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doc Û The Cronicle History of Henry the Fift ☆ Paperback read  I feel that I have spent half my career with one or another Pelican Shakespeare in my back pocket Convenience however is the least important aspect of the new Pelican Shakespeare series Here is an elegant and clear text for either the study orR million copies is now completely revised and repackagedEach volume features Authoritative reliable texts High uality introductions and notes New readable trade trim size An essay on the theatrical world of Shakespeare and essays on Shakespeare's life and the selection of text This is probably my favourite Shakespeare play As always the language and poetry is amazing I love reading Shakespeare as I often find my head swaying in time to the rhythm of the verse I sometime speak it out loud too and hope I don't wake up my sleeping father lol This is one of the longest Shakespeare plays I have read however; he is presenting an important period in the history of Britain A key point in the War of the RosesHenry V with his great granddad Edward III are my favourite British monarchs for their patriotism warrior like rule and the need to expand this great nation of ours This mainly depicts the build up to the battle of; and the aftermath of Agincourt 1415 I have read some of his plays where he despises his main characters such as Richard III in the play of the same name and Achilles in Trolius and Cressida I think Henry V Shakespeare truly respected for his great legacy and it shows in the writing I don't think he has written such an honourable character It is mainly about the royals of England and there counterparts in France but also follows different soldier ranks to to see the battle from numerous perspectives It also contains a few comedy moments such as Henry dressing up as a soldier to see what the army really think of him Some of the monologues are amazing and motivational regarding the war which really heightens the legendary status that Shakespeare is presenting I might now watch the BBC version of this featuring Tom Hiddlestone as the titular character to see how it compares to how I envisaged it in my mind of course I want to see this at the Royal Shakespeare society in Stratford as soon as possibleOnce unto the breach my friend once James x wwwyouandiwordpresscom

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Need them and the distinguished scholarship of the general editors Stephen Orgel and A R Braunmuller who understand that these are plays for performance as well as great texts for contemplation Patrick StewartThe distinguished Pelican Shakespeare series which has sold than fou Henry V is indeed the grand finale of Shakespeare’s second historical tetralogy right after Henry IV Part 2 So here exit Falstaff whose death is recounted by Mistress uickly in the first act and we are now in the presence of a conuering and “warlike Harry” who is like chalk and cheese when compared with his former self the dissolute Prince Hal A few of Falstaff and Hal’s companions remain however on the battlefield and provide some colourful moments Henry V is an incredibly dynamic play performed at the very opening of the Globe “this wooden O” but feels in retrospect as if it had been written for the big screen the action leaps in space from one act to the next from London to Southampton to Harfleur to Paris to Agincourt back to England and back again to France So much so that Shakespeare felt the need to add a Chorus who like the rolling billboards at the beginning of each Star Wars episode provides some context and clarity to a possibly inattentive or disoriented audience In fact Shakespeare boldly tramples all the rules of Aristotle’s Poetics underfoot just as Harry successfully rides roughshod over all rules of military strategyThen there is this effervescence of languages as the story of Henry V spans across most of Europe Scotland Jamy Ireland MacMorris Wales Fluellen England the court of Henry V France the court of Charles VI Bavaria and Milan the ueen of France Burgundy the Duke Philip the Good The blending of accents and idioms and the misunderstandings that follow are absolutely toe curling and uite often uproarious I am guessing that had Shakespeare lived in our time he most probably would have drawn a great tragicomedy out of the present Brexit situationFinally unlike most of Shakespeare's Histories which in essence are tragedies Henry V is fundamentally an epic poem More than in any other play there are moments in it of absolutely breathtaking heroic flight There is the gripping scene before the walls of Harfleur of course “Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit To his full height” III1 Above all there is the famous St Crispin’s Day speech just before the battlefield at Agincourt “And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by From this day to the ending of the world” IV3 This text is indeed shorter but entirely on the level in my opinion of even the Bhagavad Gita another divine address ahead of an epic battle Apparently this sort of eve of battle speech later became a prereuisite in epic stories especially in movies from Chaplin’s Great Dictator to The Return of the King Braveheart Gladiator 300 The Deathly Hallows Game of Thrones and many others not to mention the great military and political speeches recorded throughout recent history from Winston Churchill to Charles de Gaulle to JFK Edit Just watched the cinematic adaptation of this play within the Hollow Crown series with Tom Hiddleston best known as Loki in the Avengers movies as the title role His performance is remarkable he delivers the Azincourt “locker room” speech in the gentlest simplest almost hopeless manner which makes it a real tear jerker Loved it Edit 2 Just watched The King the epic movie with Thimotée Chalamet recently released on Netflix The film covers the period between Hotspur’s rebellion see King Henry IV Part 1 in Shakespeare and the Treaty of Troyes in Shakespeare’s Henry V Director David Michôd distances himself uite a bit from Shakespeare’s play in the plot — case in point Falstaff is one of Henry’s major strategists at Agincourt in the movie whereas he was already long dead in Shakespeare’s play The tone is uite different as well when Henry V is for the most part a heroic play The King feels like a dark conspiracy drama Chalamet as a gloomy English King and Pattinson as a ridiculous French Dauphin are both outstanding The visual depiction of the battle of Agincourt is a major highlight the tactics are extremely well laid out and the mayhem and horrific aspects of hand to hand battle and stampede in the bog a sort of super gritty and bloody rugby scrum are indeed awe inspiring

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The Cronicle History of Henry the FiftI feel that I have spent half my career with one or another Pelican Shakespeare in my back pocket Convenience however is the least important aspect of the new Pelican Shakespeare series Here is an elegant and clear text for either the study or the rehearsal room notes where you A young dynamic king in his late twenties very ambitious wants and needs to become ruler of two significant nations the King Henry v of England by a dubious claim has come to conueror France in the name of peace he destroys His father Henry IV an usurper murdered his own first cousin to gain the throne a traitor for sure however winners write the history books an are accepted as heroes it will always be this Nevertheless dies from a horrible disease soon after justice maybe But a conspiracy develops to assassinate the English sovereign before even leaving Southampton on his uest The determined son must overcome; not a good looking man or as noble as he is portrayed here in fact no charmer still a great military leader the royal women aren't uite let us be frank pun intended attracted to doesn't write poetry or dance wellreuires respect some other way but has a passion for greatness and by slaughter This can be achieved only many will perish as the past and unforeseen days to come relentlessly shows a few men's dark dreams demolish the numerous other ones The huge foreign army from across the nearby stormy channel marches on victorious and unstoppable relentlessly bloodily yet a little uncomfortable what are they doing here One man's desirethe seemingly endless hundred years war continues forever Charles v1 the mad a very capable monarch of France when not insane doesn't appear a lot in Shakespeare's play Henry V not in best of shape in 1415 A great famous though brutal battle to determine the future of these two mighty nations is fast approaching Agincourt Henry's family gives him loyal support brothers and uncles cousins take a major role he trusts themwith his life The French are fatally overconfident chiefly the Dauphin historically inaccurate and future ruler of his country he believes not technically in command of French forces the Constable of France is still very influential with a numerous powerful army on their own land the people hate the invaders how can they lose And all because William the Conueror of Normandy a foreigner from ironically France in 1066 stole the English crown from the rightful native king Soldiers not law make everything possible Or the beautiful daughter of King Charles Catherine could marry Henry and settle the conflict And Joan of Arc The Maid of Orleans won't arrive on the scene for almost 15 yearsThe Bard of Avon William Shakespeare's the magnificent the peerlessbetter plays written over 400 years ago imagine What is moral the perennial uestion asked and probably the answer never entirely satisfies everyone rememberpeople wear different shades of clothes