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Owly finds and becomes herself while from the first Mellors' social apartness and private tenderness mark him out as the Lawrence hero The novel also por. Lady Chatterley's Lover David Herbert Richards DH LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover is a novel by D H Lawrence first published privately in 1928 in Italy and in 1929 in France and Australia An unexpurgated edition was not published openly in the United Kingdom until 1960The story concerns a young married woman the former Constance Reid Lady Chatterley whose upper class husband Sir Clifford Chatterley described as a handsome well built man has been paralysed from the waist down due to a Great War injury In addition to Clifford's physical limitations his emotional neglect of Constance forces distance between the couple Her emotional frustration leads her into an affair with the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors The class difference between the couple highlights a major motif of the novel which is the unfair dominance of intellectuals over the working class The novel is about Constance's realization that she cannot live with the mind alone; she must also be alive physically عنوانها فاسق خانم چترلی؛ فاسق لیدی چترلی؛ عاشق خانم چترلی؛ عاشق بانو چترلی؛ نویسنده دیوید هربرت دیاچ لارنس؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز سی و یکم ماه ژانویه سال 1972 میلادیعاشق لیدی چترلی رمانی از « دی اچ لارنس» است، که چاپ نخستین اش به سال 1928 میلادی برمی‌گردد نسخه ی نخست رمان، به طور مخفیانه و زیرزمینی با کمک «جوزپه اوریولی» در «فلورانس ایتالیا» به چاپ رسید هم‌چنین در سال 1929 میلادی، نسخه‌ ای مخفیانه از این رمان توسط نشر ماندارکِ اینکی استفنسن در دسترس علاقمندان قرار گرفت انتشار نسخه ی کامل و بدون سانسور این رمان تا سال 1960 میلادی در ایالات متحدهٔ آمریکا و بریتانیا ممنوع بود عاشق «لیدی چترلی» که یک اثر کلاسیک است، خیلی زود به دلیل محتوای داستان، که بیان روابط جسمی میان مردی از طبقه کارگر، و زنی از طبقات بالا و مرفه است، توصیف صریح و بی‌پردهٔ صحنه‌ های جنسی، و استفاده از واژگان قبیح و مبتذل، به شهرتی جنجال‌ برانگیز رسید گفته می‌شود داستان برگرفته از رخ‌دادهای زندگی شخصی «لارنس» است و مضامین کتاب از نگاه ایشان به زادگاهش، «ایستوود ناتینگهام‌ شایرر» الهام گرفته‌ است برخی از منتقدان بر این باورند، که الهام‌بخش «لارنس» در خلق قهرمان رمان «لیدی چترلی»، «لیدی اوتولاین مرل» بوده‌ اند عاشق «لیدی چترلی» که در سه نسخه ی متفاوت چاپ شده‌ است، آخرین و مشهورترین رمان «لارنس» است داستان «عاشق لیدی چترلی» روایت زندگی زنی جوان و متأهل به نام «کنستانس لیدی چترلی» است، که همسر اشراف‌زاده‌ اش «کلیفورد چترلی»، در اثر جنگ قطع نخاع می‌شود ناتوانی جنسی و سردی احساس «کلیفورد» نسبت به «کنستانس کانی» دیوار فاصله میان این زوج را بالا می‌برد «کانی» که امیال جنسی اش را سرکوب شده می‌بیند، دلباختهٔ شکاربان شوهرش «الیور ملورز»، که مردی از طبقات پایین است، می‌شود در انتهای رمان «کنستانس» همسرش را ترک می‌کند، تا روابط عاشقانه ی جدیدی را با «ملورز» از سر گیرد تفاوت سطح اجتماعی میان «کنستانس» و «ملورز» که بن‌مایه ی اصلی رمان است، در واقع نمود سلطه ی نابرابر طبقه ی نخبه و بالادست، بر طبقه ی کارگر در جامعه را بازگو میکند ا شربیانی

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Lady Chatterley's LoverTrays the barren industrialism of England between the wars Lawrence saw clearly and hated as only he could hate the alienation inherent in the machine ag. 35 Stars WellI can certainly see why LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER was banned soon after publication back in 1928 So okay you already know or anticipate that this particular classic is going to contain vulgarity and erotic situations but for the life of me I never thought it would be a combination of tedium and humorThe story is rather unremarkable in itself and pretty much given away in the book summary so no spoiler hereAristocratic and highly superior in his own mind upperclass man marries well to do spoiled and free spirited daddies girl He goes off to war comes back injured and impotent Fickle bored and depressed young wife finds comfort elsewhereWhat will stick in my mind is not the plot or actual sexual encounters but the many priceless conversations from 'the boys' point of view on morality distinctions between social classes and ridiculous beliefs about intimate relationships Lady Chatterley's opinion of the uninspiring male physiue is pretty memorable tooCheck out this uote I can't see I do a woman any harm by sleeping with her than by dancing with heror even talking to her about the weatherand that's just one example but worst of allthe one exclamation that really stands outis lover #1's exasperating ranting and raving about Lady C's prolonged mode of sexual exertions that inconvenienced him Oh My GodAnyway my first D H Lawrence novel was indeed entertaining but slow going and repetitive with not much of a storyline Glad I finally read it though and love my Penguin Classics book cover

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Free read Lady Chatterley's Lover 106 Ê The story moves on two levels Against Sir Clifford's sterile self regard is set the growth of love between Connie and Mellors As they make love Connie slowly finds and becomes herself while from the first Mellors' social apartness and private tenderness mark him out as the Lawrence hero The novel also portrays theThe story moves on two levels Against Sir Clifford's sterile self regard is set the growth of love between Connie and Mellors As they make love Connie sl. Afternoon m'lady do ye fancy a uick one over yon five barred gateOh you earthy gamekeepers well I don't know oh alright but only if you mention my private parts in a rough yet tender manner and clasp them enthusiastically betwixt your craggy extremitiesLord Chatterley from a mullioned window Grr if I wasn't just a symbol of the impotent yet deadening power of the English aristocracy I'd whip that bounder to within an inch of an orgasm40 years later Barrister in full periwig Is this a book you would want your wife or your servant to readJury Well it's not one of his best that's for sure but it isn't bad crudely propagandistic but it does trenchantly place its finger on a particular moment in the shift of class consciousness in BritainJudge Cut the crap guilty or not guiltyJury Guilty pleasure