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CHARACTERS ´ Monster Blood Tattoo: Lamplighter ´ Continuing the absorbing inventive saga started in Foundling Lamplighter follows RossamYuml;nd Bookchild now one of the Emperor's lamplighters who is sworn to protect travelers from the ferocious bogles that live in the wild Small and meek he does not fit in Then a haughty young female Continuing the absorbing inventive saga started in Foundling Lamplighter follows RossamYuml;nd Bookchild now one of the Emperor's lamplighters who is sworn to protect travelers fr. You can like the first book in a new fantasy series You can love a first book in a new fantasy series You can compare that book to the works and worlds of JRR Tolkien or Philip Pullman if you’ve half a mind to do so But no matter how much you love a book when you see that its seuel is a whopping 711 pages long you may find yourself somewhat reluctant to pick it up I’m a busy reviewer I get sent a lot of books to read and I’m only able to review a tiny portion of them If a book is 711 pages long then it better earn my trust I’d better be sure that there isn’t any needless information there For all its length this had better be one heckuva lean exciting entrancing read So I hefted this tome there’s no other word for it around with me and found pretty uickly that not only is Lamplighter the second book in the Monster Blood Tattoo series good it happens to be even better than its predecessor If Cornish tackled the idea of creating an original world and laying down the foundations in his first book the second speaks to human prejudice ignorance perpetuated and maybe even the author’s Australian roots in this remarkable middle book in an increasingly multilayered world When last we saw of young Rossamund Bookchild he had successfully arrived at Winstermill the fortress of the lamplighters The boy is to learn the dangerous job of keeping the Empire’s roads lit at all times despite the omnipresent fear of monsters on all sides Because he has arrived a little late Rossamund is considered a bit of a laggard by his fellows His status changes substantially however after a young noblewoman by the name of Threnody also arrives to become a lamplighter the first female ever perhaps She and Rossamund strike up an uneasy friendship and good thing too Dark machinations are afoot at Winstermill The Master of Clerks has taken over in the Lamplighter Marshal’s sudden absence Rossamund finds a creature of despicable origins in the bowls of the fortress And suddenly he and Threnody are bundled off to serve their first posts but in a place as dark and dangerous as any in the Empire Between parsing his own thoughts on monsters and trying to keep alive Rossamund soon finds that the strange secrets from the past have a way of coming to light Generally the second bookfilm in any trilogy is going to be your weakest part What percentage of people can honestly say that The Two Towers is their favorite book or Empire Strikes Back their favorite Star Wars movie But Lamplighter is surprisingly strong and engaging for all that it’s a stepping stone to a conclusion Maybe Cornish is helped by the fact that you never uite know where the storyline is headed until you’re almost to the end of the book If Rossamund was a mild sedorner monster lover at the end of the first book he’s made leaps and strides in that direction by the finale of the second True Lamplighter ends on a very “To Be Continued” note which I usually despise But in spite of this cliffhanger the book stands tall on its own two feet Villains have been fleshed out and identified properly Heroes are also named though Rossamund is increasingly anxious over the moral complexities of people like Europe And he finds himself wondering about his friend Sebastipole “Could he be what Rossamund considered a good man and still do this Could a man be wrong for doing what he thought was right” And on top all of this the book’s theme has been polished and defined It took me a little while to realize it but DM Cornish shares much in common with his fellow Australian writers As I read this book I was reminded of John Marsden’s remarkable “picture book” The Rabbits as illustrated by Shaun Tan In that book a group of native animals are colonized violently by an invading species Now look at the Monster Blood Tattoo books Cornish has given us a set of assumptions and then turned them slowly on their head In the first book you acuired Rossamund’s own “learned suspicions” as pertaining to the “fact” that all monsters are evil and must be destroyed else they will destroy you Now in the second book we get a glimpse of the true stakes of the battle Humans it seems have been encroaching on the monsters’ land for years They destroy them regularly even creating disgusting zombie like creatures to fight them and the monsters respond violently to this As the book continues you even got a glimpse of how little the humans even know about monsters Their ideas about monster birth is a kind of spontaneous regeneration involving mud or maybe the buds on trees These people know so little about their foes that they would rather kill them than learn anything about them and it has been this way for centuries upon centuries You would think that this would mean that Rossamund was destined to do something to end all of this conflict