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CHARACTERS Ù E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¸ Kiera Cass T love AspenAmerica is desperate for time But the rest of the Elite know exactly what they want and America's chance to choose is about to slip away. 7 1 2012 348 PM Yay It has a name I'm so excited for this book 8 7 2012 419 PM Why does this have likes Haha I can't wait for the cover I heard Cass has seen it Of course I'd prefer to have a male on the cover Not JUST a male maybe a well dressed Maxon with his face concealed I hate when publishers put non concealed faces It makes me feel like I have to picture the characters like on the covers with America in his arms Or maybe the Elite girls in pretty dresses I just hope it's than a girl like on The Selection Don't get me wrong I loved that cover I just want 10 2 2012 1049 PM Is everyone excited about the cover reveal on the 17th I know I am 10 4 2012 501 PM Okay They revealed the cover early I'm a little disappointed Don't get me wrong it's beautiful but it's just the same has the first one If this book is supposed to be wrapped around the Elite Three shouldn't there be than just AmericaBUT THAT DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL AT LEAST 5 9 2013 I FINALLY got my greedy little hands on the copy of The Elite and what can I say WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE COMING OUT It was absolutely brilliant reading this novel You may want to clear your whole schedule because once you start reading stopping to do anything else will annoy youWithout further interruption here is my review of this gem 4 out of 5 stars Cover As you may or may not have read in my sweet ramblings at the the top here I'm not a huge fan of the cover but I won't complain about it ok yes I will it's SIMPLE and I simply wanted I do not like the non concealed face of the woman and the dress is just I don't even think this dress went along with any of he dresses in the story BUT nevertheless it looks absolutely lovely sitting next to The Selection on my bookcase so I'll give it that General Summary In this installment of The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games meets Twilight No just kidding ;In this installment by the lovely Kiera Cass Prince Maxon has to decide between the final girls left in the selection or better known as the Elite girls All the while America our lovely heroine is still trying to debate on who she wants to be with Prince Maxon or Aspen or better yet The Crown or her Childhood Along the journey America has to watch as Prince Maxon tries to fall for the other girls breaking MY heart and the girls are set out to do tasks that a future ueen would likely do such as a project and America's idea is scandalous to say the leastIn the mix of all the lies love betrayal and whippings comes the horrible rebels who are after something something to do with books Something America has to figure out Opinions General Fangirl Suealing and Spoilers PRINCE MAXON I LOVE YOUWell aside from my pure and complete fascination and devotion towards Maxon the book was so so I did like it a lot better than I did the first hence the 4 stars though it WAS lacking and I couldn't help but get a bit annoyed with America's I love Aspen No I want Maxon But Aspen is safe But I love Maxon But I don't want the crown blah blah blah blah BLAHAnd there wasn't much Maxon to even begin with I mean he was there and he was all lovey dovey and mushy and brilliant but most of the time it was just America talking about himOnly for Aspen to ruin it Now I'm not an Aspen hater I'd respect it if America ended up with him but I wouldn't like it at all I just don't think he is encouraging enough towards America He wants her to be brilliant but as long as he is somehow involved He wants her to do this and do that and be herself but be uiet and respectful and he doesn't think she can handle the Crown No That is not someone I want to see America with She's a bright young girl and I'd love it if someone who is encouraging of her ideas would be with herCeleste Celeste Celeste Celeste You and I had problems in the first book ma'am and I told you to back off Maxon and just blend in with the background and for the most part you honored that but you HAD to go and pull that little thing with Maxon you dirty girl I wanted to reach into the book and give Maxon a shower since you had your hands all over his Prince lyness glares at her I'm happy for Marlee at least I'm going to miss her And what of these rebels What are you guys afterAnd King Clarkson I'm watching you Leave America alone Her idea was splendidAll in all the book was lovely not everything I had hoped for because there are still A LOT of unanswered uestions and I mean A LOT but I'm hoping Cass can wrap them up nicely in The One I'm hopeful it'll be a brilliant seriesAND I HOPE THE COVER FOR THE NEXT BOOK IS GREEN hint hint Miss Cass if you're reading this


