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Wife used to be Who is this Ashley with the steely demeanor of a society wife? And will he find a way to rekindle the fire in her eyesespecially now that she's pregnant? TEMPTED was originally published as Tempted by Her Innocent Ki 45 starsI was excited to be able to preview this third installment in Maya Banks’ Pregnancy and Passion series The first two installments were solid 4 star reads for me but this is my favorite so farAshley has a pure sweet vivacious personality and her excitement in finding her dream man was a joy to experience Of course there would not a story if everything stayed on that path Devon courts and proposes to her in order to seal a lucrative deal with her father’s corporation The world is all roses until Ashley accidentally discovers his deceit on their wedding nightIt’s a story that’s been done before but her decision to stay with him and try to make the marriage work gave the story that angsty goodness that I like She loves him despite his deceit and revelation that he considers her flighty and frivolous She decides to make herself over into a woman that he could loveThe real Ashley begins to disappear along with her zest for life Devon seems oblivious to the changes in her With the discovery of her pregnancy comes the revelation that she deserves to be loved for herselfWhen she leaves Devon and moves in with her friend he suddenly realizes that he had lost what he needed to make his life complete I deducted5 stars because I just wanted a bit anguish from Devon before the HEAAnxiously awaiting the fourth bookThis e book ARC was graciously provided by NetGalley Jan 2016 Update Audiobook 4 stars

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Tempted by Her Innocent KissFrom #1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Maya BanksPregnancy Passion and the End of InnocenceAshley Carter had saved herself for Devon Carter and it was worth it Now she wants their passion to last in holy matrimony B Holy shit Y'all this is bad This is the gold medal winner of the Bad Romance Novel Olympics The platonic ideal of bad It is so bad I enjoyed every page because I knew it could only get worse and it never let me downOkay so you have the heroine Ashley Ashley is a 23 year old college graduate whose list of things she doesn't understand contains the following business computers and bottle openers No I'm not kidding about that last part She is so helpless she has to ask the hero to open a wine bottle for their dinner because she CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT Meanwhile the hero who for the sake of this review we will call Douchecanoe Oh Mr Douchecanoe You see he rilllllllly wants to merge his business with the hotel business of Lady Fails a lot's father Daddy dearest says sure just marry my useless albeit decorative daughter and business is go Trouble is he's a Very Serious Douchecanoe and Ashley is a Troublesome Free Spirit You know the usual businessmanflighty lady conflictActually I feel a little bad for Sir Douchecanoe Ashley is an idiot I mean full stop She's a like six year old girl in the body of an adult Everything she does is in full hyper sparkle mode until of course she gets her heart broken at which point she develops a spine and moves to San Francisco and joins a lesbian commune oh wait no that's another book She instead decides to become a perfect little docile housewife because somehow that will make M le Douchecanoe love her From this point on it's pretty predictable Ashley martyrs herself Senor Douchecanoe realizes he's a big old meanie once she's pregnant anyways and they move to the country because you CAN'T RAISE A FAMILY IN THE CITY NEVER YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE AXE MURDERERS GAY AXE MURDERERSDoes Daddy Dearest get away with it? Oh yes because she knows he was just trying to look out for her Gag Does Douchecanoe san ever stop treating her like a small fragile child? Bien sur ue nonHighlight of the book Ashley finding out her marriage is a sham by accidentally smacking her hand while TWIRLING into Herr Douchecanoe's laptop and knocking the battery out She figures out how to put the battery back in but doesn't understand computers or birth control or breathing or anything and presses buttons until lots of programs appear one of them being thepdf of the contract her cher Papa made le Comte de Douchecanoe sign re marrying herI fucking love romance but jesus h christ this book is why we can't have nice things

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DOC ´ READER Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss ê NATURALTREATMENT ☆ From #1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Maya BanksPregnancy Passion and the End of InnocenceAshley Carter had saved herself for Devon Carter and it was worth it Now she wants their passion to last in holy matrimony But her dreams ofUt her dreams of true love are crushed by the discovery that their marriage is another of Daddy's business deals Her strategy act the part of perfect wife and make Devon love herBut Devon misses the bubbly no holds barred woman his Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss is the third book in Maya Banks’ Pregnancy and Passion series and another great story Like the other books in the series the plot isn’t terribly uniue but Ms Banks has taken what would have been predictable fleshed it out tweaked it and made it into something distinctively hers About the book Devon Carter is all about business He’s smart determined and power hungry and will do whatever he has to do to continue climbing the ladder of success even if that means marrying William Copeland’s daughter in order to secure a business merger between Tricorp and Copeland Hotels Marrying Ashley certainly wouldn’t be a hardship; she’s beautiful loving and easily managed so the way Devon sees it it’s a win win situationAshley Copeland has been sheltered and pampered her entire life She’s vivacious and impulsive and madly in love with Devon Carter When Devon asks her to marry him she’s the happiest woman in the world until on their honeymoon she learns that their marriage was the stipulation of a business agreement between her father and Devon She feels betrayed and yet she still loves Devon so rather than run out she decides to stay and become the kind of woman Devon needs even if it means losing herselfI’m a big fan of “heroes who pull their heads out of their asses and finally see the light” stories and this one definitely fits into that category There is so much emotional depth to this story that I found myself holding my breath at times waiting to see what was going to happen next and how Devon could possibly atone for his actions It was heartbreaking watching Ashley try to become someone she wasn’t while at the same time seeing Devon realize that he was in love with the woman Ashley had been all along not the woman she was becoming Ashley started out a bit on the weak side as far as heroines go but really did hold her own by the end of the story The bottom line Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss is a story for those times when you need a little emotional angst and something a little deeper to read The characters are people you can believe in care for and cheer for as they work towards their happily ever after and breathing a contented sigh when they finally reach it This book was provided by netgalleycom in behalf of Harleuin Desire