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Download Book ☆ Til Undeath Do Us Part ã Jessica alter ↠ Volume I of the Cryptid Series ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part launches an amazing journey into a world where all is not as it seems and danger lurks for the unwaryPsychologist Maggie Glass Psychic Medium Edward Case and Biologist Kalyani Sharma have a big proVolume I of the Cryptid Series ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part launches an amazing journey into a world where all is not as it seems and danger lurks for the unwaryPsychologi Do you believe the paranormal exists ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part will challenge your beliefs We start with Dr Maggie Glass the “Vampire Psychiatrist who’s not a psychiatrist and who’s never seen a real vampire” She is a paranormal skeptic trying to expose hoaxes and wrote a self help book about people who think they are paranormal complete with uizzes that identify whether someone thinks they are a werewolf demon vampire etc The book has made her the laughing stock of the mental health community but a popular best sellerMaggie has started a business called The Sanctuary Initiative and the goal is “to support delusional people needing intervention and to expose hoaxes” Edward her first team member is a psychic medium and Kalyani the second is a Biologist The team is on the hunt for an active “vampire” serial killer They stop for food one night and inadvertently come across the path of the next victim Michelle who is a waitress at a diner A dark and mysterious man has been coming by the diner consistently and he matches the description of the serial killer Unfortunately Michelle goes missing before they can put the pieces together The novel takes on many uniue twists and turns from this point on Things become dark and dangerous for Dr Glass and her teamDr Glass always the skeptic is constantly irritated with Edward’s supposed medium abilities because he communicates advice that her dead mother and “bunica” grandmother are giving her throughout the hunt The scary thing is that he communicates information that only her dead relatives would know causing Dr Glass to panic at times and constantly uestion whether Edward is legitimate or a fake Is the paranormal world is real or not Beliefs are challenged and the past comes back to haunt Dr Glass in a big way She must decide whether to accept her past re evaluate her beliefs or continue to deny that the paranormal does not existThe novel is rich in content and Jessica Alter the author develops strong characters I loved the female leads in this because they were no nonsense get to the bottom of the problem type women I enjoy a good paranormal novel and this one is well written with humour wit and depth showcasing the author’s experience as a writer in this genre I loved the ending of this book and am anxiously looking forward to the next novel to find out what happens next to Dr Maggie Glass TBR TopBookReviewers

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For love in the Valley of the Sun and won’t be stopped until he bites the girlNever mind the chupacabra in the freezer at homeThings just went from weird to paranorma On the edge of my seat the whole time This wild adventure follows a team of researching debunkers who bite off than they can chewExcellent characters who are varied and lovable Great attention to creating legends Engaging plot and entanglementsMind altering ending that leaves me craving the next in the series I want to cry that it is still being written and not available yet Long term Alter fan here

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Til Undeath Do Us PartSt Maggie Glass Psychic Medium Edward Case and Biologist Kalyani Sharma have a big problemIn the real world vampires don’t exist Tell that to the one who’s looking Today I had the pleasure of getting to read a brand new book in a brand new series hot off of the SmashWords presses This book has enthralled me since the pre order was auto downloaded to my Kobo I spent all day reading it in the nooks and crannies of my schedule unable to put it down This awe inspiring story is ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part by Jessica Alter the very first in her new Cryptid Series Fair disclosure – the publisher Indie Imprint did send us a free copy Most of us in the book club had already purchased our own howeverThe book is about the events in the life of a pop psychologist who isn’t as pop psy as most would think Despite her best efforts to forget she has seen beyond the veil of normality and into the world of cryptids Bigfoot werewolves chupacabras etc She is called in to help police deal with a serial killer with a vampiric style She soon starts to learn things she didn’t want to The interesting part about Alter’s cryptids is that they are all based on science It adds a new spin to the fantasy idea where it’s all just magic and somehow everyone just accepts itI will say that there are areas that aren’t so good Despite the humor and the story the book slows down in spots for long enough that you can get jolted out of the action entirely There are some confusing sections where you might miss something that will reuire rereading to understand That being said this is an excellent book I gleefully await the second one which is anticipated towards the end of 2015