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reader ´ doc Look Homeward America In Search of Reactionary Radicals Free ´ In Look Homeward America Bill Kauffman introduces us to the reactionary radicals front porch anarchists and traditionalist rebels who give American culture and politics its pith vim and life Blending history memoir digressive literRanging from Millard Fill to Easy Rider from Robert Frost to Mother Jones Kauffman limns an alternative America that draws its breath from local cultures traditional liberties small scale institutions and neighborliness There is an America left that is worth saving these are its paragons its poets its pantheon In Look Homeward America Kauffman means to show us “the better America the real America” that has existed and still exists under the surface of “the televised America”This “real” America is full of “holy fools and backyard radicals” “third parties uixotic crusades border bandits charlatans and raggedy ass preachers on the political fringe” “Jewish Confederates Latin Mass Catholics Ed Abbeyesue tree hugging beer can throwers radical businessmen who admired Jerry Brown and gay uakers who campaigned for Pat Buchanan”The “real” America is “provincial parochial isolationist” and he means all that in a good way agrarian regional cooperative and rooted — “Jeffersonian” It has been fighting a losing battle with the rootless pioneer the cosmopolitan urbanite the space age corporate technophile and the centralizing imperialist nanny stater

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As Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day regionalist painter Grant Wood farmer writer Wendell Berry publisher Henry Regnery maverick US senators Eugene McCarthy and Daniel Patrick Moynihan and other Americans who can’t or shouldn’t be filed away in the usual boxes labeled liberal” and conservative” Bill Kaufmann holds the following beliefs very strongly 1 that people do best if left alone to work things out amongst themselves in small communities 2 that the family is the smallest unit of social organization and therefore the most important to preserve intact 3 that a nation state going to war is the worst thing that can happen to families and small communities and should be avoided and resisted at all costsIn this book Kaufmann explores historical and contemporary Americans who despite thier failings at least in part stood for the principles of small government individual liberty responsibility to the community and tradional values of connection to the land and family relationships Part of the book functions as an attempt to reclaim several individuals for conservatism who have been co opted by a political left whose contemporary platform Federal control of the states homogeny through regulation abortion on demand upheaval of tradtional family and gender roles would have been anathema to what these people believed and stood for These include Doris Day of the Catholic Workers and Mother Jones States Kauffman Today we know Mother Jones primarily as the name of a magazine for consumerist liberals whose idea of a radical act is selling thier RJ Reynolds stock and buying StarbucksKaufmann's definition of conservatism diverts radically from the current understanding and would likely exclude the majority of Republican politicians and all of the 2016 candidates with the possible exception of Rand Paul He despises neo cons especially the Bushes and while he rarely comes after Reagan it is clear he is no fan of the cold warrior He states that his book is for those Americans who reject Empire; who cherish the better America the real America; who cannot be broken by the Department of Homeland Security who will not submit to the PATRIOT Act and who will make the land acrid and bright with the stench and flame of burnt national ID cards when we should we cross that Orwellian passKaufmann is against daycare public schools gun control tv and consumerism He is for regionalism baseball home schooling farming and staying in your hometown He expresses a sincere love for America for its parts its excentricities its orneriness He despises the concept of American Empire and derides as false patriotism any pride for country which extends much beyond the indiviual state where ones family is fromKauffman obviously likes to view himself as a reactionary radical and his narrative voice would be likely off putting to conservatives whose political identity includes a distrust of counter cultural movements Kauffman is a guy who started out on the left and comes to his positioning as a traditionalist anarchist type from this direction and it shows His message would be easier to receive for a person coming from the same perspective Its harder for someone from the anti communist wing of the right to accept that self proclaimed socialists like Eugene Debs have any place in the conservative pantheon But he makes a good argumentIn conclusion the book is a fun read and teaches a lot about parts of American history not covered in school As a reactionary radical some of what he says is fairly controversial including his support of anti war abolutionists and his harsh criticism of Abraham Lincoln His vociferous support of pacifism and non intervention is delivered fairly compellingly and has forced me to reexamine my own views of the American foreign policy of peace through strength advocated by Republicans and the Clinton wing of the Democrat party

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Look Homeward America In Search of Reactionary RadicalsIn Look Homeward America Bill Kauffman introduces us to the reactionary radicals front porch anarchists and traditionalist rebels who give American culture and politics its pith vim and life Blending history memoir digressive literariness and polemic Kauffman provides fresh portaiture of such American originals Kauffman writes like no other political social cultural observer An excellent stylist who knows how to make a point with great wit and insight Looking beyond the two parties this book reveals who the true radicals really are and why they're right