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Loved by a Duke eBook ✓ Kindle Edition ¾ naturaltreatment ✓ For ten years Lady Daisy Meadows has been in love with Auric the Duke of Crawford Ever since his gallant rescue years earlier Daisy knew she was destined to be his Duchess Unfortunately Auric sees her as his best friend's sister and nothing But peT she will win over the heart of her duke Auric the Duke of Crawford enjoys Daisy's company The last thing he is interested in however is pursuing a romance with a woman he’s known since she was in leading strings This season Daisy is turning up in the oddest places and he cannot help but notice that she is n Loved by A Duke was another solid and enjoyable Historical Romance in The Heart of a Duke seriesAuric The Duke of Crawford is loyal and best friend to our Heroine Lady Daisy Meadows's brother Lionel They all grew up together and Daisy has all ways been in love with Auric He has often protected her when she was a child When her feelings had been hurt by some friends Auric promises to make her his Duchess when she grows up Hummmm11 years later Daisy beloved brother is dead 2 years later her Maruis father dies leaving her and her mother alone in the world except for Auric who visits weekly because he has grown up with Daisy and Lionel He also feels he has some responsibility in Lionel's death Daisy thinks herself not attractive and doesn't believe that Auric will ever see her as his Duchess So Daisy goes in search of the mysterious pendant that the entire series is based upon If one fines the Pendent they will gain the heart of a DukeThe story is based on Daisy search for the pendant and Auric realizing that he has always loved Daisy This was a beautiful romance between Daisy and Auric and I enjoyed Daisy's antics in getting Auric to notice her

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O longer a girl But Auric wouldn’t do something as foolhardy as to fall in love with Daisy He couldn’t Not with the guilt he carries over his past sins Not when he has no right to her heartBut perhaps just perhaps she can forgive the past and trust that he’d forever cherish her heart but will she let him? I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I’ve been a constant follower of Christi Caldwell since I started reading her books and she has kept my interest without fail Loved by a Duke was a tantalizing tale of love friendship and loyalty It’s definitely one of Christi Caldwell’s best “Lady Daisy Meadows” The lady who refused to stay buried in the proper chambers of his mind Lady Daisy Meadows was invisible She was used to being out of the ton’s sights She didn’t care much though She only wanted to capture one person’s attention anyway I can’t put into words how much I loved Daisy’s character One would expect she’d be drunk on her own insecurities and would be playing the traditional damsel in distress role But Daisy possessed an infectious sense of positivity and vigour that made her uniue Christi Caldwell did a magnificent job in balancing her vulnerabilities and highlighting her strengths She’d merely thought his feelings were those reserved for a younger sister Where she had loved him with a woman’s heart Auric the 8th Duke of Crawford is in search for his duchess After losing his battle to win Lady Anne’s heart Auric had to find another woman worthy of his family name Little did he know that he already had her for than a decade There were a number of times in the book when I wanted to hit Auric hard in the head He was stubborn but I guess it was part of his uniue charm and I won’t fall in love with him this much if it wasn’t for his dukish ways If Daisy was a contrast of vulnerability and strength Auric was a perfect mix of power and passion Man that duke could charm She’d tasted of springtime and life and innocence and he’d wanted to drown himself in the sweetness of her There was something really special with Auric and Daisy’s relationship Although half of the time Daisy was mooning over Auric and Auric was doing everything to fight what he felt for Daisy there was an unspoken attraction between them that pulled me from page to page The way they knew each other the way they reminisced their childhood together and that fondness that prompted that fiery passion between them I must say that Christi Caldwell stepped up on this one There was heat and pull the story progressed wonderfully each scene felt and engaging Versed with Christi Caldwell’s engaging prose and characters that will keep readers wanting Loved by a Duke is a sweet and emotionally stirring story that appeals to every lover of happily ever afters

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Loved by a DukeFor ten years Lady Daisy Meadows has been in love with Auric the Duke of Crawford Ever since his gallant rescue years earlier Daisy knew she was destined to be his Duchess Unfortunately Auric sees her as his best friend's sister and nothing But perhaps if she can manage to find the fabled heart of a duke pendan Emotionally touching 6 starsPrepare yourself to shed some tears because Loved by a Duke will take you on a roller coaster ride of strong emotions Christi Caldwell really caught me by surprise with her fourth story in The Heart of a Duke series She nicely blended her rich characters Daisy a gentle unsecured and romantic young woman and matched her with the tortured Duke named Auric Their love story is so touching and their relationship very complex When I first started to read this beautiful story set in the Regency era I fell in love with the heroine Daisy because of her flaws and insecurities I found it refreshing to find an heroine doubting herself like a real woman I did find Auric a little ungrateful But I soon changed my mind when I discovered the real man Love has many ways to reunited two beautiful souls in need of passion With time patience and trust will Daisy and Auric accept their past and move on with their lives? I could not put it down it's a real page turner Some scenes are very touching emotionally I am a huge fan of Christi Caldwell’s novels she really writes charming historical romances that please me Loved by a Duke really made me cried and feel some beautiful emotionsDo give it a try you won't be disappointed