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Free read Ash Wendesday ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ Jimmy is AWOL from the army but with characteristic fierceness and terror he's about to embark on the biggest commitment of his life Christy is pregnant with Jimmy's child and she's determined to head home with or without Jimmy to face up to her past and prepare for the futureLeans to Ohio and Texas in a souped up Chevy Nova Christy and Jimmy are transformed from passionate but conflicted lovers into a young family on a magnificent journey. Ethan Hawke has made some interesting movies and I've watched his chapter of Shakespeare Uncovered on PBS Now I find that he has some serious writing chops The young people he created for this story are so believable their predicament so familiar and their pain and struggle so realistic that they seem drawn from life I recommend this book

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Jimmy is AWOL from the army but with characteristic fierceness and terror he's about to embark on the biggest commitment of his life Christy is pregnant with Jimmy's. Tell me how many Hollywood actors can write novels Especially ones who are still active in movies Especially if there is no co writer beside hisher nameEthan Hawke born 1970 has written two decent novels The Hottest State 1996 and this book Ash Wednesday 2002 When these books came out I was not yet into heavy reading so these did not interest me But a couple of years back a member in our Filipinos group here in Goodreads favorably commented on these books so when I saw them in my favorite second hand bookshop I bought them right away Then I realized that it will be Ash Wednesday tomorrow March 9 2011 so I finally opened and started reading this book open last Sunday night I am not really a Hawke’s fan However I liked him in Robin Williams starrer Dead Poets Society 1989 where he played as one of the students and the first to stand up on the desk in the ending scene Who can forget how he and the beautiful Julie Delphy talked endlessly but intelligently inside the train in Before Sunrise 1995 and again in Before Sunset 2004 I also enjoyed watching him in the science thriller Gattaca 1997 faking his inclusion in that training school where only people of superior genes live However what really caught my attention was when he sensitively read Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks one of Pablo Neruda’s featured poems in the movie soundtrack of Il Postino The Postman 1994 The young man has beautiful mind inside his eually beautiful head so it did not really come as a surprise when I saw that he has also authored two novels Ash Wednesday is a gritty love story between an AWOL soldier Jimmy Heartsock and his girlfriend Christy With his angst Jimmy is half Cauldfeld and with his Catholic beliefs half preacher I thought I would like this character because it seems to be multi dimensional but when I finally closed the book it just did not make any imprint in my mind especially with the contrived ending where Jimmy decides to stay in the middle between the two obvious choices The character of Christy makes sense not only because she knows what she wants but once she makes a decision she goes for it no matter what the odds are She does not vacillate unlike Jimmy who despite being a military man keeps on changing his mind refuses to give up drugs and goes fucking girls left and right However Hawke’s storytelling has a distinct style straightforward cocky yet sincere It does leave you with a feeling that you are taken for another ride just like after closing and finishing a Nicholas Sparks book It is not at all mushy like how love stories normally are Some lines are with sprinklers of Hawke’s own brand of philosophical musings that proves his sensitivity and self awareness as a person Good thing that those musings do not go overboard so as to give his readers the chance to have a little room for interpretation and draw out conclusions Had it gone overboard I would put a comment here that Hawke has that fondness to state the obvious An example of this is that the book’s ending is set on an Ash Wednesday time for reflection and prayers which ends the Mardi Gras time for merriment booze drugs in New Orleans Jimmy got incarcerated the eve of Ash Wednesday and got freed the following day which means that he is a new man and ready to face his responsibility as soon to be father and husband to ChristyDespite those weak points this is still a good read if you are looking for a fresher approach in telling a truthful kick ass love story I also had an easy time imagining the characters I thought of Ethan Hawke as Jimmy and Uma Thurman to whom he dedicated this novel as Christy and any of those road trip American movies and I can say that the book is movie perfect Too sad that the movie adaptation of his first novel The Hottest State did not fly and Hawke is now 41 years old too old to play Jimmy Still the novelist Ethan Hawke can hold a candle for Nicholas Sparks that one I can assure you

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Ash WendesdayChild and she's determined to head home with or without Jimmy to face up to her past and prepare for the future Somehow barreling across America from Albany to New Or. ’Will They Won’t They’ On the Road Those au fait with Ethan Hawke’s ‘philosopher groovy syndrome’ breed of intelligent dreamy slackers in movie roles such as Reality Bites Before Sunrise and Before Sunset will find than a hint of them repeated in this sophomoric tale The only problem is that though all those characters are likeable guys with interesting ideas they might not be the tautest of storytellersArmy fuckup Jimmy Heartsock finds himself going AWOL to propose towin back his better half girlfriend Christy Walker Christy is thinking it’s time to call it a day at around exactly the same moment she finds herself pregnant It’s will they won’t they on the road The narrative is told in first person by both Jimmy and Christy Though Hawke does an admirable job telling Christy’s side of the story – a woman fond of but frustrated and reaching breaking point with her slacker of a fella – it’s the male voice which rings truest throughout Channelling a beatnikgonzo 20th Century classics American voice everything is a sports analogy or a pyrotechnic of some description Christy has ‘a dynamite ass’ and a ‘fireball mind’ sending Jimmy into inferiority about his insert sports analogy hereGenerally I did like this novel a lot but for the moments it contained than for the piece overall It’s a very humanist narrative which takes in a lot of the history and flaws of two people who love each other but don’t agree about everything and are suddenly are trying to decide ‘what next’ The plot ties in the couple’s interaction and copious copulation with the symbolic background of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday An appearance by a cat named Grace just as one character is seeking the concept of grace is also a little I’m not sure I veer between finding it all very clever one moment and finding it too heavy handed the next I found my faith in the book faltered most when Jimmy who let’s be honest is Hawke is so madly in love with Christy Ethan Hawke’s then wife Uma Thurman perchance that she can talk the most faux philosophical bullshit while consuming a root beer float – and the next few paragraphs will be Jimmy raving about how fantastic smart and sexy she is based on what she just said If the audience hasn’t had the character’s sexiness or intelligence proven to them by what she saiddid – the subseuent praise will not add anything furtherAlso Ethan Hawke I think you’re a lovely guy In another life I’m sure I would’ve fallen for you in a coffee shop somewhere But please when you’re writing fiction as an already a high profile guy put a bit distance between your real life and the ‘fictional’ characters you write Make Kristy shorter than Uma give her a different colour hair Something When the audience is likely to know a little bit about your love life already; you have to tread carefully and make sure your fictional voice is truly fictional otherwise it gets distractingA good novel but not fabulous A lot of interesting moments and observations strung together Without the name Ethan Hawke to help market it I doubt it would be in print but that's not saying much Also – at the risk of being extremely cruel – I think I’d rather see this filmed by Richard Linklater than read it on the page Some good cinematography could tighten upshine over all the dull bits and bring emphasis to the dialogue which is one of the strongest points