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CHARACTERS Æ Living Without (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter, #4) · For the past four years Nary May’s heart belonged to Saxon “Vicious” Black Despite the painful reality of unreuited love her feelings never strayed no matter what he did But there comes a time when surviving means letting go What she neverAway than leave himself open for heartache However when faced with the possibility of losing Nary to the monsters that invade her dreams the time to run was overTo save her means risking it all but to continue living without his heart was no longer an opti. 5 stars for Saxon nary This was an amazing story Nary is severely traumatized Saxon who treats her awful but secretly in love with her can he be the one to save her Fantastic writing Can't wait for dallas's story next


As to find herself fighting for her life and trying to survive a new form of torment threatening to swallow her whole Saxon was broken Never feeling worthy the last thing he ever wanted to do was taint the woman he loved But it was easier to push and walk. Nary and Saxon It seems that these two have been tap dancing around each other in saddening game of cat and mouse Saxon has done everything he could to deflect Nary's unwavering want for him He considers himself beneath her not worthy of the beauty that she has inside Saxon is tainted you see Saddled by a past that he wears like a hair shirt When sweet Nary decides that she can take no of the hurt Saxon throws at her she decideds to put away childish crushes and find someone else Jeremiah a member of a differant MC and a fellow student at her Uni In a flash the game changes Nary is captured by the enemy When Saxon finds out what happens he feels his dark soul slowly leak from his body What is he without Nary The love of his life his very heart beat is gone Saxon will do whatever it takes to get her back Blood will spill vengeance will dealt out and hopefully love will winThis is my confession I'll admit I had been putting off reading this book for awhile I tend to do this with books that I have been anticipating That to me is a good thing It means that I'm invested in the characters The wait was well worth it This book was so muchMORE than Nary and Saxon JustMORE in general I suppose The level of devotion and love that Saxon had internally suppressed for Nary was unprecedented And Nary She's justGrace What she went through and overcome was big Another part that had me sort of apprehensive I guess you would call it was that part of this book was a collaboration piece featuring cameos with another MC series MariaLisa deMora's Rebel Wayfarers MC I highly recommend her series BTW Why the apprehension Collaborations in general make me nervous no matter who the writers are Some take a bit of a creative license and skew the other series characters taking away that 'thing' that makes them uniuely special I am than happy to say that this DID NOT happen The distinction between characters was crisp and seamless I could EASILY differentiate the writing which was perfect to me The characters of the RWMC added a depth to the story so much so that I hope this isn't the last time we see the Hawks and Rebel's call in a markerI leave you with this They say it takes a village to raise a child Well then it takes a entire brotherhood to save a love that runs deep to the very bedrock Well done Lila You have once again proved why you are such a beloved storyteller


Living Without Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #4For the past four years Nary May’s heart belonged to Saxon “Vicious” Black Despite the painful reality of unreuited love her feelings never strayed no matter what he did But there comes a time when surviving means letting go What she never expected w. Nary May always knew Saxon Vicious Black would always own her heart however he made it than clear he didn't want to Even though she still loved him she moved on Now in college Nary has found a happy peace with her life until she is kidnapped by an abusive man out for revenge against the Hawks MC Vicious always pretended he had no interest in Nary but it was for her own good He had done things that she would never forgive him for When Nary is taken Vicious loses it and realizes that all the fears he had about Nary finding out about his past are null and void and the only person who will ever mean anything to him is Nary Now with the helps of the Hawks he hopes to get Nary back in one piece I love this series this one was a bit darker but it was so good Been waiting to see how the Nary and Vicious story would unfold Not only do you have a fantastic book but you have an American MC chapter that gets introduced Another exceptional read from Lila Rose