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Сон смешного человекаIndiferentes Dostoevsky debruça se mais uma vez sobre a figura do homem alienado Desconcertando o leitor contudo o autor russo desenv. I don’t regularly pick books to read by the famous legendary Russian novelistFyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevskybut sometimes a girl just needs to do what she feels compelled to doI was first enchanted by the title and book cover I wanted to know “The Dream of A Ridiculous Man took about 40 minutes to read a far lot shorter than Crime and Punishment Dostoyévsky’s 1821 1835 works of fiction include 15 novels and novellas 17 short stories and 5 transactions “The Dream of A RidiculousMan” is a powerful deeply felt storyThe short story of this short story is about man who has been thinking about killing himself for two months Then one gloomy night he sees a bright star in the sky and decides ‘this is the night’ His plan was to go home and put a revolver to his headbut as all good plans go our good intentions he was thwarted — by a childand a dreamFrom dark to light an awakening of such this wise little gem is a tribute to humanity to life with all its suffering and love Without giving away the journey or the ending before I drift off to sleep in a few minutes I’ll just saythat this story could provide plenty to discuss in a book group for the full couple of hours easily as much as a book three times as long I’m reminded by past memories that nobody could snap me out of self critical worthless feelings faster than a child’s suffering “On our earth we can only love with suffering and through suffering We cannot love otherwise and we know of no other sort of love I want suffering in order to love I along I thirst this very instant to kiss with tears the earth that I have left and I don’t want I won’t except life on any other”

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Descreve a experiência de um homem determinado a suicidar se por considerar ue nada na vida lhe interessa e ue tudo e todos lhe são. “How hard it is to be the only one who understandsthe I learned the thoroughly I understood that I was ridiculous”The confessional style of this short story reminded me of Notes from Underground The protagonists from both stories are of course tortured However the Underground Man cares deeply what other people think of him That’s one of the ways in which he suffers The Ridiculous Man is indifferent to other people and to life itself until a little girl pleads for his help Then instead of killing himself as he had planned he has a dream In the dream he does kill himself and is transported to a place where no sin has been committed His influence on the people here is uite interesting 375 stars

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Сон смешного человека Read & Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Descreve a experiência de um homem determinado a suicidar se por considerar ue nada na vida lhe interessa e ue tudo e todos lhe são indiferentes Dostoevsky debruça se mais uma vez sobre a figura do homem alienadoOlve nesta narrativa fantástica o tema da utopia onde o sonho aparece a libertar o homem reconciliando o com a vida e com a realidade. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is uite a reading experience After my somewhat dubious encounter with Crime and Punishment a few years back I wasn't sure I'd undertake another FD novel but then this short story appeared on my Goodread's feed and I thoughtit's only 40 pages Ha Throughout the entire story of extremely small print pages my first thought was this guy is writing at 100 miles per hour like his thoughts were just exploding from his mindor that's how it felt to me His writing so intense the story so deep that it was almost as if FD was the Ridiculous Man and the dream had happened to him At first I didn't like the character or his pathetic view of the world especially after his treatment of the desperate little girl but I knew he too was desperate and troubled as we learn early on of his suicidal plan no spoiler here so did feel empathy for him Then after the spiritual dream and his reflection of having seen the truth his turnabout kind of reminded me of Scrooge and his awakening with a total new outlook on life and the world Simplistic comparison but how I will remember this complex character and philosophic read with its religious undertones The message here for me is love others as you love yourself and enjoy every day above ground to the fullest Was so glad for the last line in the novella