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Download è I Capture the Castle ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Through six turbulent months of 1934 17 year old Cassandra Mortmain keeps a journal filling three notebooks with sharply funny yet poignant entries about her home a ruined Suffolk castle and her eccentric and penniless family By the time the last diaEt poignant entries about her home a ruined Suffolk castle and her eccentric and penniless family By the time the last diary shu. With many of my favorite books I can still remember the person who put a copy in my hands Matilda was given to me for my 8th birthday by my stepdad the title Pride and Prejudice scribbled on a piece of paper and handed to me by my young must've been straight out of college 7th grade English teacher she gave me the paper and sent me to the library to find it and I still remember sitting in that classroom taking in the opening page with grand delightI hadn't ever heard of I Capture the Castle until Stephanie handed me a yellowed beaten up well loved copy To keep At least I think it was for keeps was it Stephanie I still have it if you need it back I was about to leave for France I saved the book for the trip started it in Bretagne in a little loft bedroom and couldn't put it down Read it late at night when everyone else was sleeping sometimes suck outside and read it with a pack of Camel oranges The story is lovely haunting hilarious One of the great poor girls coming of age stories And any girl who has a tendency to romanticize the world in bizarre ways will find a kindred spirit in Cassandra I know I did

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Through six turbulent months of 1934 17 year old Cassandra Mortmain keeps a journal filling three notebooks with sharply funny y. What a generous caretaker of a novelIf I say that this novel didn't reuire me to do any work it sounds like a vague insult as if I'm saying that the story or the characters were slight and that's not at all what I mean I mean that the novel both through format a very self aware narrator's journal and authorial intent with a firm eye on the sort of story telling pedigree that brought her there anticipated my readerly needs and desires with such swiftness that I felt agreeably anticipatory and satisfied at all times I did not have to tell myself to be patient to wait for one plot line to play out because the book helpfully plied me with a pleasant drink while I waited I did not feel done after it had given me a good meal because right before the last course it promised dessert The summary is accurate and pointless It is about Cassandra writing about herself in a journal Their family is penniless They do live in a castle She is as it promises deeply hopelessly in love But not with any of the men in the book They're all intriguing in their own way don't get me wrong and she does love many of them in many different ways The novel takes place in one of my favorite intellectual time periods to read and study and this book plays across all of its nuances artists' models and intellectuals servants' uarters and vicars romanticism and mysticism the religion of church and the religion of a well turned out drawing room But all of that is sort of beyond the point The point is that Cassandra is deeply hopelessly in love with life and her utter wry engagement with the castle she adores is what pulled me through the pages Her voice is kind and self deprecating generous and wondering The humans she observes — Topaz her often nude step mother; Rose her selfish and hungry sister; Mortmain her once famous father — are all seen through this well meaning gaze and even terrible events are colored with love even when I thought characters could do with a polite punch in the mouthThis book took very good care of me It goes onto my comfortable re read shelf immediately

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I Capture the CastleTs there have been great changes in the Mortmain household not the least of which is that Cassandra is deeply hopelessly in love. i found this book to alternate between delightful and infuriatinghere is the delightful   images of the english countryside and the crumbling fantastic castle cassandra's optimism and intelligence pre simon perfect descriptions of peaceful contemplative momentsand here is the infuriating cassandra's father a supposed genius but in reality a sexist abusive loathsome distant fellow he appears sporadically to ignore his children leave his wife lonely make everyone uestion his sanity and demand his supper from the ladies of the house the frustrating part of this character is that his terrible behavior is overlooked and often glorified when he should be taken to task i spent a good part of this book longing for someone to throw him into the moat cassandra's personality meltdown after falling in love the optimistic intelligent loving happy girl turns at once into a mean spirited self centered fool she begins to hate her sister and engage in other sorts of petty miserable behavior not only is her change of heart unbelievable in how uickly and totally she becomes a different mean angry self centered person but  somehow the author seems to insinuate that this very change of heart for the worst is in itself the act of growing up what a sad commentary on aging cassandra's behavior isthe back of the book declares by the time she cassandra pens her final entry she has captured the castlei do not believe that cassandra captures the castle by the end of this book i think she loses the castle she has lost her optimism and her ability to write without a certain bitterness her words are tainted by her own angersadnessjealousy about her troublesome love i feel that capturing the castle would have meant cassandra maintaining  her original good nature selflessness and happiness despite her failure in love it would have been rectifying in person her horrid behavior towards her sister and most certainly standing up to her father