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characters The Gunslinger ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ì In the first book of this brilliant series Stephen King introduces readers to one of his most enigmatic heroes Roland of Gilead The Last Gunslinger He is a haunting figure a loner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil In his desolate world which frighteningly mirrors In the first book of this brilliant series Stephen King introduces readers to one of his most enigmatic heroes Roland of Gilead The Last Gunslinger He is a haunting figure a l. B 68% | Satisfactory Notes A discordant blend of flowery terse and vulgar prose difficult to follow and insufficient in explaining new concepts

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Oner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil In his desolate world which frighteningly mirrors our own Roland pursues The Man in Black encounters an alluring woman named. ENGLISH The Gunslinger ITALIANOWhen I read this novel than twenty years ago I did not appreciate it Clearly Roland's story did not charmed enough my distracted and teenage mind Therefore I decided to prematurely stop the The Black Tower series A few days ago in a bookstore I stumbled on a copy of the new edition of The Gunslinger and reading the preface I understood a couple of things FIRST not just myself but also Stephen King was young when he wrote the same edition of The Gunslinger that I read eons ago SECOND to overcome the incomplete literary maturity possessed at that time Stephen King thought to revise and enrich the original novel publishing a new edition that for simplicity I will define mature In fact in that preface King confesses that when he starts writing a novel he has no idea where he's going with this let alone when he stars to write a multi volume saga In this light the rearrangement of The Gunslinger done only after completing the last episode of The Black Tower was necessaryThe plot is simple Roland is a gunslinger and chases the man in black The deadly desert dominates on them Some meetings take place along the way new characters come into play while flashbacks clarify the gunslinger's past In my opinion the most beautiful parts of the novel are precisely Roland's memories which begin to roughly make us understand the meaning of The Black Tower King give us the only hint about the time of the facts practically at the end«Gunslinger our fathers conuered the disease which rots which we call cancer almost conuered aging went to the moon» indicating that we are in a vague future far from our day The air we breathe is suggestive and desolate Making an example that only the fans of Garth Ennis will catch the atmosphere resembles the one created by the British comic artist when describing the events of the Saint of Killers one of the key characters of his famous graphic novel PreacherAlthough some details escape me at the moment I expect a lot from this saga I think this novel is a kind of introduction that I will fully understand after the next volumes and probably I will return to these reflections once again in the future to update my personal judgment of The Gunslinger For now I trust the positive reviews of the next volumes Overall I trust the positive reviews of The Black Tower series But above all I trust the author who than anyone else always stimulated my imagination And that's not a small thingMy journey just startedVote 7uando lessi uesto romanzo più di vent'anni fa non ne fui entusiasta Evidentemente la vicenda di Roland non aveva colpito abbastanza la mia mente distratta e adolescente Decisi pertanto di non continuare la serie de La Torre Nera ualche giorno fa mi sono imbattuto in libreria in una copia della nuova edizione de L'Ultimo Cavaliere e leggendone la prefazione vengo a conoscenza di un paio di cose UNO non solo il sottoscritto ma anche il buon Stephen era giovane molto giovane uando scrisse l'edizione dell'ultimo cavaliere che lessi eoni fa DUE per ovviare alla non piena maturità letteraria posseduta all'epoca il buon Stephen ha pensato bene di rivedere ed arricchire il romanzo originale mandando alle stampe una nuova edizione che per semplicità definisco più matura Difatti nella suddetta prefazione King confessa che uando inizia a scrivere un romanzo non sa con precisione dove vuole andare a parare Figuriamoci uando inizia a scrivere una saga di più volumi In uest'ottica il rimaneggiamento de L'ultimo cavaliere fatto solo dopo aver completato l'ultimo episodio de La Torre Nera è stato necessarioLa trama è semplice Roland è un pistolero ed insegue l'uomo in nero Su di loro domina il deserto torrido e letale Lungo il cammino avvengono degli incontri entrano in gioco nuovi personaggi mentre flashback di ricordi chiariscono il passato del pistolero Sono proprio i ricordi di Roland le parti più belle secondo me sono brani che cominciano grossolanamente a farci capire il senso della Torre Nera L'unico indizio sull'epoca in cui avvengono i fatti lo si ottiene praticamente alla fine«Pistolero i nostri plurisnonni debellarono il morbo che fa marcire uello che chiamavano cancro uasi debellarono la vecchiaia camminarono sulla luna»ad indicare che ci troviamo in un futuro vago lontano dai giorni nostri L'aria che si respira è suggestionante e desolata Per fare un esempio che coglieranno solamente i fan di Garth Ennis l'atmosfera somiglia molto a uella creata dal fumettista britannico uando descrive le vicende del Santo degli Assassini uno dei personaggi chiave della sua graphic novel PreacherNonostante ci sono alcuni dettagli che mi sfuggono mi aspetto molto da uesta saga Credo che uesto romanzo sia una sorta di introduzione che comprenderò appieno dopo i volumi successivi ed immagino che tornerò in futuro su ueste riflessioni per aggiornare il mio personale giudizio de L'Ultimo Cavaliere Per ora mi fido delle recensioni positive dei prossimi volumi Mi fido delle recensioni positive della serie La Torre Nera nella sua interezza Ma soprattutto mi fido dell'autore che più di tutti ha sempre stimolato la mia immaginazione E scusate se è pocoIl mio viaggio è appena iniziatoVoto 7

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The GunslingerAlice and begins a friendship with the Kid from Earth called Jake Both grippingly realistic and eerily dreamlike The Gunslinger leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next chapte. “I don’t like people They fuck me up”Roland Deschain the last of the Gunslingers is after the Man in Black Along the way he meets a young boy named Jake who appears to be from a world that is different to Roland’sAh Roland I had forgotten how difficult it was to like you in The Gunslinger Some of your decisions are uestionable but that is the price of obsessionThe Gunslinger is so unlike King’s usual style of writing; the prose is beautifully poetic as we are introduced to a world that is starkly different to ours yet some similarities remain The differences in language and terms used as well as the general workings of this world are a bit jarring on the first read but a reread is really so satisfying and rewardingThe Gunslinger works perfectly as a prologue to the series itself It’s an introduction to this other world and Roland himself we get glimpses into his past his present and even a few subtle hints into what his future may hold Roland is initially portrayed as the strong silent Clint Eastwood type thinking of Tony Soprano here LOL but over the course of the series he becomes so much than this and evolves into one of the most complex characters I’ve ever encountered in literature Thank you King for such a fantastic characterI will never cease to be amazed and intrigued by the world that the Dark Tower series is set in And although I feel like The Gunslinger works as a pretty great prologue and sets the scene for the series there are still a huge number of parts that are iconic to the story itself We have Roland's past in Gilead with his mother and friends we also have an epic demonstration of his gunslinging abilities in Tull and of course our introduction to Jake Chambers and his journey with Roland through the mountains which is eventful in itself And then the book culminates with the Man in Black having a palaver with Roland where he is told his future This part in particular is so enjoyable on a reread picking up on the different predictions mades and ALLLL the foreshadowing It's fantasticOn my first journey to the Dark Tower and also on this one I read the revised edition of The Gunslinger as King went back to the original and made some some amendments to make it both an easier read and to fix some consistencies I really want to get my hands on a copy of the original version so that I can compareSuch incredible world building and I feel like King intrigues you enough to make you want to pick up the next book right away But I won’t be as I am waiting until February like the good readalong host that I am Yes I deserve some creditI’m giving this rating only because I know what is yet to come can't wait to carry on with my reread of my most favourite book series 4 stars