DOWNLOAD The Elite ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á The Selection began with thirty five girlsNow with the group narrowed down to the six Elite the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer than ever—and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies Is it with Maxon who could make her life a fairy tale Or with h The Selection began with thirty five girlsNow with the group narrowed down to the six Elite the competition to win Prince Maxon's heart is fiercer t. So you see my rating and you're probably like ONE STAR And my answer is yes one star I spent a good hour thinking about a reason any reason to rate it two but I can't This was just one books of those books that was not my cup of tea Which by the way is extremely disappointing considering that I really did like the first book sighI don't like to bash books and insult the author but I will say why I did give it such a low rating in a hopefully non rude way My Opinion Just a reminder in case you're thinking about ripping me apartMy Opinion isNothing happened throughout this book I literally spent 319323 pages reading about America's ever changing feelings for Aspen and Maxon which by the way was by far one of the most infuriating and unrealistic love triangles I have ever read about How please tell me did Maxon still love America after how uncaring she was towards his feelings I understand that she was still kind of confused about her supposed feelings for Aspen but after the fourth or fifth time she led on and then proceeded to reject both boys I would've just given up There was no excuse for her to be angry that Maxon was seeing the other girls He deserved to love someone who would reciprocate that emotion even it that someone was Celeste Or Kriss Or even freaking Aspen plot twist Aspen and Maxon are in love i ship itBesides the constant push pull of America's emotions and how indecisive and clumsy she was with the two boys' hearts the dialogue Oh the dialogue And the dreadful CRYING Every Other Page That aside I felt as though the characters were robots There was no realistic motive behind any of their interactions whether those interactions were verbally or physically It felt like a bad sitcom Everything was scripted which it kind of is in a sense nothing felt realistic or raw and if I had to read the work WONDERFUL one time I was going to FLIP When is Cass's birthday I'll get her a thesaurus I was honestly so close to throwing this book at the wall in frustration but as much as I despise some books I simply cannot because it's still a book and my whacked out brain believes they have feelings so THANK YOU KURT The number of facepalms this book and I shared was astronomical I have a bruise on my forehead Dear AmericaI have other things to say but they'd just be negative towards the book and I think I've said enough derogative things But OH MY GOD I COULDN'T STAND THIS A disappointment in the end I rarely do this but do to the aggravation this book put me through and how much chocolate I had to eat to get through this i blame you The Elite for the approximately 50 pounds I gained I won't be reading The One Or maybe I'll wait to see if that one is better We'll see If you enjoyed this book good for you I wish I did too If you didn't I feel ya I will say something nice about this book and that is that this series has seriously the prettiest covers ever Too bad there isn't a separate rating for books covers I normally hate when you see the character on the cover too because they usually turn out looking different than how I picture them in my head but this one is an exception So pretty dress Too bad that doesn't make up for well everything else I'm going to go eat chocolate and watch criminal minds to make myself feel betterplease don't kill me for writing this review I'm actually a nice person I swear gives you some of my chocolate so you won't hurt meUm hello update 170 likes What How Who paid you guys to do this I'd like to thank my parents for giving me this extraordinary opportunity even though they don't know I'm on this website rebel and Kiera Cass for writing a hellish semi not good book so I had the chance to complain about it And the guy in the mall who gave me a sugar cookie taste tester just because gives you ALL the chocolate Update what the heck ah258 FREAKING LIKES OMG I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS GIF BUT IT UNDERSTANDS ME Update350 Likes Update AgainI'm starting to become slightly overwhelmed lol slightly like horrifyingly by the amount of likes this post has accumulated It's scary that you all are reading my writing and it's scary that some of you actually like it I guess My audience usually consists of myselfthe very select number of people who take the time to actually read something I wrote So without getting all freaking gushy and gross thank you for taking the time to read my reviewput up with my madness I really appreciate it And if you didn't like my review ha ha ha ha too bad so sad Go complain about my juvenile writing while I bathe in my 400 likes UPDATEWhat the actual fudge is going on here 682 likes SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO Do you even know how big a number that is Do you DO YOU To celebrate the absolutely insane amount of attention this review has received I shall go forth and eat 682 pieces of chocolate As one does when existing in an exciting time like this AlsoHOLY SHEEEEEEEEET gives you all cyber hugs and kissesalso kisses to ma haterzyou aint got nothing on mesashays awayUpdateHI I HAVE NEGLECTED THIS REVIEW AND DID NOT REALIZE THAT THIS GOT OVER 1000 LIKES ARE YOU FORREALZ YOU ALL ARE LOVELY PEOPLE AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE FILLED WITH UNICORNS AND CUPCAKES AND ZAC EFRON STAY FABULOUS THANK YOU

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The EliteHan ever and America is still struggling to decide where her heart truly lies Is it with Maxon who could make her life a fairy tale Or with her firs. nah