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St scramble to figure out which side she's on She's never brought her work home with her until now This time it's personal. “By now I should have learned that luck if she was a lady was a mean spirited bitch with a grudge against me” Red Headed Stepchild’s blurb drew me in with its intriguing sounding storyline and of course the fact that I completely heart Urban Fantasy series and always hunt for to add to my growing obsession collection The story line promises a mix and blend of mages and vampires so think of uber magic and an intricate world with a set up system Unfortunately the beginning book was a letdown for several reasons which aren’t the usual ones Generally I have a loose form of order I cover in reviews with characters rarely being discussed first but Red Headed Stepchild forces me to change my rule because my dislike for the main character overshadowed everything else Seriously If you truly despise the character it’s hard to follow them around as they encounter situations care about their issues get into the plot without gritting your teeth or even care much about the sideline charactersThe ‘heroine’ starts off the book by doing something unforgivable to a friend all in the name of misplaced orders She does feel regret but to me it’s certainly not enough Even if she is living in a world and mindset where the rules always come first something else I have a hard time understanding as I’m not like that remorse would have been appreciated as she carried it outHer abrasive attitude is hard to take The annoying smugness and overbearing harshness were turn offs She thankfully does thaw out a bit as pages drag but frankly she’s so unlikeable it ruined most of the book for me yech She’ so incredibly hot headed she acts and speaks without thinking like an enraged assassin monkeyIt’s not just her personality that rubbed me the wrong way either but that she’s so clueless By the end of this book I was fed up with how amazingly blind and dull witted Sabina was I mean seriously She never would face up to the obvious that sat in front of her face that was constantly shoved down her throat painted for her in pictures and told to her by almost everyone she ran intoAt least Clover and the Grandmother were twisted villains you also like hating but hating because you should but liking as villains Especially Cloverle sigh Sidekicks and friends were also engaging especially with the injected humor coming from the unusual companion who starts tagging along with her GiguhlNow to the plot It was certainly a uniue one and I hold no faults with it I’m not really into the whole Lilith vampire storylines though I see them sometimes and it doesn’t do much for me but will wait to reserve judgment on that The author does an admirable job of blending vampires mages fairies and even unusually crafted demons into a bizarre legendary mix The world building isn’t as well structured as some but it’s worthy for a start My other complaint of the book is an unusual one I don’t see often A lot of Urban Fantasies and other genres can be dark gritty and deep and have humor that works incredibly well too This book attempted that The humor worked with flying colors too Dialogue is especially funny But what’s odd is how uneven the humor and the dark stuff was applied It stood out like a sore thumb It was like one chapter would be filled with humor and lightness then the next chapter would be grim and depressing and then it would keep repeating the cycle It was almost a merging of two different books or writing styles BizarreBottom line is I’ll give the second a chance the first book may have been a weaker start to the series And since Sabina was shown the error of her ways maybe she’ll start improving as a character I can only hope so Overall Sabina’s negative outlook childish temper and blind devotion was a turnoff and the humor and grittiness needs to be applied convincingly It’s not a book I can recommend

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Red Headed StepchildA USA Today BestsellerIn a world where being of mixed blood is a major liability Sabina Kane has the only profession fit f. Sabina Kane is half vampire half mage and basically an outcast considering vamps and mages hate each other Her parents had a forbidden romance and she ended up an orphan raised by her bitchy grandmother who leads the Dominae vampire elders mostly a stuffy boring bunch Not good enough with her half breed status to rise in the vamp ranks she was trained to be an assassin instead She gets a mission which leads her to discover she's been lied to betrayed deceived and makes her uestion everything you know all the good mind blowing life changing stuffFor some reason all vampires have red hair in this world The older they are the deeper shade of red Not sure why but okay World building thing I guessSo this was a decent start to an urban fantasy series UF is a lovehate thing for me and I've stayed away from it for awhile I liked this but there was a little something missing Mainly I didn't really feel anything for Sabina She's that sort of typical UF heroine immature and feisty which came off as too bitchy to me She's socially inept doesn't have friends this seems to be another fairly common stereotype in UFs Admittedly it does make for good potential in future books to see growth and character development I just feel it's an easy go to for authors to use Sabina disregarded important information because she didn't trust anyone There are good reasons for it considering her background and how she was raisedAs usually the supporting characters kind of steal the show I liked Adam Lazarus the powerful mage and romantic interest He was a hottie The demon Giguhl was great The villains were a little too villainy Clovis was kind of one dimensional The grandmother will obviously be back in the future and she is kind of fun to hateOverall this was a decent read and I'm curious enough to give book 2 a shot but there wasn't anything really special about this one view spoilerI was not expecting the sister twist but it could be interesting I hated that Vinca died hide spoiler

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Red Headed Stepchild Download ½ 107 Ê A USA Today BestsellerIn a world where being of mixed blood is a major liability Sabina Kane has the only profession fit for an outcast assassin But her latest mission threatens the fragile peace between the vampire and mage races and Sabina must scramble to figure out which side she's on She's never broughtOr an outcast assassin But her latest mission threatens the fragile peace between the vampire and mage races and Sabina mu. Red Headed Stepchild is the first book in the Sabina Kane series We’re introduced to of course Sabina Kane who is half mage half vampire We’re also introduced to a hilarious demon named Giguhl a nymph named Vinca and a hot mage named Adam This is my first read by author Jaye Wells and I enjoyed it There were some very funny moments and I have to be honest here and say that I think Giguhl who spent a good part of this story as a bald cat is probably my favorite character of the book There were times I really liked Sabina and times I didn’t She’s not a heroine I connected to in a big way and found myself concerned about the outcome of the secondary characters than I did her In fact it took me well over ½ the book before I became interested in her at all and to really love a story I need than that from my heroinesOne of my favorite scenes takes place with Giguhl and Sabina when she tries to use magic to send him back home Are you sure you can handle it I mean you've never done magic before right“It seems pretty straight forward You game”He jumped off the couch and looked back at me “Sure What’s the worst that could happen”Twenty minutes later we had our answer “I can’t freaking believe this”I cringed “I’m so sorry”“I’m bald” Giguhl continued “I look like a freak”“It’s not that bad“ I said But it was Oh my lord was it bad I’d never seen an uglier cat in my entire life “Look at the bright side you won’t have to worry about shedding any” Urban Fantasy isn’t my favorite genre but that said Red Headed Stepchild is a pretty decent beginning to a promising series And as I mentioned before I did end up liking this book than I thought I would but the world in general didn’t grab me and suck me in as I had hoped it would and even though I did enjoy Giguhl Vinca and Adam I’m not sure I’ll continue on with the seriesHowever I have been known to change my mind 3255