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Lockjaw and the Pet AvengersAnd there came a day a day unlike any other when Earth's mightiest heroes were unaware of a threat greater than all of them could handle And on that day a teleporting This little comic consists of 4 issues introducing the reader to a number of pets The first one being Lockjaw a giant bulldog that belongs to the Inhumans or at least one family of them Reed Richards tells two Inhumans that they need to find the Infinity Stones to prevent Thanos from having them Now guess who stumbles upon the first Correct LockjawWhen he tries to tell Reed Richards he is misunderstoodignored and thus makes his own way to retrieve the remaining ones On his way he teams up with Throg a frog with the power of Thor Redwing a pretty arrogant bird that usually fights alongside the Falcon a VERY annoying male dog belonging to Peter Parker's uncle who is called Ms Lion weirdly enough the cat Hairball that is bugged out of its mind by the aforementioned dog very understandable as well as a purple dragon called Lockheed and a sabretooth tiger named ZabuNaturally the idea of Pet Avengers alone lets the reader know that these issues aren't all that serious but rather on the silly side However even so it was a bit too silly for me I loved Zabu and Hairball but the banter with Ms Lion got old pretty uickly some backgrounds were a bit too weird especially Throgs' and the overall story wasn't all THAT engaging So that would make 2 stars BUT the underlying theme of animals not just being animals or pets but thinking and feeling creatures despite what people might believe was actually cool and I love animals so it gets a bonus star from me D

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Puppy scoured the world to assemble a team of animals to fight the foes no single beast could withstand Strap on your collar and hop on board the adventures of LOCKJ I wanted to like this book And I did but only a little sort of like the blind date with the nice personality that wasn't the worst evening of your life but ended up not being followed up with a second dateOn the good side the book was fun didn't take itself too seriously BUT never lost sight of the fact that its characters were established characters in the Marvel Universe In the beginning Reed Richards explains to Black Bolt that he is searching for the Infinity Gems one of which appears to be at the Inhumans' homeland Lockjaw overhears and the Inhumans' teleporting dog begins the search Besides Lockjaw we had Zabu who somehow didn't get any press in the blurb or promo pictures Redwing Lockheed and others With appearances by Marvel stalwarts like Giganto Devil Dinosaur and a certain powerful villain that one might expect to see when Infinity Gems are involvedOn the negative side the book had so many annoying aspects and inconsistencies For starters – Frog Thor Thor had been turned into a frog during a classic story but returned to normal shortly thereafter – so why did we need a new character to take up the mantle Telepathy – why can some animals communicate telepathically while others are not able to AND Thanos Come on – Thanos is able to hold an augmented Avengers suad to a standstill so how come we didn't find the entire Pet Avengers membership suashed like bugs within two panels of the cosmic characters' appearanceBonus short stories that have never been published outside of the Web plus the animal edition of the Marvel Handbook round out this graphic novel This provides additional content AND additional value as this appears to be the first printing for eachOpinion – mixed Rating middle of the roadRATING 3 stars

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READER ↠ DOC Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers ☆ And there came a day a day unlike any other when Earth's mightiest heroes were unaware of a threat greater than all of them could handle And on that day a teleporting puppy scoured the world to assemble a team of animals to fight the foes no single beast could withstand Strap on your collar anAW LOCKHEED REDWING HAIRBALL and an all new FROG THOR Collecting Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 4 Tales of the Pet Avengers digital comic and the Marvel Pets Handboo Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers is a series fun than I expected it to be While the majority of the runtime is little than an excuse for some of the well known animal characters to run around and interact with other animal characters throughout Marvel it's still a fun ride with an absurdly over the top finaleLockjaw is the leader of the group and the team has a uest To gather the infinity stones Because of course they do There's definitely no smaller scale mission that a team of animals could be working together to accomplish Lockjaw meets up with Throg a frog with the powers of Thor Kitty Pryde's pet dragon Lockheed Falcon's falcon partner Redwing Speedball's cat Hairball and Aunt May's dog Ms Lion Who is a boy Shortly after they also meet up with Zabu the last sabre toothed tiger in the Savage Lands and they set off They face off against various animal threats like Giganto and Devil Dinosaur and it culminates in an epic finale between the group and none other than Thanos himselfAnd it's just a fun ride from beginning to end Lockjaw may be the leader but he never speaks and can only woof while the rest of the team discusses tactics and what to do Ms Lion is thoroughly useless but has a great deal of enthusiasm the entire time and raises the team's spirits through his very presence Throg is noble proud and refuses to abandon a companion He wields his own version of Mjolnir for a reason after all Lockheed Redwing and Hairball may be a bit pretentious but they recognize the danger behind letting another malevolent force get the stones and work together to stop itSaying much than that I think would be spoiling a lot of what makes the finale so great because the plot is so light but if you want a wacky over the top series with various animals from the Marvel universe teaming up then this is definitely a fun one with wonderful art to boot PS Ms Lion rules