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Cinderella Fables are ForeverFashionista socialitespy Hey if the shoe fitsShe poses as a haughty socialite in glass stilettos by day and okay sometimes by night But Cinderella is actually Fabletown's master spy Tasked with doing jobs too dirty and deadly for the average Fable Cindy's faced down dangers from a dozen worlds and lives to tell tales over cocktails in a hot tub. Cinderella is a master spy for FabletownIn this installment she's investigating Slavic Fables when her nemesis Dorothy of Oz makes an appearance Actually several OVERALL GRADE B to B plus

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Free download Cinderella: Fables are Forever ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ì Fashionista socialitespy Hey if the shoe fitsShe poses as a haughty socialite in glass stilettos by day and okay sometimes by night But Cinderella is actually Fabletown's master spy Tasked with doing jobs too dirty and deadly for the aveHer help Cindy's hunt for her old enemy begins anew From the frigid back alleys of Russia to the steaming desert Cindy will follow the clues down the blood flecked yellow brick road and risk everything she's got including her secret identity to solve the crime and finally get revenge on Silver SlipperCollecting Cinderella Fables Are Forever 1 6. Originally reviewed here There is a difference between a patriot and a mercenaryI do what I must to protect the people of Fabletown I do those things so they don’t have toCinderella’s back and ready for action in the second full length volume of her own Fables spin off When one of the residents of the 13th floor shows up dead with a calling card Cindy knows that silver slipper means only one thing her old enemy and arch nemesis She’s had run ins before while investigating the Shadow Fabletown behind the iron curtain in the 80s and now it appears a fight she thought was long over is just getting started Assisted by an incredibly suspicious Ivan the Fool Cindy takes off to track down her opponent and put an end to a long standing grudgeI’m very sad to report that Robinson’s second installment was less bang and bust than From Fabletown With Love I’m always wary of spin offs particularly those not piloted by the original author and here I was proven right Fables are Forever lacked the vibe and depth of the overarching Fables series; reading this graphic novel felt pretty much the same as going to sleep on a full air mattress and waking up on a flat one I’m disappointed sore and a little bitterThe plot of Fables are Forever felt to me as if it were really pushing too hard to create something interesting when maybe something simpler would have sufficed I never really understood our villain or the motivations and this always bothers me greatly I like to get into my baddies’ heads and know what makes them tick even if they’re just power crazed and nutso I like to know it I couldn’t really get a feel for this one The same held true for this sudden introduction of the ‘Shadow Fabletown’ that was supposed to have existed during the Cold War This was jarring to me as it’s something that seems very major and pertinent and yet has never been so much as mentioned in the Fables series In From Fabletown With Love we dealt with Fabletown East and this was great This was something that tied back to the original series but which we didn’t have a ton of details on Shadow Fabletown was a completely new invention in Fables are Forever and I had a hard time swallowing it I craved foundation substance and I’m afraid that without it the action couldn’t find its footing On top of this the giant plot twist was a bit much for me Not the kind that shocks and awes and makes me tip my hat but the kind that literally turns my stomach and not in a good wayFables are Forever wasn’t all bad though It was fun to delve into a story that hasn’t gotten a lot of play yet in Fables and if I’m to understand will be getting in the next volume of the main series as well The Wizard of Oz fans will thrill at the inclusions of characters and story points that are true to the books and not the well known movie I not having read the books didn’t really appreciate this one to its full extent and I’m sure an Oz fan would enjoy it There was one aspect to Fables are Forever that I adored though—Chrissie Zullo’s cover art With two volumes of Cinderella under her belt Chrissie Zullo has secured a spot in my heart as one of my favorite graphic artists I love her work and spent at least as much time gaping at her gorgeous covers as I did reading the actual text She regularly posts updates of her art on her blog and I highly suggest you check it out

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If you're luckyBut every secret agent has one annoyingly ruthless archnemesis and Cindy is no exception Back in the Big '80s Cindy encountered her dark mirror a rogue American Fable who was in league with the mysterious Shadow Fabletown Cindy thought she'd destroyed her rival years ago But when a powerful magician turns up dead and another seeks. I mistakenly read this out of order However I see that it doesn't make a difference These Tales of Cinderella are stand alone adventures of Fabletown's badass spy She reminds me of a female James Bond and Roberson's writing maintains that image She is good and efficient at her job not to mention deadlyThis volume showcases her conflict with her archnemesis the Silver Slipper The Slipper is a dangerous spy and assassin Cinderella's conflicts with her are told in a past and present story arc We will not only find out the background but we will also see Cinderella do her thing in the 1980's as well as in current timesThe set is vast with her going from Russia to the desert Cinderella never fails to entertain and she is a great character Now I am going to go back and read Volume One as I should have in the first place Great addition to the Fables line