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A Book DragonNonesuch the last in a line of dragons uses his uniue ability to change in size to. Available on Open LibraryRead it twice now not charmed Absolutely nothing wrong with it but not for meMaybe too episodic No real substance; we just skim along the centuries I do like the butterflies And I like that a certain villain is also a bibliophile But I just kept waiting for something to reach into my heart or soul and nothing ever didNot sure of the audience either Totally fine for kids age 10 up but no child characters and in many ways smart enough for adults Maybe if I'd read it first when a child I would have liked it Even though much satire history etc would have gone over my head shrug

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Medieval monk an eighteenth century London chemist and a modern American bookseller. Review from circa 1989This is one of those books that almost makes me wish I was a classroom teacher again because it's the sort of thing that demands to be read to a room full of 12 year oldsA Book Dragon is the delightful tale of Nonesuch a dragon who adopts an illustrated manuscript as his personal treasure and defends it against all comers Nonesuch survives into the present day by shrinking to insect size and becomes a fly on the wall observer of various human comings and goings Kushner is thus able to give us the Cook's tour of the last 500 years of civilization and a parade of various human archetypes He concludes this portrayal of social evolution appropriately enough with the archetypal sf fanThere is not much physical action of the dragon verses knight variety here no massed armies fighting each other for the succession no heroic hobbits taking on evil sorcerers no high speed car chases In typical Canadian style most of the action takes place off stage and instead of battling the forces of evil the protagonists simply endure their enemies with a uiet stoicism Violence is depicted as cowardly or unproductive and even when fully justified Nonesuch finds it distasteful in both sense of the word Nonesuch's own role in the story is largely restricted to interested observer and when he does occasionally intervene in the affairs of men he does so anonymously and without heroic blusterLike all great books however this one can be read at several levels Many children's authors erroneously believe that keeping the story simple means avoiding any kind of emotional or intellectual depth In sharp contrast Kushner treats his readers to some rather nice symbolism and a goodly number of philosophical asides which children will find both accessible and thought provoking When dragons eat people for example they take on the victim's thoughts so killing evil doers simply means you sink to their level There is also an undertone of humor throughout the story which pokes gentle fun at human weakness and Nonesuch's own early pretensions This occasionally erupts into black comedy as the off stage action hints at sinister deeds but this merely adds to the story's profundityKushner's previous book The Violin Maker's Gift won the 1980 Canadian Library Association's Book of the Year for Children Award and this one seems an eually worthy contribution to children's literature

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A Book Dragon Summary ê 6 ì Nonesuch the last in a line of dragons uses his uniue ability to change in size to survive for six centuries during which time he observes such different humans as a medieval monk an eighteenth century London chemist and a modern American booksellerSurvive for six centuries during which time he observes such different humans as a. The dragon's name is Nonesuch I would stop there However I'm here to say this is a darling little book with an original story of a dragon who shrinks in size and hides in a monk's bookshop Complete with the regrettable stories of the fates of Nonesuch's ancestors and his friendships with other creatures A Book Dragon is certainly an enchanting read It has somewhat difficult writing at times and there's other dragon fairy tales I prefer Even still it is an excellent read for anyone who loves dragon books or books about dragons who love books