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Complicated HeartsI'm no longer afraid I live my life with no regrets now because I've learned my lesson the hard wayI thought I had it all figured out But then my past collides with my presentand things become complicatedTurns out I don't really know myself after all Landon My life was all mapped out I knew exactly what direction I was heading in I didn't have time for any roadblocks or obstaclesThen I meet her And him Now my hear Now Live ☛ US ☛ CA ☛ UK ☛ AU emotional and effing brilliant Complicated Hearts is mind blowing and unlike any other book I’ve read I sat in one spot for hours and stayed up half the night because I could not put my kindle down Once again Ashley Jade has rocked my world Here’s the breakdown Breslin Rae and Asher Holden have the perfect teenage romance He’s the center of her world and he loves her unlike anyone else in her life However he has a secret that tears them apart After three years enter Landon Landon is sweet sexy and over the top in love with Breslin Unfortunately her past collides with her future and make things extremely ComplicatedWhat I loved The concept This book is like nothing else I’ve read I had no idea what to expect but Complicated Hearts would have exceeded those expectations It’s jarring raw and emotional I gasped groaned and felt my heart expand It’s a roller coaster of emotionsThe characters I loved them all Yes even Asher They’re flawed and true to life I can empathize with each of them and they burrowed into my heart The writing I’ve come to expect great writing from this author and she delivers yet again The setup and flow all work well Plus umm all the sexy timesOverall this is another fantastic read from Ashley Jade It’s angsty original sexy and emotional You will feel all the feels folks Recommended for readers who enjoy MF MFM and MM YESall in the same book

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Breslin I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw himand I knew nothing would ever be the same Then he hurt me He wrecked me He ruined me I spent three years putting myself together fixing what he brokeI never thought I'd see him again after that day I was counting on it Little did I know life had other plansand things were going to become a lot complicated Asher I finally know who I am I own it I embrace it Complicated HearsBy Ashley Jade45 StarsWell my goodness what a wicked web Ashley Jade has woven for us in this book 1 of the Complicated Hearts series Breslin is in love with Asher Holden The boy who stole her heart by standing up for her He molded her into the girlfriend of the year Till the day came when he ruined her Moving on in life she has a steady ‘boyfriend’ she is in college she is trying to move on But at the same timehe is still in her every thoughtAsher is caught up in a wicked plot He has to play his cards right to get through it But at what cost He has hit an all time low and now is suffering another blow Will he ever catch the break he deserves Landon confessed his love to her Yet when the new student he needs to tutor comes into the picture what are these new feelings What a rollercoaster ride this one is On one hand you are voting for this story to go one way Then a Y in the road and you are going in the opposite direction The ending though OMG When does book 2 come out I need it like right now Because clearly we are at a pass Will it end how it is or is the story just beginning Great job Woman You sucked me in and left me wanting Follow us on FB –

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read Complicated Hearts kindle à ebook ´ naturaltreatment È Breslin—I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw himand I knew nothing would ever be the same Then he hurt me He wrecked me He ruined me I spent three years putting myself together—fixing what he brokeI never thought I'd see him again after T is split right down the middle She controls the rhythm He controls the melody Complicated doesn't even begin to cover itand there's only one way this can end Warning This story is for mature readers only due to language and sexual themes This story contains explicit content featuring mf mm mfm Trigger Warning This story is strange and unconventional It's everything you hate That's the only warning I can offer you DNF page 100I tried but I couldn't get into the story at all I really wanted to love this one but maybe I'm going to try again and read in the future