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Como agua para chocolate Free read Ç 0 ✓ Earthy magical and utterly charming this tale of family life in turn of the century Mexico became a best selling phenomenon with its winning blend of poignant romance and bittersweet witThe number one bestseller in Mexico and America for almost two years and subseuently a bestseller around the world Antic poignant tale touched with moments of magic graphic earthiness bittersweet wit and recipes A sumptuous feast of a novel it relates the bizarre history of the all female De La Garza family Tita the youngest daughter of the house has been forbidden to marry condemned by Mexican tradition to look after her mother until she dies B. I couldn't help but fall for this short novel that encapsulates vividly yet simply the lives of these women in Mexico during the Pancho Villa Years The family unit is both necessary AND a culminating curse it's hardly fair that our heroine must not live out the life she desires but the one that is handed down to her A stupid family tradition it is true mine's a bit like Tita's clan sure though not at all dictates that the youngest daughter gets to take care of the matriarch and never marry nor fall in love Tita does of course fall in love her longing desperation hope all are ingredients for the eleven dishes she prepares and shares with the reader More than the story itself about shitty circumstances imprisoning a beating heart a stunting of a passion that soon after becomes nothing else but a heavy burden the mixture of recipe with story the book is actually revolutionary in taking a vastly different approach about the way we look at the culinary aspect our especially us Mexicans' lives Whereas I got a sour flavor disgusting my palate watching such drivel as Julie and Julia this book the movie does it little justice by the way masterfully employs a type of rare literary alchemy by mixing elements as one would mix ingredients to give rise to something as tasty as it is nourishingSpeaking of alchemy it must be mentioned that this has a similar voice and tone as that of Madonna's fave Paulo Coelho 'The Alchemist' 'Veronika Decides to Die' but seriously a WAYYY imaginative therefore enjoyable sense of storytelling

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Ut Tita falls in love with Pedro and he is seduced by the magical food she cooks In desperation Pedro marries her sister Rosaura so that he can stay close to her so that Tita and Pedro are forced to circle each other in unconsummated passion Only a freakish chain of tragedies bad luck and fate finally reunite them against all the od. 10 years ago I would have thought so differently about this than I do now Mama Elena is one of the most monstrous villainous characters I have ever met Our main character is Tita the youngest daughter in her family The evil family tradition is that the youngest child will not get married or have a life of her own she will take care of the aging mother Tita is the youngest and she falls in love with Pedro They are electric together passion Tita also cooks Each chapter is a recipe for food that is part of the story Tita is not allowed to marry since she is youngest and so Pedro being a coward will marry her older sister to spend time with Tita Pretty sick logic Rosario the older sister thinks this is ok too Mama Elena is a monster She does everything she can to harm her youngest daughter and keep her from a real life She is blunt and vicious Any bit of happiness outside of the kitchen Tita has her mom is trying to stop her It gets so bad that Tita's nephew dies and she is sad and Mama Elena tells her to get on with her work Tita confronts her mother and they blow up Tita is sent to live in the cornloft where she goes crazy Her mother who has ruined her life would rather send her to an asylum than help her Vicious Tita her meets a doctor named John who is kind and caring and Tita feels safe and at peace He is a good no a great man Tita is happy and wants to marry He does not take Tita to the asylum Tita is going to marry John Well Pedro who was sent away is back to mess up the wedding plans and confuse TitaSPOILERI didn't like the ending Tita after years of waiting for Pedro ends up with Pedro It's supposed to be this romantic thing She was at peace and happy with John She should have chosen John That passion she felt was fleeting and he wasn't a man enough to just ask for what he wanted They waited for the sister to die Tita waits 22 years for her love instead of building a good life with John and having her own children Ugh This story was terrible that wayMama Elena one of the most evil monstrous characters I have read Terrible Oh she comes back as a ghost to haunt Tita She is horrible and would rather see her child suffer than be happy She is evil She also has a middle daughter who becomes a whore and the mother burns her birth certificate and declares her dead She becomes a general and makes something of herself Rosario wants to raise her only daughter in this tradition also and Tita will have none of it None What an evil tradition I thought this was very well written and great characterizations The part with the food made me hungry and you could smell it Laura had wonderful insights into life and her words are well chosen and beautiful It's the ending I hated the endingIn my 20s I probably would have thought this was a great ending but now I feel what a waste I know she loved Pedro but Pedro chose to marry her sister He was a coward She found someone that made her happy and he was willing to over look their affair even Who knows if she had bedded John maybe she would have found a great passion in this man who saved her Pedro left her in her prison John freed her and let her be happy for once A happy ending would have been marrying John This was a tragic ending and it is a tragic sad story Very very sad Tita made a choice Oh well

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Como agua para chocolateEarthy magical and utterly charming this tale of family life in turn of the century Mexico became a best selling phenomenon with its winning blend of poignant romance and bittersweet witThe number one bestseller in Mexico and America for almost two years and subseuently a bestseller around the world Like Water For Chocolate is a rom. first things first let's get rid of that ugly movie cover and switch to the one i actually readokay betterthis was my final selection for the readventurer challenge i read them alphabetically based on the suggester's first name for arbitrary fairnessit is strange that i have never read this book as it is magical realism doomed love story and about food all of which are interests of minehere is a uick story that has nothing to do with the book and i am going to put it in a spoiler for everyone who thinks i am too personal in my book reports butview spoiler so this is one of those books i always thought you either read in high school or you just never read my AP english class senior year i had a teacher i loved i had him for three classes that year and he was the cool teacher with the chuck taylors and the ponytail the irreverent one who cursed and treated high school kids like sentient beings went by a nickname and about whom there were rumors of indiscretions of the drugs and alcohol sort not the other kind but he was also a canon adherer basically white european males all the time although we did read little foxes so there was one lady the other AP class was a much hey let's read a range of perspectives syllabus and a bunch of people dropped out of his class to go to t'other and by the end we were down to like nine students which was great for me but probably reflected poorly on him but he was completely unapologetic about it if women of brewster place was as good a book as heart of darkness we would read women of brewster place and in a way dick right but he was a great teacher narrow perspective aside and i learned so much in that class even though i had to read heart of darkness which yes a great book for structure and themes and resonance but such a snooze so anyway i know the other class read this book and it is always on the school reading lists i have to fetch books for at the job but i probably never would have read it without tatiana's suggestion because i consider it a book that i had missed the boat on associating it as i do with high school reading lists and i am old when i sat down this morning to write this review i decided to see if i could find out what old roz was up tohttpfloridaarrestsorgArrestsBeaaaaaand there it is god i love this man don't let them get you roz drive recklessly into the night okay that's all hide spoiler