported as dead again this time in a hospital in Ohio Still reeling a year after his wife truly did die of cancer and with nothing else really keeping him going he travels from Boston where he now works to Ohio to figure out what is going on and why this problem keeps popping upIn terms of immediate well being it would have been much better for Peter to just go home and eat a coffee cake and take a nap If he hadn't started down that road and started asking uestions that made a lot of very powerful people very uncomfortable and sort of itchy he never would have had about a million problems He also never would have met Sandy; some might argue that the coffee cake was still a better option and then Sandy would kick themTurns out there's something seriously rotten in the state of Ohio as Peter Talbott is not the first person to die there under the circumstances set out in his second and also incorrect obituary Peter can't let sleeping dogs lie and goes to the library to do some research and from asking the right uestions he's able to piece together a rough sketch of the situation fairly uicklyThis uickly gets him into trouble with people who'd rather their extracurricular activities remain under the radar and sends him on the lam I always wanted to write that and leads him to Chicago where he hopes to gather evidence to prove exactly what he thinks is going onThat's where Sandy enters the picture Sandy is one of my favorite characters in the story She's funny loyal a total smartass and not afraid to alternately take care of people or kick their teeth in depending on what the situation reuires Sandy brings an emotional depth and hint of romance to a story that would have been adventurous but a whole lot of running around otherwise Depth is good Seeing these two hurting people overcome adversity both internal and external and figure out what they really wanted out of life was excellent The ending was better than I could have hoped for too Just sayingThere is plenty of adventure to be had as we we careen towards the ending of this story; the author is firmly in command of the direction of the and nothing is left to chance Every detail is important and I caught myself doing the reader fist pump when I correctly figured out how a piece of the story fit into the bigger picture I was sucked in as a reader and wasn't released until the story was over

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Curiosity can kill than cats but when Pete Talbott found himself at the wrong end of Gino Parini's45 reading his own obituary it was a mystery he couldn't leave alone From the cornfields of Ohio to the gritty slums of Chicago a bloody kitchen in a Back Bay townhouse New York's Washington Suare and the nation's Capitol itself the hunt is on Someone with a penchant for sharp scalpels and embalming tables is planting bodies under other people's names and if Talbott doesn't stop them he and his uirky new girlfriend Sandy Kasmarek will be next on the Und Pete Talbott's wife dies He goes on a bender in Mexico and then finds out he died It just gets worse from there When he refuses to stay dead people keep trying to rectify the situation And he finds other people who seem to have died twice Great idea for a story It just goes on a little too long

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The UndertakerErtaker's list Reviewer Comments on the Author's earlier novelsThe New Yorker A thriller in the purest cliffhanger vein Mr Brown's techniue is flawlessPublisher's Weekly Writing in the vein of Forsythe and Follett Brown has produced a fast paced thriller Worldwide Library William F Brown has written a mesmerizing tale making the unlikely seem all too real explosive fast paced action The Orlando Sentinel Brown's novel is a rainy day adventure with each chapter ending with a cliff hanging ending The Newport News VA Daily Press A thrilling tale of espi Mr Brown's book is an e pub on Kindle Sony Nook IBook and all the othersTwo obituaries two funeralsone stating he died in Mexico the other stating he and his wife died in Columbus Ohiobut how could that bePeter Emerson Talbot was alive and reading the obituary and he had attended the funeral in Ohio Attending this funeral sure ended up with a lot of trouble for Peter and also a lot of information that could put a number of folks behind bars Something was pretty fishy about all of thisThe real Peter stayed in Columbus after his funeral and decided to check out obituaries for the past few months to see who had died and if there were similarities in deaths He found uite a few obituaries of couples who died in unusual circumstances and who had no surviving relatives but they all had the same funeral director and same attorney Peter also found a lot of suspicious activity going on and decided to check out the offices of an attorney and a doctor who were involvedbad move PeterPeter knew he got himself into than he could handle and had to get out of town and mighty uickly but how He had no money no clothes and no carthey stole everything He had some ideas though He had to bring these guys who were true criminals posing as honest citizens down Trying to be an honest citizen when the other citizens were not definitely wasn't a wise choice for PeterPeter made even unwise choices but he also made some right ones Peter was witty clever and a character you will love Don't miss reading this bookit has a little bit of everythingfrightening scenes clever twists and turns love and humor I found myself laughing out loud crying and also being afraid for the charactersThe book was action packed and fun despite the tense moments I am guessing the author is a fun guy with lots of adventures of his own I truly enjoyed the book 55