I’d like to think he could bring monster and man together in peace but in truth I’m not sure if Cornish is really aiming that high It seems like it will be enough for him to simply have Rossamund defeat the villains of the piece in the end Then again maybe it’s all connected Hard to say I guess we’ll just have to see what Cornish has up his sleeve in the last installment One thing I will say and this may be a tad spoilerish so avoid the rest of this paragraph if you care is that I made a mistake in reviewing Lamplighter’s predecessor Foundling In that review I said something along the lines of “never have I had such a clear sense that a character’s parentage is not the point of the series” I might have as well have said “I believe the next novel in this series will be written with Cheerios rather than words” since that’s roundabout how off base I was with that assumption It’s not immediately apparent at the start but Rossamund’s parentage may be the sticking point on which this entire series hinges Second novels have the luxury of getting to begin with an already well informed bang Lamplighter begins with excitement heroism blood and women kicking monster butt Because the book assumes that you’ve read Foundling it brings up multiple references to the occurrences in the previous book A word to the wise then do not begin this series with this book It may be stronger than the first novel but you need to understand this world completely from the first book to get anything at all out of the second As for the new characters you meet they’re fun You can’t help but love poor sweet Numps the seltzerman who is no longer uite right in the head but turns out to be a good friend to Rossamund Or Threnody the young noblewoman who wishes to be a lamplighter and who has such a crush on Rossamund that it shows itself in biting remarks snipes and a lot of pouting which he never catches on to sweet boy What’s characters from the previous book are better fleshed out which is helpful As in the second Lamplighter retains Cornish’s ear for a well turned phrase in his world’s particular vernacular “Move your ashes scrub” sounds like a real enough sentence to me Descriptions too remain sparkling and bright Cornish isn’t afraid to use delightful words in average sentences as with “A susurrus of deep displeasure stirred about the boys” And then the names have multiplied here and become delicious There’s Sourdoor Epitome Bile Bellicos and It has been said many many times before regarding other series but I don’t think one time is going to hurt anyone Having finished this book at long last my sole regret is that I don’t have the third Perhaps Mr Cornish will be kind enough to make the final book in the trilogy a good 1000 pages at least so that I don’t have abandon Rossamund and his world uite so soon Someday I like to think that children’s literary scholars will take some time to pick apart Cornish’s histories and theories regarding conflict and how it is perpetuated by a society that would perhaps prefer peace if they considered the matter Until then you’ll just have to enjoy the books on their own It’s a brilliant little number and hopefully will garner the fan base it so desperately deserves Ages 10 and up

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Ml;nd begins to make new friends in the dangerous world of the Half Continent he also seems to make enemies finding himself pushed toward a destiny that he could never have imagin. It is hard to describe just how wonderful the Monster Blood Tattoo series is To say that the writing is meticulous the world building immaculate the prose beautiful the language sublime is to damn it with faint praiseThis is one of the most satisfying spec fic series I've ever read the level of detail is astronomical mind boggling and amazing

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Monster Blood Tattoo LamplighterOm the ferocious bogles that live in the wild Small and meek he does not fit in Then a haughty young female monster hunter is forced upon the lamplighters for training As RossamYu. When a book has somewhere close to 100 pages of an appendix with definitions and explanations of terms and things found in the book I draw the line Thumbs up DM Cornish for creating an amazing new world Thumbs down for making it nearly impossible to understand unless I devote serious and I mean SERIOUS time to reading that cumbersome appendix which I refuse to do Which then means I am half confused for a good three uarters of the book And COME ON is anyone DYING to know all about lamp lighting So many pages are eaten up with confusing terms and things that by the time the book really got going I had only a uarter left to read Happily that uarter was GREAT I simply adore Miss Europe I suspect it's partly because she refers to Rossamund as little man which puts me in mind of my little man almost a year old I can well understand the soft spot one can have in their heart for a child Meanwhile I will plod on with this series Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it each books leaves you hanging I would look forward to the next one if I wasn't so afraid of the size of the appendixAside if you read my review of Foundling to answer the uestion he might have grown a very small pair in this bookFind my review on the final book in this trilogy here Factotum