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T led to cultural flowering In others drought shook long established societies such as the Maya and the Indians of the American Southwest whose monumental buildings were left deserted as elaborate social structures collapsed Brian Fagan examines how subtle chang In this book Brian M Fagan goes through the history of climate changes and how those changes have effected human societies It is an informative book a little on the dry side even though the author does try to put a human face on the people he is talking about by creating snapshots from their lives He tells the reader if there isn’t enough evidence to say for certain something about parts of his story That gives what he claims weight than if he would not do this but this is of course just a sign that he is a careful scientist It’s a story that I didn’t know much about so I found it fascinating but also a little sobering because it puts the current climate crisis into better focus In the past societies have fallen due to the effects of climate changes Crops fail There isn’t enough drinking water People have to migrate somewhere else But there is also the other side of the coin which is that when one society fails because of these changes another may thrive So there have been this good bad effect of many of these climate changes Fagan point out that the main danger involved in climate changes is drought because how many things that can change as a result of that If there isn’t enough water for agriculture for example societies have to import the food from somewhere else or move somewhere else It’s simple We don’t survive without water Period And even those that don’t think the current climate crisis isn’t man made should give a thought to what will happen when these current climate changes will get drastic than they already are This book thought it is not without flaws put a lot of things that I have been reading lately into better perspective It shows what has happened in similar situations as the ones we are heading for and therefore what is likely to happen this time around as well Just think about it A lot of these societies that fell because of drought were much smaller that the societies we have now We have never in our history had as large a cities as we have now That often means pressure on the water gathering system That means less room for drought At least for some I find it scary Some have said that future wars will over water and that may very well be Water is central to all life

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The Great Warming Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of CivilizationsEs in the environment had far reaching effects on human life in a narrative that sweeps from the Arctic ice cap to the Sahara to the Indian Ocean The lessons of history suggest we may be yet be underestimating the power of climate change to disrupt our lives tod This is a book that suffers from its strengths Fagan is a scientist; he doesn't indulge in conjecture He freuently admits that there is no way to know details from nearly a thousand years ago There are a raft of footnotes All of which go a long way to reassure the reader that this is thoughtful well considered bookUnfortunately it swings into overly technical analyses at times Fagan tries to balance this off by creating little scenarios to give some atmosphere these tend to jarIt's a comprehensive book covering virtually all of the world Ultimately it's exhaustingFagan is obviously very knowledgeable An anthropologist he can discuss ice cores and sailing techniues with authorityIt's a worthy but not overly exciting read

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Download The Great Warming Book ☆ Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations Ï From the 10th to 15th centuries the earth experienced a rise in surface temperature that changed climate worldwide a preview of today's global warming In some areas including much of Western Europe lonFrom the 10th to 15th centuries the earth experienced a rise in surface temperature that changed climate worldwide a preview of today's global warming In some areas including much of Western Europe longer summers brought bountiful crops and population growth tha Like Guns Germs and Steel which is Jared Diamond’s masterpiece The Great Warming is one of those grand sweeping books that covers centuries of civilizations around the planet To summarize it’s about global climate and the winners and losers a warmer climate creates When the planet gets warmer most places get drier Then it gets complicated And not very cheerfulThe Great Warming focuses on the Medieval period from about 800 1300 It starts with Western and Northern Europe one of the great winners during this period As Europe warmed and became somewhat less rainy good things happened for Europe’s farmers The growing season got about three weeks longer That combined with a few critical farming technological innovations better plows efficient horse harnesses 3 field crop rotation meant lots bigger harvests And for the first and last time vineyards thrived in England It also meant huge population growth from about 30 million to 85 million during 1100 1350 and widespread deforestation The economic surpluses of this era were also a great boost for cathedral building to the enduring benefit of European tourism a few centuries later Meanwhile as the North Atlantic warmed and the ice retreated the Norse spread westward to Iceland in late 800’s and later to Greenland and even Eastern Canada as far south as L’Anse au Meadows at the northern tip of Newfoundland Then came the Little Ice Age starting in the early 1300’s and lasting until the early 1800’s Helped along by the arrival of the Black Death in 1347 and the large drop in crop harvests the population of Europe crashed and took 300 years or to recover The Norse populations of Greenland died out altogether by 1450 Unexpected benefit of the Little Ice Age The English enjoyed centuries of white Christmases leading to a whole catalog of Christmas carols about a snowy English countryside Had it looked like the water logged scenes of rural England in January today would we ever have had Jingle BellsAlthough Europe thrived during the Medieval Warming much of the rest of the planet was plunged into drought And that’s what most of the rest of the book is about A few examples include• Mongolia and Northern China These areas generally became drier The Tang dynasty fell by the early 900’s as crops failed Much later as the Mongolian steppes dried out the Mongols under Genghis Khan hit the saddle in the early 1200’s and conuered a good part of the Asian land mass from northern China to Russia and even as far as Poland before the rains returned and the Mongols settled down once again• Western North America If you have ever visited the ruins of Chaco Canyon the Canyon de Chelly or Mesa Verde you’ve seen some of the Indian villages and ceremonial centers that were abandoned due to the mega droughts that struck during the Medieval Warming period in the American West These peoples dispersed to flee starvation in the 1100’s• Central America In the southern lowlands of the Mayan Empire which includes such great cities as Tikal in Guatemala and Copan in Honduras the droughts came early during this period By about the early 900’s these cities had fallen Highly dependent on sophisticated water management systems to sustain agriculture when these failed during extended droughts the city states collapsed Other factors contributed heavily invasion from Mexico overpopulation a political system that was a uasi theocracy supporting a small literate elite wars between the city states But drought was a major contributing factor that helped bring the whole system crashing downAfter a while this catalog of civilizations and their climatic political demographic histories over a period of multiple centuries can become somewhat overwhelming but you don’t need to read the whole book to get the idea Make sure you read the final chapter which looks at some of the implications for today’s situation Since 1860 the planetary thermometer has been rising steadily upward and at an increasing rate Since a hotter planet is a drier planet places that are semi arid or have uncertain rainfall today are going to be in and trouble Today many of those places are in the world’s poorest places particularly in Africa parts of South America and parts of Asia Drought famine and mass movements of refugees look like a probable scenarioIf you live in California as I do it’s pretty sobering to consider the historical parallels with the medieval era Overwhelmingly this is a dry state getting drier every year even as its population continues to climb Good thing we re did the landscaping and took out the lawn this year Next step buying land in British Columbia