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Summary Lessons in Love Cambridge Fellows #1 108 ´ He didn’t think he had a heart Until he lost itSt Bride’s College Cambridge England 1905Jonty Stewart is handsome and outgoing with blood as blue as his eyes When he takes up a teaching post at the college where he studied his dynamic style acts as an agent for change within the archaic iHe didn’t think he had a heart Until he lost itSt Bride’s College Cambridge England 1905Jonty Stewart is handsome and outgoing with blood as blue as his eyes When he takes up a teaching post at the college where he studied his dynamic style acts as an agent for change within the archaic institution He also has a catalytic effect on Orlando C. Charlie Cochrane’s Lessons in Love is a lovely Edwardian mixture of romance and murder mystery Set in 1906 at Cambridge University two fellows a term we Americans are unfamiliar with but refers to a former student of the University who is now on staff generally in a teaching position meet and slowly fall in love Jonathan Jonty is a high spirited jocular English teacher who sets his sights on warming up the reticent brooding mathematician Orlando No sooner does Jonty break the ice than a murder occurs at the college As the murdered boy is one of Orlando’s students he and Jonty get involved and aid the police in the investigationMost of the story’s charm lies in the romance which is allowed to take its sweet time to come to fruition Both men are acutely aware of the dangers and in Orlando’s case he needs the “lessons in love” that Jonty tenderly provides to assuage his guilt over what he doesn’t understandCochrane does a good job weaving the romance and mystery together in a way that felt comfortable and the nail biting conclusion to the mystery had me hooked clear through to the climax The writing style is so beautifully simple and straightforward that it is effortless to read I should also mention that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sex in the book is romanticized and not explicit – Linden Bay shame on you for lying about the heat ratingI heartily recommend this breezy historical romance and look forward to spending time with the adorable Cambridge Fellows in the next installment Lessons in Desire

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OppersmithOrlando is a brilliant introverted mathematician with very little experience of life outside the university walls He strikes up an alliance with Jonty and soon finds himself heart deep in feelings he’s never experienced Before long their friendship blossoms into than either man had hopedThen a student is murdered within St Bride’s. I'm not even going to try and figure out a star rating for this one It started out around a 4 ended up close to a 1 and flailed around the whole way between like the whacky waving inflatable tube manI didn't set out to read this book I was paging through titles on the kindle opening stuff at near random and reading a line or two and next thing I knew I was a ways into thisAnalyzed on the ingredients this is very much up my alley The characters the crime focus the setting the era But it's so inconsistent I've read much worse in terms of pacing but there were countless times I wish they'd just get on with it Having sufficient involvement in a police investigation when your MCs are not police is difficult so I can cut a bit of slack thereWhat's frustrating is the inconsistency Good writing and horrible stilted melodrama in close proximity Some of it comes close to parody I can get behind melodrama but if you're going to go that route you have to go whole hog Melodrama is not something that works in moderation I'd say the writing was mixed throughout but the proportion of bad to good tilted further and further to the bad side as the book went on I had to force myself to skim all the excessive caricature that goes on incomprehensibly for pages after the murders are resolved It read like the worst sort of fanfic by that pointCharacterization is also inconsistent Jonty and Orlando come off as the worst sort of cliched trope characters occasionally but they're not even the same tropes from page to page Orlando is like some yaoi uke sometimes and I like the sexually naive scientistmathematician trope but it was straining credulity and getting on my nerves here And Jonty being all oh if only Orlando comes to save me when the show down comes was just all kinds of WTFAnd OMG he giggled adult humans don't giggle Babies and toddlers giggle So who finds giggling sexy You do the math There are copious references to Jonty who's supposed to be the worldly and muscular one giggling That would have been a DNF in a longer bookI'd say this book was a hot mess but without the hot More like what's left after a hot mess cools to room temperatureNow hot is a loaded term when discussing any variety of romance and the spicysexyerotica hot isn't what I mean though that's not here either I don't actually like sex scenes in novels they don't interest me Fade to black is just fine So I'm not put out at the lack of erotic content But the author does something here I've never seen before There are an amazing number of gay sex scenes here in a book that works harder to avoid mentioning penis than a priest in a police station Instead of erotic descriptions or fade to black the author manages to cloak the actual mechanics of who did what to who behind a veil of people thinking about their feelings about sex which is surprisingly annoyingSo why can't I just give it a one or a two and move on There is good mixed in with the bad here and my particular favored mix of mm elements seems rare enough that I may give Cochrane another shot This series has over a dozen installments surely it improved Maybe she at least stops using giggle I don't know one can only hope

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Lessons in Love Cambridge Fellows #1Then anotherand another All the victims have one thing in common a penchant for men Asked by the police to serve as their eyes and ears within the college Jonty and Orlando risk exposing a love affair that could make them the killer’s next targetThis book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release. Sadly another book that just isn't the right one for me Honestly for a great part I found it uite boring Even though the story isn't very long there are pages where nothing notable happens whether on the romance nor the mystery part Jonty Stewart is very charming and outgoing while Orlando Coppersmith is his opposite an introvert also smart but naive Orlando can't resist Jonty's charme and so these two become friends and finally even lovers Unfortunately I didn't feel any of the attraction which of course could be caused by the time period the story is set in