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To wealth the belle of five counties wagered away to a middle aged rancher by her wastrel uncle On her way to Texas to marry Gabriel North she was captured by outlaws and wagered away again b Captivating Saga of the American West Texas StyleI like Brandewyne’s deep angst ridden historicals This romance like ROSE OF RAPTURE will carry you to another time and place and tells a great love story When I finished it I found myself wanting a seuel Alas there is no seuel but AND GOLD WAS OURS gives us another glimpse of Storm and WolfWho could not love Wolf El Lobo? He is a man haunted by his past in an era where bad men seized lands to impose cruel dictates We don't learn the complete story of Wolf's past until the end but it's worth the wait As for the heroine Storm Lesconflair the belle of New Orleans she starts out as an indulged 16 year old given every advantage but when her parents die her life takes a plunge Rising to every challenge she becomes a beautiful woman of grace intelligence and depth And their love is the love of legendsThe romance is divided into five books and spans the time period 1848 to 1866 The first chapter shows us the present 1866 and it's almost an epilogue that can be skipped till the end I re read it after I’d finished the book Then we are back at the beginning in 1848 and Storm is being forced into an arranged marriage with a rich cruel Texas rancher she doesn't love On her way to meet him a gang of outlaws overtakes her stagecoach and Storm is taken captive She is then won in a card game by the gunslinger they call El Lobo thought to be a half breed Indian but a man all men fear and respect The darkly handsome gunslinger dressed in black and silver seems to have honor and would give her freedom but Storm prefers his company to the thieves and scoundrels in the bar So she follows himThe story unfolds as we travel from New Orleans high society of the mid 1800s to the Texas frontier to San Francisco and then back to Texas Along the way Brandewyne introduces us to some wonderful characters including a group of Comanches who are Wolf's adopted family and we get to learn about the Indian culture which had much to suggest to the white man If you like romances that sweep you away and the story of love that conuers overwhelming odds you will love this story I highly recommend it

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Love Cherish MeY her captor to a blue eyed bounty hunter a dark skinned gunslinger called El Lobo the wolf A man who could kill in cold blood then take her with fire and tenderness when she whispered to him Whew This book took me on such a roller coaster I have mixed feelings about it At times I loved it and at times I hated it But all in all I was so intrigued by the ever growing plot and the new twists and turns of their relationship I gave it 4 stars based on the fact that I stayed up in the wee hours reading it and the book stuck with me after it was all said and doneSPOILERSI hated how wolf could be so cruel sometimes Very domineering chauvinistic and stubborn I also hated the stereotypes portrayed in this book Especially in writing in phonetics for mammy and the Chinamen in San Fran I also hated how she repeated the word countenance It became noticeable after a while to the point of annoying It would take me out of the book Alsothe attempted rapes on the heroine by many different men got very old and anti climactic after a while I also hated the turn of events at the end I was devestated and almost didn't want to keep reading With that being said There were a lot good sweet exciting and romantic partsthat made up for all the bad parts If you read this I can almost guarantee you won't be bored Nothing blasé it's either a love or hate it type of book

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DOC × READER Love Cherish Me Þ NATURALTREATMENT Ä Storm was her name and her destinyBorn on a night when lightning flashed and thunder rolled the raven haired beauty was sixteen before the promise of her name became the path of her lifeBorn to wealth the belle of five counties wagered away to a middle aged rancher by her waStorm was her name and her destinyBorn on a night when lightning flashed and thunder rolled the raven haired beauty was sixteen before the promise of her name became the path of her lifeBorn I read this many years ago and it's a favorite You have to read this book as a lover of the genre because Rebecca Brandewyne is here at her bodice rippiest What I loved about Rebecca Brandewyne's old romances was that she would always pose dressed as the heroine in her picture on the back of the book There would be a poem at the beginning and the book would be broken up into several books or parts The story began with a prologue with the couple together and ended with their epilogue And let's not forget the Elaine Duillo cover art which was practically de rigeur for a romance diva What can I say I've always preferred intricate elaborate heavy metal or progressive rock as opposed to streamlined gritty punk and my taste in romances is no different The heroine is southern belle Storm Aimee Lesconflair and the hero is the dark stranger called Lobo or Wolf The tale is epic set in the epic state of Texas Storm is abducted and almost raped by villains saved by Wolf multiple times separated from her beloved accused of murder and experiences the worst pain a mother can feel and finally is reuinited with her soul mate This is a companion piece to And Gold Was Ours which was good but not as great as this The only Brandewyne book I like is Upon a Moon Dark Moor