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Read & download ↠ Lord of Regrets 102 ô Despite the love and sensuous addiction they shared Lord Marcus Templeton could never marry Natasha Polinoff Not while he remained under his grandfather's vise like control But when Natasha announces her out of wedlock pregnancy which would destroy his inheritance Templeton explodes into a rage One thaNd undeniable longing He has come to claim her Yet even as her body still longs for his touch her anger still burns She is no mere possession But Lord Templeton will do whatever it takes to bring her back into his arms and back into his bed Even if it means resorting to blackmail to make Natasha his wif. This rant may contain spoilers I'm sorry but this book irked meIt started with a lot of potential drama with Marcus acting like your usual jerk hero and Natasha being a strong heroine defending herself and her baby Marcus immediately saw his wrong but too late Natasha already disappear Fast forward five years later Marcus found Natasha with their daughter He tried to woo her she got scared and tried to run away so he blackmailed her to marry him Yay dramaSo they went back to London as husband and wife This is where everything goes downhill Natasha turned into unforgiving bitch Marcus turned into immature jerk added to the mix a passive aggressive mother in law a manipulative grandfather and some political conspiracy Marcus left to do his grandfather bidding Natasha stayed and embracing her status as an ex mistress added to the mix Marcus' illegitimate brother and some political conspiracySo this sounded like a great drama right Nope Just some boring brooding stuff with very little dialogue and a vast explanation of some political conditions at that time and conspiracy that was never really explained and didn't have important contribution to the story Yes it got Marcus injured so Natasha snapped out of her self righteousness and went after him But you could just made Marcus fell down of a horse or something won't make any difference And I really bothered the way author didn't allow Natasha to speak her mind She got this brooding thing figured stuff out but when she started to say something the servant came with the tea some lady do something some footman do whatever and the moment passed Come on let the girl speak her mindAnd after being a stubborn jerk who wouldn't stop at nothing to get what he wanted at the beginning Marcus became this meek man who let his grandfather manipulate him sulking around France and when he suspected Natasha was having an affair instead of coming home challenge that man to duel he wrote Natasha to go find happiness even if it's with another man Whaa I get it there's only so much a man can take after being guilt tripped constantly but enough time had passed grow some beard and balls please Because I like alpha heroes who could do a good groveling strong heroines who could speak their mind and a lot of witty dialogue this book is not for me

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Despite the love and sensuous addiction they shared Lord Marcus Templeton could never marry Natasha Polinoff Not while he remained under his grandfather's vise like control But when Natasha announces her out of wedlock pregnancy which would destroy his inheritance Templeton explodes into a rage One that. I REALLY wanted to like this The premise was one I was very drawn toThe H is an English nobleman who is under the thumb of his powerful grandfather His own father had wasted his fortunes and now the grandfather was holding the H's inheritance hostage to his whims One rule was that he never father an illegitimate child When his mistress turns up pregnant he freaks Locks her in her room and calls for the surgeon freaks Calls her a whore Bad stuffThe heroine in fear for her child's life and her own abortion wasn't exactly safe in those days takes as much jewelry as she can carry and slips out the windowMeanwhile the hero is downstairs seething until the surgeon arrives with his ominous black bag of instruments He realizes he can't go through with this He'll marry his mistress and take his chances with grandfatherThe h has escaped however She's disappeared into thin air and it takes the hero 5 years of searching to track her and their daughter downThis should have been the good part but it fell flat for me Too much introspection and very little dialogue Too much thesaurus love Example The man had typical dry mouth after a hangover and the word used was 'desiccated' Everything seemed so overwrought to me and the word choices and descriptions too overblownAlso and this is a matter of taste I couldn't stand the decidedly non alpha hero I believe the author was trying to portray someone who was essentially a spoiled boy in the beginning who had grown up a lot over the 5 years But he was still not the ruthless alpha type I like to read about in these stories He was always 'walking away' and 'backing down' Some may prefer to read about a flawed not always tough as nails hero but I like my fantasy to be fantasy YMMVThen it devolves into the H kissing ass which he needed to do and the heroine being cold and bitter This goes on for too long though and then there's a blow up and he leaves They are both so annoying and teenage angsty about their feelings Mostly I felt sorry for the little girl caught in the middle By the time the HEA came I was just glad it was over for her sake

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Lord of RegretsSends Natasha running into the unforgiving night never to returnNow five years have passed and Lord Templeton has finally found his beloved And this time the viscount will have herHowever Natasha has settled into a new life with her young daughter Lord Templeton's arrival fills her with terrible fear a. AWFUL HEROINEI HATED NATASHAI hated the Heroine of the story It took all I had to finish this book Natasha is a real B At first I understood her fear and why she ran away from her lover Marcus He was a real mean Cad in the first 10minutes of the book but as soon as he realized what he had said to Natasha about her aborting there baby he knew he was wrong He was young an afraid Now with nothing but regrets he has searched for Natasha and his child for 5 longs Once he finds Natasha and his 4yrold daughter Leona he does all he can to make up to them for the past 5yrs Marcus at times evens hovel at her feet He explains that he realized the terrible things he had said to her minutes after he said them on that faithful day she disappeared He tells her he was a Coward and afraid of being disinherited by his grandfather But she doesn't care the rest of the book is about her hatred She is one mean shrew Marcus marries her and they go back to London with there daughter and there Natasha does everything she can to bring this man down He does everything he can to garner her forgiveness and build a new life with her and his child Natasha should not have married him if she hated him so much and she did hate him She was very unforgiving no matter what he did to make her happy The story is so one sided Instead of Natasha trying to build a good solid marriage with Marcus she is hell bent on destroying it Natasha got on my last nerve The child Leona was to grown up for a 4yrs old The author was trying to show that Leona was intelligent and smart but it came across as a much older child I just wanted Marcus to dump Natasha take his child on move on with his life If you like a story with a lot of Angst this is for you But I don't like idiot heroines that are hateful spiteful and just mean unless it makes sense and Natasha doesn't make any sense She is Ridiculous I loved Marcus and his patience and loving tenderness he showed to Natasha and his daughter He worked hard to make Natasha and Leona happy I don't believe I will read anything else by this author and I am sorry I Can Not Recommend Lord of Regrets