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EPUB Ü MOBI The Final Programme î 9780850310122 è MICHAEL MOORCOCK è Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy anA través de las versiones míticas de los problemas de hoy sin intentar situarlas o situarse a sí mismo en contextos simplificados Una ficción semejante en un mundo de imaginación escasa es un don necesario Harpers Bazaar Michael Moorcock nació en Inglaterra ha publicado más de 50 libros y fue animador principal de la célebre revista New Worlds ue introdujo el término ficción especulativa; una literatura moderna coherente y vital En EL PROGRAMA FINAL primera de una serie de cuatro novelas independientes anticipa la herencia decepcionante y caótica de la década del 60 un dorado presente en el ue todo parecía instantáneamente posib Originally published on my blog here in September 1999The Final Programme must have seemed in the mid sixties to be the epitome of British New Wave chic Yet unlike so much of the literature of the period it and its seuels have not dated Like the TV series The Avengers it contains a distinct vein of self parody paving the way for Moorcock's attacks on the book in the later Jerry Cornelius novelsThe best cult sixties TV series The Saint and The Prisoner are other examples are in fact what come to mind most readily when reading The Final Programme That is perhaps fitting since one of Moorcock's aims in the book seems to be to explore the boundaries between high art and popular culture He picks up ideas and atmosphere from sources like TV and meshes them into structures from the important literature of the century though this becomes obvious in the later books in the seriesThe background to The Final Programme is the bitter enmity between debonair dilettante man of action Jerry Cornelius and his brother Frank drug crazed despoiler of their inheritance an immense French château filled with booby traps by their father Here drug culture references come into the story as he was an expert in hallucination working with drugs and hallucinomats hypnotic machines Remember how important both these ideas were in The AvengersFrank has barred Jerry from the château and imprisoned their sister Catherine for whom Jerry has an incestuous passion Joining with the mercenary Una Persson who aims to get her hands on their father's secrets and use them to take over the world Jerry attacks the castle

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Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaos Miss Brunner Cornelius is on a mission to control a revolutionary code for creating the ultimate human being a modern messiah the final programmeThe first book in the Cornelius uartet is the groundbreaking introduction to the misadventures and vendettas of Jerry Cornelius one of modern literature’s most distinctive characters the product of a bewildering post modern culture and an inspiration The Final Programme is the first volume in British author Michael Moorcock's The Cornelius uartet The other novels in the tetralogy are A Cure for Cancer The English Assassin The Condition of Muzak The Final Programme surely ranks among the top ten New Wave SF novels from the 60s However it must be noted this Michael Moorcock genre bender does not fit into any clearly defined category science fiction or otherwise The Final Programme starts off as fast paced action thriller and then shifts gears to set the world record for most philosophic reflections and cool images in a novel of 250 pages The novel's main dude is twenty seven year old hip wealthy Londoner Jerry Cornelius driving his Duesenberg luxury sedan sporting the latest mod fashion and packing a deadly needle gun among the SF elements Yes yes yet another of the author's Eternal Champions with the initials JC But what Jerry doesn't possess is his inheritance precious microfilms to unlock the secrets of the universe Jerry's drug experimenting brother diabolical Frank won that honor since Jerry's father discovered Jerry having sex with sister Catherine That's right incest Any doubts we're reading a 60s novel pushing sexual boundaries Oh how Jerry would love to get his hands on that precious microfilm As does a Miss Brunner and a number of her metaphysically inclined eccentric friends And to add fuel to his brotherly revenge Jerry plans to rescue dear sister Catherine currently held captive by dastardly Frank Ah revenge Jerry heads up an attack against Frank and Frank's small army of German mercenaries walled up in a Le Cobusier style château along the coast of Normandy a fortress their father constructed many years prior to the Second World War Thus the first portion of the novel is full throttle action thriller But fear not the mighty Moorcock goes on to hurl so much at a reader beyond a mere James Bond adventure As a way of sharing a tasty taste here are some scrumptious Final Programme yummies Supreme StatementIs the Final Programme of The Final Programme the ultimate euation for the ultimate computer program I wouldn't want to spoil by even hinting at what this could mean But I'll give you one hint keep your eye on Miss Brunner Playful ParodyMichael Moorcock absolutely refused to be pigeonholed by any label or genre Recall that stock Western phrase Throw down your gun and come out with your hands up Well the author plays off the cowboy command when he has Jerry tell Frank Throw in your needle and come in with your veins clear A careful reader will detect Michael Moorcock repeatedly poking fun at Golden Age pulp science fiction with its Buck Rogers rocket ships good guys vs bad guys and hideous Martians chasing scantly clad busty beauties Pop Culture Jerry reads the comics eats Mars bars listens to The Who and The Beatles natch plays pinball but still has the mental acumen to publish a paper on unified field theory Even during an exchange of ideas on cosmology there's the constant blare real or imagined of guitars and drums Turning the pages of The Final Programme you can almost hear the thumping beat of The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard switching back and forth with the Fab Four's Come Together Let it Be and Strawberry Fields Forever CrashInstead there was a photo covering the whole side a mass car smash with mangled corpses everywhere Jerry supposed that the picture sold sheets One of Michael Moorcock's preoccupations the struggle of order vs chaos It's no coincidence The Cornelius uartet published within the same time frame as J G Ballard's Crash Slick modern automobiles as symbol for both life giving freedom and death dealing tragedy order vs chaos coming to a dealer near you Vampires Jerry muses He found that he didn't need to eat much because he could live off ot

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The Final ProgrammeFor generations of characters sinceMichael Moorcock rechazando las disputas de límites ue han reducido la novela a una confusión de subgéneros en conflicto recobra en estos cuatro volúmenes una vitalidad y una amplitud proteicas ue pudieran llamarse dickensianas si no pertenecieran tan por completo a nustro tiempo volátil En verdad ninguna obra reciente de ficción ha manejado mejor las contingencias vertiginosas de la imaginación del medio siglo ue esta brava arleuinada de juegos de identidad realidades falsificadas historia paródica y un pobre y ordinario apocalipsis WL Webb The Guardian Moorcock ha creado una figura capaz de moverse I was at first very hesitant to pick up a ‘Cornelius’ novel because of all of the bad things I’ve herd about ‘Cornelius’ in general about how disjointed and confusing he could be This novel though was amazing I am very thankful that I have read so much Moorcock lately because it made things so much easier to follow Everything got so much easier after I noticed it was the last three Elric books condensed and transposed Phase 1 Part 2 contains a scene for scene transposition of the Dreaming City part 2; one could argue for a transposition of the first parts as well The next place the Déjà vu is obvious is in phase 2 parts 8 and 9 which is taken uite a bit from “While the Gods Laugh” You could easily argue the whole of phase 3 being greatly condensed version of The Bane of the Black Sword with the Hero moving away getting married and trying to stay out of the apocalypse For the overall connections to The multiverse Jerry’s world is being consumed by chaos and Jerry as chaos’ champion has absolutely no checks in the form of an alternate self Moonglum Jhary or another companion so his attack on law is never opposed and his sensitive nature is allowed to subside Ms Brunner represents the very weakened forces of chaos on this world but after her and Jerry merge we now have something that uite resembles AriochIf you decide of read Cornelius I recommend getting a full grounding in Moorcock first without it the mix of tongue in cheek self depreciation and interconnection could be a torturous maze of nonsense and confusion