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Review ç King Solomon's Curse Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã Following on from THE MIDAS LEGACY Andy McDermott's new Wilde and Chase novel sees our daring duo on the trail of a strange ancient weapon of immense power hidden in a lost city deep in the African jungle Perfect for fans of M Clues found at the Ark of the Covenant recovery site have led her to the ruins of the First Temple buried beneath Temple Mount Within them Nina spots an opening to a previously hidden chamber a map room which contains a model of a mysterious city thought to contain a great yet dangerous power hidden by King Solomon himself Analysing the clues Nina believes that the city is lo. I've missed this series I had taken a break because I was starting to feel a bit anti Nina to be honest But I decided to give her another chanceWe are back amongst the globe trotting duos escapades but whilst Eddie has kind of matured Nina is still chasing the next big discovery putting her fellow archaeologists and programme making colleagues backs up in the process I'm in no way detracting from her following her career and being a person other than Mum to Macy but she does tend to see only her happiness with her discovery even willing to go back on promises she has made to her daughter and to EddieEddie as usual is his charming down to Earth rough diamond self I'm ever so glad he has stayed the rough Yorkshireman with the hilarious cussing like Buggeration although they are now peppered with child friendly versions He loves Nina to bits but he is than capable of seeing her faults and calling her out on her BS Can you switch your brain off plug into myths and legends and let your brain fly If so you will love this book But if you want something meaty then this may not be for you The characters are fully formed and some you will love some will grate on your nerves just like real life Lydia was a bit of a whiner and I did struggle to like her But there is plenty of action and plot so I was not let down on that score I love history myths and legends so Clive Cussler Matthew Reilly etc are right in my boathouse I may go back and fill in with the books I have missed I just feel sad that after loving Nina and Eddie so much from the start that Nina has started to really annoy me Great plot and writing as usual

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Following on from THE MIDAS LEGACY Andy McDermott's new Wilde and Chase novel sees our daring duo on the trail of a strange ancient weapon of immense power hidden in a lost city deep in the African jungle Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler Chris Kuzneski Dan Brown and Scott MarianiNina Wilde is back on the hunt Now a presenter of her own TV documentary series Nina is in Jerusale. To be honest it read like rather a bad B Action Movie that goes straight to DVDThis is my first outing with Andy McDermott and it left me rather underwhelmed Too many cliches too unbelievable Not one I'd really recommend but a half decent read if you're looking for something new and on offer

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King Solomon's CurseCated in the Democratic Republic of Congo one of the most dangerous locations on EarthEddie is in England with their daughter Macy but Nina's phone call is about to change everything He has had his own problems in the DRC in the past and he isn't about to let Nina go there aloneJoining forces Nina and Eddie are about to start a chain of events from which there might be no retur. Okay I can see why I liked the series in the first place It's funny it's thrilling and it's interesting but now that I'm experienced with thrillers I can see the missing pieces and judge it better It's still all these three things but still misses some elements Now I realise the right isn't that spectacular as well As Eddie is an ex SAS I kept thinking about the character from another series Ben Hope by Scott Mariani Scott is way better than Andy Mcdermott to be honest and Ben Hope is awesome He's totally badass and well indeed special forces stuff Eddie has some abilities but he isn't as spectacular and you know he's getting older Ben isn't too young too but still he's very very capable Haven't I noticed before how bossy Nina is Almost to a point that gets annoying especially if you're working with her and you're the employee She was so rushing and stubbornly determined to get to Congo and find this relic I think she was half ready to do anything to reach her goals I didn't find her as pleasant a character as I used toActually in this series so many of the discoveries and objects get realised to the public also a lot of disasters happen publicly Usually in thrillers authors prefer confidentiality and leaving these things a secret because showing it to the world creates complication and well if it's released it'll obviously have some impact and often rebuilding the world as we know it so to say is uite the labour intensive task If it's an event it might cause issues with the next books as you'll need to include your significant changes to the new world building Andy has chosen a complicated way of writing and he's showing the world uite a lot I don't know I liked some parts of the book the villains were in place there's a conspiracy in here on a very deep secret level About the latter it kind of doesn't feel as if the secret government agencies were described as good I did miss something hereTruth be told the Nina Wilde Eddie Chase series isn't as impressive as a newbie made it to be It's not so extraordinary but it did the job for introducing me to thrillers and for that I'll be always grateful but I'll rather stick to other thriller series