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Lost for Words review Ë 9 õ Sasha Adams has it all Fulfilling career loving family great friends and Who’s she kidding She lives at home with her aging mother Fleur She works as a massage therapist and spends all her time with her best friend Bobbi But damn it she’s happy Well okay maybe not happy but she’s content It’s enough Until the well meaniSome women in her life Fleur and Bobbi team up and enter Sasha into a writing competition with the potential to change her lifeFilm producer and director Jac Kensington has the career she’s spent thirty years honing to perfection with little thought to her personal life She helps run an annual scriptwriting competition in search of new ta. I received an ARC of this book from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an odd position to find myself in I picked up two Ylva ARCs this time around and assumed I’d likelove the Jae one and ‘enjoy’ the Bramhall one well enough but not love it Since I tend to love Bramhall’s mysteries than her other works not that I’ve read everything by her yet As I was reading along my expectations were being mostly meet an enjoyable enough book but not loveable An odd thing occurred along the way though I began to get uite into the story unable to stop reading gobbling it up There’s a certain amount of humor but this isn’t a humor book; there’s a certain amount of tears but it isn’t an angsty book the tears are for well they weren’t from laughing too hard; certain amount of annoying ex but barely – in the end this was a much deeper enjoyable book than I expected when I started it an saw it was about a spa worker her fellow spa worker friend and Sasha’s ‘pothead’ motherBobbi that friend of Sasha’s did a certain something behind Sasha’s back and said it in a way that I knew I’d find irritating if it was repeated too much in the book and it did seem in the beginning like it would be a reoccurring gag – the one friend constantly telling the other ‘I have a confession to make’ whereupon she would spill some horrible thing she just did – but for various reasons that didn’t become an irritating reoccurring gag though it did pop up a few times That certain something hinted at in prior sentence Entered Sasha’s script into a film competition well a script competition being run by a film company And Sasha’s script wonThat’s one point of view in the story – Sasha Adams 45 year old Sasha Adams of many careers and sometime secret scriptwriter There are two other important people who ‘enter’ things through Sasha well others but two ‘main’ others – Sasha’s mother Fleur and Nips Sasha’s mother’s cat Pothead mother Well Fleur you see had a cancer scare about 5 years ago a serious one And ‘weed’ is one of the things Fleur uses to combat the still occurring pain Also she wears tie dye clothing and went to WoodstockThe other point of view meet much earlier than I’m letting on is 50 year old Jac Kensington Director producer and co owner of the film company based in Manchester where Sasha also lives and works that iswas holding the scriptwriting competitionAnd unless I missed something that’s the point of views in the book – a 45 year old and a 50 year old Both full fledged lesbians Who live and work in Manchester England I uite like the age of the main characters nodsRight so – from Jac’s side of things come Mags Sophie the other two co owners of the film company which had a name like Keffan Media or something like that and Vanessa – the ex girlfriend of Jac’s the 50 year old Jac’s 25 year old ex girlfriend who opens the book still Jac’s girlfriend short lived though that state of affairs would last technically to be really accurate at that point Jac was still 49 The story as maybe hinted at already is about 1 Sasha having yet another career change as in becoming a paid scriptwriter; 2 Coming together of Sasha and Jac; 3 The family interactions of a Sasha and her mother and to a certain extent her best friend Bobbi; and b Jac and her chosen family best friends Sophie and Mags; 4 Complications of aging; 5 Mean cats; 6 constant mention of both Sophie and Mags having significant others but never actually seeing these women like Norm’s wife in Cheers; or Frasier’s brother’s wife on Frasier – heard about never seen even when you’d expect them to be there group party; occasions when people come together to help others – the kind even random strangers would show up to help at – but not the significant others for no given reason – seriously is this something of an attempt at a ‘hidden’ humor gag like thing on par with Norm’s wife Cliff’s mother Frasier’s brother’s wife why the heck am I channeling Cheers right now Though technically that Frasier thing was only on Frasier That’s a serious thing by the way that last point If there was anything about this book that I found less than excellentperfectwhatever it was the missing ‘significant others’ part that built and built and made me annoyed It’s probably one of those things only I noticed or not and only I got annoyed about But I did notice shrugsRight so another enjoyable book read Unexpectedly loved it beyond all expectations see overuse of ‘unexpected’ and became teary eyed beyond any expectations this is not a book I expected to get teary eyed aboutRating 48888August 7 2018

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Sasha Adams has it all Fulfilling career loving family great friends and Who’s she kidding She lives at home with her aging mother Fleur She works as a massage therapist and spends all her time with her best friend Bobbi But damn it she’s happy Well okay maybe not happy but she’s content It’s enough Until the well meaning but meddle. There are days when a book like this is just what I need Sasha Adams is a 45 year old who lives with her mother because she thinks her mother needs her She’s a massage therapist by day but her real love is writing screenplays Jac Kensington is a renowned producer who’s spent thirty years building her career She’s been in a relationship with a woman half her age for 18 months but things start changing for her when she comes across a wonderful screenplay called “Nightingale”I’m fast becoming a fan of Bramhall’s writing although this is only the third book by her that I’ve read All three have been completely different from each other and the only thing they have in common really is great writing If I’d read by Bramhall I would have recognized Nightingale as a highly rated 2014 novel by her It’s in my “want to read’ pile now and I don’t know if it would have added to this or not Anyway back to this novel I adored the relationship between Jac and Sasha and the complete lack of manufactured angst They're both well rounded characters who struggle through their flaws and weaknesses Along with great chemistry there’s good communication lots of banter and wonderful secondary characters to add to the fullness of the story Sasha’s mother is a scream and her antics defy logic or good sense But it’s not all sweetness and light there’s pathos tooI thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel Book received from Ylva Publishing for an honest review

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Lost for WordsLent and projects for her company to produceMeddling might have brought Jac and Sasha together but fate has plans of its own Sasha’s life is on the brink of changing beyond all recognition in this bittersweet lesbian romantic comedyThemes British lesbian romcom · Lesbian Film producer · Manchester · scriptwriting competition104000 word. I enjoyed this one but I think for me it wasn't uite a superstar novel Rom coms are hit and miss in my world just because I tend to not share the same humor as most This one had it's moments and I still think it's a solid 4 star book but it didn't land in my favorites folderDefinitely still a good book though