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review Mina Borsalino Flips Out Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ The headlines scream Mina Borsalina Flips Out but she’s just horribly misunderstoodSo she had a little meltdown that went viral on YouTube Being barred from the set of her hit comedy sketch show Viva Friday is completely unwarranted That her wife then filed for divorceThe tabloids Being financially strapped in high society Hollywood doesn’t look good though Going home to Landon Iowa is the perfect solution Her twin sister Tina agrees to take her in only after Mina says she’ll teach music at her school while Tina focuses on serious health issuesMina has never been fond. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the book Very emotional read I was expecting something light fluffy and funny like the cover and the summary seem to imply But it had me in tears for most of the first half of the book Or maybe it was just my hormones Make no mistake though its a feel good book Just right for Christmas

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The headlines scream Mina Borsalina Flips Out but she’s just horribly misunderstoodSo she had a little meltdown that went viral on YouTube Being barred from the set of her hit comedy sketch show Viva Friday is completely unwarranted That her wife then filed for divorce has been blown out of all proportion by. I’ve a strong impression that I already wrote something for this book But I see nothing in the box Mmphs I bought this along with a pile of other books during one of Bella Books sales This is the first book I’ve read by this authorThere are two shelves I have put this book on that might be deceptive Celeb and humor One of the main characters is a celeb but the book isn’t really about that part of their life Though they are in the position at the start of the book because of that celeb life As for the humor part there is humor but it isn’t the main ‘thing’ about the book There just happens to be humor in the book This is a lot of a slice of life ‘pulling yourself out of the abyss’ type of book than anything else For you see the book stars one Mina Borsalino With her wife she runs a highly popular and successful late night show on television Almost none of that is shown in this book though because Mina is in the middle of a divorce with her wife at the start of the book and she’s been cut off from her funds Somewhat by her own choice she was offered some kind of sustaining funds but she rejected it for whatever reason So the start of the book finds Mina in a hotel Specifically in a lobby dodging the looks of people of the two the tabloids have decided to paint Mina as a massive bitchy type with no redeeming ualities and trying to figure out how to pay for things while on the phone With her lawyer Two things happen in this conversation Mina impulsively fires her lawyer and learns that it might be easier to divorce in the state she married Iowa this book was published about 3 years before the Supreme Court case Next thing we know we are in Iowa But no Mina didn’t actually mean to follow up that knowledge about Iowa by going there She just somehow ended up at an airport And the next plane just happened to be going in the direction of Iowa She’s going to stay with a friend But can’t seem to contact them Did I mention yet that this is Thanksgiving Day Yeah I didn’t actually realize myself until after the fact She finally finds herself super reluctantly on the steps of a house she’d vowed never to return to Her parent’s houseUp to arriving at the house the book was roughly what you might expect for a book tagged ‘celeb’ and ‘goes insane’ or I mean ‘humor’ But roughly around here things began to feel real and the characters began to fill out Though Mina still accidentally and reluctantly does stuffFor various reasons I could mention but won’t Mina ends up taking over her twin sister’s class room as a substitute teacher I kept waiting for the twin part to matter somehow in some special way but if it did I overlooked it The sister part of course mattered though Right so I can’t get away with that vagueness Sister is ill School is very troubled financially and this will be the last semester for the music program Ending with a concert The sister basically guilt’s and tricks Mina into being her replacement and running that concert Whereupon Slice of life and stuffI kind of disliked the wife Fee Fiona I think it was though with Fee being a nickname She was constantly belittling Mina and constantly saying undermining things to her As Mina herself admitted at some point the only real good thing they had for the last few years is their ability to still desire fucking each other Which is shown in this book Neither really wanted a divorce apparently but it seemed largely because they like fucking not because they like being near each other Eh one of the reasons I called this a slice of life book instead of a romance or a second chance book Apparently I’ve lost the ability to write stuff so I’ll wander offI rather enjoyed this book unexpectedly after the way the book started and the character presented Yes unexpectedly enjoyed this book I can’t say that I particularly liked any of the characters but a lot of them seemed ‘human’ and acceptable There were a few tear eyed moments; the epilogue was a little too much and I could have lived happily with Fee not being physically present but just stayed ‘the wife I’m divorcing’ Rating 492December 9 2019

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Mina Borsalino Flips OutOf tykes and pageants but how hard can it be Landon however has fallen on hard economic times with high unemployment and too many people in line at the soup kitchenMina is about to get an education in what matters in life but only time will tell if it’s soon enough to save the things that truly matter to her. I wonder why i didnt come across this book sooner DxThe title of this book is really interesting I was expected lots of humor in it But not uite There are some humor and uite emotional as well not in a bad way of courseThis book is surely not about romance well there is but a bit This book is about self discovery No i think it is about self correction Mina came back to her hometown to lived with her sister Tina when her relationship with her wife was nearly came to an end She became a teacher replacement for her sister because she had cancer and sick She learned lots of things from that experience and from her studentsI really like everyone in this book They had different background experience and understanding Idk sorry cant find the right word here I really like Tina for some reason Even though the book didnt focus much on her i feel like she is such a strong and lovely character in this book She Has been sick and went through lots by herself with her cancer since her sister left her house and her parents died Urgh i really like her She is so admirableI would say this is such a family heart warming book Half of the book moved me to tear TT